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Salmon fundraiser



  • Veterans friend

    Saving the salmon will take saving the planet. If you want to save the planet work to stop climate change. Which will require you to change your life.
    So probably not happening, eh? I just don’t see enough people caring. It will take all of us, giving up many of the things we think are essential.

  • Salmon are apparently being decimated due to radiation poison from Fukushima. This is heartbreaking. However, I am not seeing what this concert and dinner is going to do to solve the problem. The radiation is already here, and it is killing the salmon.

  • The rivers, especially the eel, are super silted, its probably over 50′ of silt at this point. Years ago it was measured at 30′. The real culprit is the cut and run clearcut logging done by maxxam, among others. Logging roads, idiot people roads and slides contributed. Oh and cant forget the huge % of water diverted to the russian river from the eel at potter valley.
    The water filters down into the silt and often runs underground in the silt.
    They used to bring big ships in from the ocean up the eel river, it was more than deep enough. Check out some pics.

    Yes pesticides and herbicides and fertilizers have gotten into the water systems. Tho again, pl under maxxam did huge aerial sprays of herb/pesticides mixed with diesel fuel to help it stick. Their workers were caught near garberville rinsing their pesticide containers in the eel. You know, those chemicals with warnings saying its toxic to fish and should not be used near waterways.
    Folks noticed back then that all the frogs disappeared in the eel watershed near town, and found out that was why.
    The company just broke the rules and paid the fines, no recourse for ecosysyem destruction.

    • Veterans friend

      Thank you for a pretty accurate history lesson for those who think our river is natural, wild & free. There used to be access for ships up the Salt river to Ferndale as well.

  • Whatever is going on with the salmon runs they are inconsistent and were booming a few years ago and have tapered off since, I don’t think the fishery is in collapse, we are just in a salmon drought. for example the river had tons of water flowing down it in October/November last year, what salmon did come up probably had a good chance as the water was up, so 3-4 years from now there won’t be so much of a salmon drought I am guessing, I think the natural breeding cycle depend on water conditions more so than the amount of fish that return, remember all those salmon holed up right by the 101 bridge several years ago, lots of fish, low water, the salmon weren’t getting any healthier,nor were thier eggs, just a fisherman’s observation

    • They are always on a cycle. Yes, in 3 years the return will be much greater. A big part of the decline in the KMZ, has been escapement. Juveniles are dieing because of low flow.

    • Veterans friend

      They were booming only in comparison to the decimated runs of today. Historically, there were literally millions of fish and they filled the river from bank to bank, going upstream to Covelo, and up above where the dam is at Lake Pillsbury. You have never seen a “normal” run, unless you are 150 years old.

  • The majority of Americans still place $ over ecology. That will be a very difficult problem to solve.

  • It would be nice if they (the Producers of the event) would at least tease us with the ‘solution’ (or mitigating help) rather than ask us to come and ‘find out how you can help…’.

  • I’d just like to know how the money earned is going to be spent saving the salmon. Are we going to start fish hatcheries up again? Are you trying to put more regulations on fisheries? Are you going to stop the slaying and complete disgusting rape of salmon trying to come up the Klammath to spawn? I dont care who you are Indian or not, no one should be given full blown unregulated attack on the fish. The mouth of the Klammath is a disgusting example of over using and absolute abuse of rights.

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