In Which We Review a Book of Cannabis Limericks…

trimming weed

A small trim table circa 2008. [Photo by Kym Kemp]

Frankly, I must say, I find it appalling

that most squares think we’re all balling!

I lead a good life,

Feed my kids and my wife,

but the market price keeps consistently falling!

The above verse comes from a little book we received in the mail called 215 Humboldt Trimmericks in which there are…wait for it…two hundred and fifteen limericks about marijuana life. Some of the verses will ring true to folks from the Emerald Triangle, some of them will tickle readers’ funny bones, and, in the tradition of limericks, some are freaking offensive (“ho” and “slut” ???…Yipes!)

The book by J. Thyme (probably roughly equivalent to Anon. E. Mouse) will certainly liven up the trim table or cause chuckles from the outhouse. The best way to let you see if you enjoy it is to share a few.

First, this one:

I think we missed a crucial step

when we set up this whole damn dep.

We cut off the light

but didn’t ventilate right,

Now it’s covered in mold ’cause it’s wet.

Then, this:

You know that your cover’s been blown

When you pull out more than one phone.

Don’t know which is ringing?

You’re obviously slinging

and not discretely, as you have shown.

This printing has been sold out we’re told but look for more eventually at festivals and bookstores near you.



  • This is funny! Can’t wait to get a copy!

  • AnonymousHumboldtian

    I’m not usually big on poetry but these gave me a good chuckle.

  • Just My Opinion

    Gonna get me one

  • This project has been in the works for four or five years. Im so glad you finally published!

  • We Irish say there’s no such thing as a bad limerick. Thank you, as always!

  • Querido Kym, Green Greetings! I went into the google search bar looking for 215 Trimmericks by J. Thyme but nothing came up! Who is the publisher; is it Vanity Press i.e. self published or did I enter something wrong? At this point it seems that this matter is not well Kempt. Please give me the name, address, ‘phone number, email address of the publisher. I’m not concerned with getting a first edition of the work but just having a copy of it. I have a copy of “The Limerick” by G. Legman who edited it; it is the master work on the limerick which is the most popular form of poetry and is a unique form of poetry exclusive to English and goes all the way back to Chaucer.
    Obscene limericks are the only ones which have sold over the decades of the limericks last 150 odd years. “The Limerick” is the most extensive collection of its type – some 1,700 limericks with a wonderful 76 page preface detailing the history of the form and in elegant and insightful academic style. Therefore I urge you to please help me get a copy of the weed limerick book. Thanking you beforehand for your help in this matter, I am: Sincerely Yours, Patrick Brown; 510 – 848-2625, Berkeley Voice Mail (which spells an obscene acronym in English and another obscene acronym in Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese!). My cell ‘phone is: 858 – 284-7575 but doesn’t have voice mail set up. It can be texted.

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