Casual Crop Exchange Raised $2400 for Community Cornerstone, Says Letter to the Editor

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Humboldt Local, Inc. and Trim Scene Solutions would like to thank everyone who made the April 30 Casual Crop eXchange such a blazing success. From our amazing vendors (of both Cannabis and non-Cannabis products) to our on-site 215 doctor, from DamShane and Gnarlock rocking the stage to Red Nose Glass’ live glass blowing demo to Humboldt Vibe Tribe live painting a beautiful mural, there was something for everyone to enjoy.

Many thanks go to “Demo Row” participants Resin Ranch Extraction, Purge Labs, Soul Evolution Enterprise, the Original Resinator, Humboldt Dab Daddy, Sasquash Rosin Press and Dia Damon of Nomad’s Landing. Our amazing speakers April Newlander (Sanctuary Forest), Indra (holder of the patent on Closed Loop Extraction using solvents) and Luke Moser (Laboratory manager at CW Analytical cannabis testing lab) made truly informative presentations. And thanks to KMUD radio for broadcasting the event live (you can listen for yourselves in the archives).

Most of all, thanks to everyone who attended the Casual Crop eXchange. Your contributions raised over $2,400 for Community Cornerstone (providing training and opportunities for adults with disabilities in Northern Mendocino and Southern Humboldt Counties). And you turned the event into a happening. Let’s do it all again on July 9 for the Casual Crop eXchange 710 Oil Spill. Until then, keep it casual.

Gratefully yours,

Joey Burger

The Humboldt Local Owner,
Trim Scene Solutions




  • because they are white?because someone is black?it HAS TO BE because SOMEONE is racist?this is how we must teach our children.

  • It’s great to see money getting donated to a local cause!

  • AnonymousHumboldtian

    Too bad they have horrible customer service at their store. The crop exchange might be cool, but don’t spend your money at trim scene. If you receive a broken product that’s supposed to be new out of the box, they’ll give you the run around and burger won’t do anything about it.

  • too bad they violate all the current state, fedral, and county regulations on selling or “trading” marijuanna for money. they have no permits to do so, and the county is actively punitively pursuing other institutions and permit applicants who are trying to comply with the system yet telling them hard no’s from the sherrif, sup’s, n planners to those trying to operate within the system.
    the sherrif shut down the 215 area at the largest fundraiser in the county last year in southern humboldt before it could raise any money. when asked last month if another institution in southern humboldt could have a 215 area for exchange and enjoyment where much more is donated to the local economy and multiple charitys than the cce could ever afford, they were given a hard no. not allowed. at any level. when asked why the casual crop, and humboldt green week, and humbold cup, were all allowed to do it, the sherrif, county planners, and sup’s responded with ” there is marijuanna being sold at these events? we were unaware of that “. all of it documented here and on social media? you boys better hope sessions doesnt come, sounds like an easy rico case for the feds. and the county will be more than happy to play ignorant and sell you and your info up the river.

    • Chill out mr police officer. You hate cannabis so much, move to Kansas. Cannabis cultivation has saved this place from being wiped off the map. You, and everyone you know in Humboldt County either directly or indirectly profits from the wealth of jobs and income it has brought to what was just another dried up old backwoods redkneck logger community.

      • It will also be the end of this place, and redneck loggers were the ones growing the shit out of it too, they just didn’t throw it out in the open. Now that every tom dick and Vladimir has an acre.

  • This is a good thing. The cannabis community has become so focused at the cost of the community at large. Despite how one might perceive this business and their practices, legal or not, remaining connected to the community they operate in is vital. We all have a stake in the health and resilience of our shared community. Participate. Volunteer. Donate. Don’t lose sight of the whole.

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