[UPDATE 11:02 p.m.] Vehicle Fire Near Alderpoint

Vehicle Fire feature iconNear the Alderpoint Volunteer Fire Station, a vehicle is ablaze, according to the scanner.

The call came in about 10:40 p.m. and local firefighters are jumping out of bed to respond when they’d probably way rather be sleeping. (I sympathize. I’d rather be sleeping, too.)

UPDATE 11:02 p.m.: Sounds like they have it under control.



  • Seems like a lot of vehicles catch fire in that general area.

  • Jerks, wake up our first responders for nothing, if it’s by the fire hall it’s the tweakers who dumped the car there full of trash a week or two ago. You know who you are. And so do we

  • Wow that must be the area to dump and set fire to vehicle’s!!can’t they track the owners thru the vin# even though it could have been sold? They tracked us down to find out who we sold our car to. They must not bother anymore! I would definitely make them pay,for gas,time,hauling fees,etc: I know it’s alot to ask these days.

  • No one set this on fire. By a yet to be understood process, abandoned cars burst into flames all on their own, generally about a week after they`ve been abandoned.

  • I wish someone who burns them would write about why burning them is better than letting them set unburned until abatement gets around to them. The people who do this seem like pretty normal citizens. So I’m curious about your thinking. I hate seeing abandoned cars too, but burned out shells aren’t better looking and the air pollution from burning them is very bad.

    • Suzanne Van Meter

      I would love to see abatement pick these abandoned vehicles up in a timely manner. The car-burning that goes on is not only environmentally harmful and endangers first responders but pose a true threat to potential wild land fire. Unfortunately, they are left for too long, often with CHP yellow stickers on them to be vandalized and ultimately torched. Hey Kym, what about a link on your site that makes reporting these abandoned vehicles to the county navigable? You could have a little community activism tab. So many people visit your site and take the time to post a comment. In the same amount of time someone could post a comment, a form could be filled out to report an abandoned vehicle. Maybe with enough participation in the process from the community, county government would funnel more resources our way. It seems that the squeaky wheel usually does get the oil.

  • They don’t tow them for a year. Then you find a dog tied to them. Burn them during the day so first responders don’t have to get out of bed! If you see someone abandoning anything, run them off. Defend your neighborhood. Don’t bitch in the comments section of Redheaded Black belt under a fake name!!!

  • People abandon shit where they can get away with it. I see a lot of big bumpers on trucks. Use them like I use mine!!

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