Measure Z Funds Are Being Used to Resurface County Roads in the Arcata Area

Measure Z Funded Your Tax dollars at workPress release from the County of Humboldt:

The Humboldt County Department of Public Works working is utilizing Measure Z funds to work with American Pavement Systems, Inc. and resurface county roads in the Arcata area on May 23, 24, and 25.

Temporary road closures or restrictions to travel and traffic, including bicycles, will be required between the hours of 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on the following days and locations:

Tuesday, May 23rd

Arcata Area

Alice Avenue from Upper Bay Road to Parton Lane.

Wednesday, May 24th

Arcata Area

Ernest Way from James Road to Upper Bay Road.

Thursday, May 25th

Arcata Area

Buttermilk Lane from City of Arcata to Golf Course Road.

Edith Drive from Alice Avenue to James Road.




  • What? We were sold a bill of goods!
    We were lied to again. We were told to vote for Measure Z because it was for law enforcement not to pave roads!

    • The ballot measure included road repairs. Here’s the exact wording:

      HUMBOLDT COUNTY PUBLIC SAFETY/ESSENTIAL SERVICES MEASURE. To maintain/improve essential services, such as 24-hour sheriff’s patrols; 9-1-1 emergency response; crime investigation/prosecution; drug/illegal marijuana growhouse enforcement/prevention; services for abused children/mentally ill; rural fire protection; road repairs; and other County services, shall County of Humboldt pursuant to County Ordinance No. 2517 enact a 1/2% sales tax, for five years, all revenue for the County, none for the State of California, with annual audits and public review?

    • Have you driven mattole road? Its a deathtrap. People have to drive it for food & doctors. Not to mention work. #pot tax for reural roads. When you wreck on our road and are pinned in your vehicle, just know we will be there as soon as we safely can. Add 30 min for unsafe roads. And the 1.5 hr ride in the ambulence will take 2.5 hrs. Hope your back aint broke while theres no air support.

  • Yay!!! I’d been wanting more of our taxes to go towards that for years! Three cheers for better roads!

  • Why don’t you tell the little folk what measure Z funds were for ….originally and why it passed….

  • Thinking allowed

    “Other County Services” means- wait for it- ……..

    ANYTHING the county decides they want. Sort of reminds one of temporary tax increases, yes?

  • SouthCountyWhiner

    There are other roads in this County in much worse shape than the section of Giuntoli I saw them working on last week… I have to wonder why funds go north so often.

    • Need Some Cheese

      Look at all the work that was done on Salmon Creek and other SoHum roads. Do a search. Things are pretty equal!

      • AnonymousHumboldtian

        Need some cheese, are you kidding me? Pretty equal? Throwing cold patch in a pothole is not the same as repaving the road. It’s nowhere near equal. I can bet a dime to a doughnut that they are resurfacing the road in Arcata, not just throwing a little cold patch here and there. Take a drive out mattole road, you won’t be saying its “equal”. Southern Humboldt is the red headed step child when it comes to road maintenance. Why repave barely worn roads in Arcata when wilder ridge road has been closed for months? The supes could care less.

        • Wilders open now, but only because a local did the work. Thanks Billy. I say fire the guy in charge of Mattole rd. He Obviosly hates us. Hes a waste of $ on the job & a waste of o2 off.

  • What about Alderpoint road ? All the new tax revenues and alder point road received 2 new one way road signs and a couple of stop signs.

  • use some of your fucking pot money to repair your roads i can imagine theres millions of dollars spent growing and harvesting the pot you people grow down there take some of your revenue and fix your shit yourselves

    • I also agree with that. Pot growers sure do complain about the roads, bus driver issues and lack of funding to so hum schools but very few of them take their Cancun trip money and invest it in the community and their own kids instead. It is really sad to see!

      • AnonymousHumboldtian

        Oh my god you guys are unbelieveable. The growers pay their taxes and see none of it. They pay property, sales, cultivation taxes as well as state and fed taxes on top of county fees. The county needs to get their shit together and fix the roads. They take money from the growers and send its north. Also you realize not everyone who lives in so hum is a grower. You might want to un lodge your cranium from your rectum.

        • Wilders open now, but only because a local did the work. Thanks Billy. I say fire the guy in charge of Mattole rd. He Obviosly hates us. Hes a waste of $ on the job & a waste of o2 off.

        • AnonymousHumboldtian why so rude. its just a blog. take youir meds.

        • Lol, yep I’m the one with my head in my ass. Every grower claims and pays taxes on allor even most of their money, hahahahahahaha. Thanks for the laugh:)

    • Actualy the County “Donated” the assfault and a local [edit: Bulgarian] crew did a day fixzing 3 milles of our road. Way Better job than county does, still only lasted 1 month. Going to take constant maintenence,

  • Covelo or busted

    Would some one please post pics of the road going up the hill out of Alderpoint, by the firecamp…..I dare you to take a ride out that way Estelle, ille bet the last time you were in Blocks burg was when you were kissing Babies your first go around against Cliff…. AGES AGO! The roads out that way are sinful… Fell completely apart under the watch of Estelles buddy Ole Cement Footed Marty!There were weeks when his crew was begging to work and he COULDNT MAKE A DECISION! Waiting for retirement and better health care for his wifes eye operation….. the roads fell apart…. Sinful to say the least!And now wee lost 4 more of the old crew? OMG

  • Step Into the Light

    What don’t people understand? We are going to take money from the rural parts of the county and use it for infrastructure in the wealthier and populated areas like…Arcata! This is how it’s always been done. Throughout history. You rural people are our colonies. We will now squeeze every drop of weed money out of you to stabilize our populated areas. We all know this county is about to drop into a very deep and very long economic depression and we need to take all of your money now! So…Pay up!!

    • Step Into the Light. and how do you know all this. got any way to back up your talk. i dont think so. just another [edit] spitting out lies to scare people. stop [edit].

  • Thinking allowed

    Pot growers filing tax returns reporting pot profits? Not ever and have seen thousands of local tax returns overthe years

    Well, maybe they might in some cases now with the changes in the laws but I suspect that people so used to ignoring laws will manage to keep on with it. Or at least I’ll believe it when I see it. I suspect the cost of growers and sellers in police, fire, EMT, etc will take more that the few wanting to be legal manage to pay.

    Wow- they pay property taxes, sales taxes. So does everyone else. And guess what? The rest pay Federal and State income taxes in addition. Welcome to the nation of taxation.

  • Why not use pot taxes to fix roads being Destroyed by semis & growdowsers?! 3 people injured in bike wrecks tday, all pott holes. Reeffingdiculous that pot tax not fixxing roads destroyed by ,,,,,

  • Glad for ya arcata. Glad your trip to the supermarket is smooth. We have 2 hrs of The Roughesst roads in hum to get to the highway, ,!,!

  • Thinking allowed

    I live on a road that provides plenty of pot holes and tree root washboarding. In fact it has no shoulders, the few turnouts have 6 to 8 inch drop offs from the pavement.

    All you Southern Humboldters may be comforted by the fact it is a road going into the mountains from a place right between Eureka and Arcata.

    The places that get the county road dollars are the places of commercial and school density where use is highest. If you want your road maintained better, get a school to locate on it. At least the neighboring road inland here with a much small resident population always gets first attention from public works and they cite the elementary school as the reason.

  • lost count of the sinks, slips, dips, slumps, cracks and washouts and so on on the Alderpoint road. the county crew is watching it but what to do. $$$$$

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