Man Sent to Hospital After Knife Attack

scannerAt approximately 11:30 p.m. last night, an unknown person cut another person with a knife, according to scanner traffic. The victim was sent to the hospital with an arm injury. The suspect fled in a gray Jeep with Arizona plates.

Traffic was temporarily blocked at 3rd and I Street.

Thank you to Operation Safe Streets for pointing this out.



  • Wow is this Oakland?are we the most dangerous city? I refuse to let the crimanals win!! This Granny won’t take any shit anymore!!please take care of yourselfs,and watch out for those who can’t,help your NEIGHBOR. HUMANKINDNESS 🕊🕊🕊

    • Right On Granny !

    • “Won’t take any shit anymore”? Lmao. What are you going to do, thrownyour dentures at them?

      • Ask the jerk that attacked me at Sears parking lot,how his balls feel !!!and I didn’t use my dentures. My foot worked nicely!and a good day to you

      • Yes sir! I think I remember when that Jerk at Sears wanted to steal some money from G-MAS.
        She said she didn’t have any money for him, but would be happy to give him a couple of achers!
        He was the proud owner before he knew what happened.

        Many times experience wins out over brawn! Don’t forget that kids!

      • @Silly People – No we’ll just let her swing your carcass at people. Thats all that will be left of you once you get owned.

    • Perhaps it was in Oakland as we are never told in the post. Does Oakland have a Third and I?

  • G MA I’M STILL WAITING ON MAGGIE FLEMING TO DO ANYTHING .still no warrent for my sons arrest.,so that being said this assault victim is going to be waiting a long time ,for some justice if ever thats what im beginning to think Marc 28 was when it happened I’ve even sent her a letter still nothing .Just saying G MA you are one of my favorite commentator you and I wish Humboldt co was what it used yo be.

    • Clearly the education system has also failed you. Wow!

    • I’ve been learning to block out the Bad!!I’m so sorry your son doesn’t know how lucky he is to even have a Dad. My dad beat me and my mom.she was married 4 have a pleasant weekend MOGTX

    • This is getting ridiculous. Stop posting your insane claims. It is apparent you are half brain dead! I still can’t believe you write in some what coherent sentences. Your bitching on comment streams ain’t gonna get your problem resolved. Nor will it get sympathy. You are a tar smoking crank baby that had another crank baby with a crank baby. Then you were the worst crank baby mother and that is why your son attacked you!
      Provide evidence, file charges. You can also try small claims court. Leave your sorry worst parent ever sob story to yourself.

    • So sorry, dude. I hope that this is resolved soon.

  • Human kindness? God’s law would be better. Sinners and criminals must be shunned or deported, locked up and executed per the law. We need to get rid of the Kenyan’s federal judges, appoint judges who will put people away for good.

    The country is under siege by lawlessness (especially in DC) and fake news. Amazon’s Bezos owns the Washington (com)Post, did you know that? Amazon promotes violence and porn through their web services (like Amazon Prime, IMDB, etc.). Boycott these corporations, get rid of anti-American nut jobs like Maxy Waxy waters and Juan Mccain, rid the benches of liberal judges.

    The only way to stop crime and save America is to be god-fearing again (like the people who founded this country, Christians all).

    • Bullshit. You need to do a bit of research. They were mostly deists. You should read the Jeffersonian Bible- in which Jefferson took out all mention of a divine God and the divinity of Jesus, because he thought it was BULLSHIT. Then they made sure there was a separation of Church and state so gullible loony toons like you wouldn’t destroy the democracy they were trying to create. And God had nothing to do with your stupid book. The one you read was rewritten by an ENGLISH KING who used godless poets and altered whatever they felt like. That’s after a thousand years of everyone else passing it around doing the same thing. Oh yeah and most of it was written 300 years after the death of Christ- whose name you people didn’t even get right because it was mistranslated over a massive game of telephone. You need to figure out the actual history of your country and religion before preaching “Fake News”, you sound like an idiot.

    • There is a sale on Reynolds Wrap at Costco today. Be there.

    • Veterans friend

      You are a sad, sad example of humanity. And education. And intelligence. And sanity.

  • MR guest What the hell are you talking about what does my education have to do with this article clearly it has let you down as well Wow

  • Look at headlines from other towns all over CA, unfortunately we are not alone. In fact we are doing better than a lot of other places.
    Plus we hear about every lil thing these days, especially the “bad” stuff.
    This could have been a drunken argument, someones arm was cut, they werent stabbed with life threatening injuries.

    • I was only asking because nothing seems to be getting better anywhere.and yes I believe their is still HUMANKINDNESS!! I wish we could all get together and solve some of our problems instead of rolling with the hateful things folks say to each the person who wanted me to throw my dentures,REALLY? How do you know me?just because I’m a Grandmother doesn’t mean I’m old!

      • It’s better to just ignore rude comments, water off a ducks back, they don’t know you, or you them, unless you like arguing with someone you have no idea who they are or what there mood is. (Which I do all the time but I like to argue sometimes, just don’t take it personal lol)

      • Sadly, so many comments are either illiterate or just a stream of unconscious thought, like our President. The dumbing down of America is past tense and Idiocracy is present tense.

    • I have to call bullshit here. The bay area is being gentrified faster than I’ve ever seen. Southern California has seen record low crime rates for the last few years. Sacramento has improved vastly. The rest of the state and much of the country is in an economic boom. Crime is down nationwide.

      Face it. Humboldt is a rough place to make a go at it. Always has been that way. Looks like it will continue.

  • Thank you G MA you are so nice Thank you for such nice words

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  • To xtgom. [edit] guarantee you wouldn’t say that shit to my face you don’t even know me [edit] you talk shit about me i dont do drugs again [edit] keep your rude comments to your self [edit]. Answer this I weight 400 and am 6 ft 4 .never done heroin in my life [edit] .i dont do speed my wife is a subtance abuse counceler [edit] .

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