Robbery North of Redway

This morning about 9 a.m., there was a home invasion robbery on the Wood Ranch north of Redway, confirmed Lt. Ken Swithenbank of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. Swithenbank said that two males, one black with a heavy build and one Hispanic, arrived at the rural home and ordered the victim to the ground while holding what appeared to be a handgun but may have been a BB gun.

The victim was tied up with zip-ties. The suspects took marijuana and fled in a silver Honda Odyssey mini-van. The van may have been last seen in the Miranda area.

The victim was able to free himself and called a neighbor for help. The neighbor contacted law enforcement.

If you have any information about this crime, please contact the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251.



  • racism!!hate crime !!

  • Gotta be a limerick in there somewhere.

  • The Apache Warrior

    Hey G, why don’t you go out somewhere and get a “REAL” life.

  • One wonders what these two guys thought.
    Their perilous path was fraught
    With bondage and burglary,
    And escape in an Odyssey,
    Now, those two are wanted for pot!

  • Redway resident

    another pot crime .. is there ever anything else these days?

  • Not too clear if the perpetrators called the neighbor for help. “The suspects took marijuana and fled in a silver Honda Odyssey mini-van. The van may have been last seen in the Miranda area. Then called for a neighbor help who then called law enforcement.”

  • If only they had taken a right at the bottom of the hill they could have gone straight to jail.

  • Redway resident

    It’s true, the crime rate really hasn’t gone up that much. But the guy who was killed in the Cove, the guy who was killed in L’ville, and then of course Stephanie. All pot related in the recent past. So what ever happened to Steph’s case?? It’s been completely silent for ages except for some guy on a FB’s friend’s page yammering on about knowing who did it. I hope that investigation is ongoing.

  • Just a hunch but if I were LE I would be keeping an eye out on highway 36. Saw a vehicle matching that description come through the back roads. Wasn’t close enough to see the plates. This was this morning earlier.

    • Really! no way! You saw a silver mini van on 36!

      • Yeah, that would be a Helluva coincidence, imagine that, traffic on Hwy 36, who woulda thunk it!!!! A silver mini van at that I’m sure there aren’t more than 1 in So Hum!!!

        • Reread it. It was on a back road that’s rarely used by people that don’t live here. Highway 36 would be the least noticed way out of from the crime. North Redway to the Avenue, Elk Creek to Dyerville Loop, thru Ft.Seward to 36 to I-5. Which way would you go 101?

  • Anytime a story is written about this type of crime it should be known as ‘an alleged home invasion’ until undeniable proof is presented.

    • Should I say an alleged car theft, an alleged armed robbery, an alleged rape?

      • The guy does have a point. I have had 2 very close friends separately have their lives ruined with alleged rape charges by jaded females. It was a thing at SDSU back in the day. Both solid good guys who would never do anything like that and they were found innocent, one of the girls admitted it was fake and the other the detective basically apologized to my friend that he couldn’t get the obvious loon to drop her case. But facing that on a college campus ruined both of them and even though both of them are in rocking careers they are the only ones of our friends who never married and had kids or a normal life.

        • The men were “alleged” to be rapists. Certainly, the crimes are all alleged, too. But it becomes pretty cumbersome to say that law enforcement is at the scene of an alleged home invasion in which zip ties were found. That seems to presuppose that the victims may be making things up. It is one thing to suppose that suspects are innocent but it is another to start from the position that all victims could be making things up. Let me think about this but it makes me queasy. Imagine being a victim of a mugging and then having everyone act like the mugging might be all made up. That’s rough.

          • What if the victim owed the dope to someone and smoked it all? Purely hypothetical for the sake of argument and I apologize to the victim that this came up in the comments about their crime. I hope they recover from this ordeal in short order and the perps be caught.

          • Yup. Being ignored because the police don’t want to antagonize a powerful man or simply because ‘women were asking for it’ or even because police have ‘better things to do than waste their time’ still happens. That is how the few who commit such crimes get away with it for decades with many victims.

  • Legitimate business owners such as cannabis farms should be able to protect themselves by all means neccessary. Now that we are on a legal path paying taxes and fees gun laws need to be revised. Farmers in the hills just like other businesses that deal with valuables and cash need to have heightened security. The scum and riff raff flicking into town makes one wonder what they are even thinking comining here with all them high hopes.
    Humbildt needs self driven stable independent contractors or labor force that is trustworthy with a giod work ethic, instead there’s a full blown array of mentally unstable drug abusing circus clowns that keep flocking into garberville.

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