‘Targeted’ Explosive Device Badly Damages BMW

This morning at 3:33 a.m., Fortuna Police received multiple calls about a loud explosion in the area of Greenfield Place and Covey Court, according to Lt. Matt Eberhardt.

“While our officers were en route, we received information from the victim that was reporting damage to their vehicle,” Eberhardt said. When officers arrived they located a 2012 BMW with “substantial damage” to the hood and windshield.

During the course of the investigation, Eberhardt stated, “It was determined that an explosive device had been ignited and that it was a targeted vehicle.” From where the explosion originated, he explained, the device had most likely been placed under the vehicle by an unknown person.

The incident is currently under investigation.



  • Boom goes the dynamite,to soon for unpayed trimers,look too the BHO lab!!under the hood tweekers??Bavarian terror car!! bad gas??Good gas gone bad??

  • Is this an attempted car bombing? Like a hit? Wow. It’s getting crazy in the fortuna.

  • Michelle Steele

    What a bunch of idiots doing dumb as. Shit now days. No where sounds safe in Humboldt County anymore.. They need to lock whoever is responsible for this up for a very very long time.. it is getting to crazy to even leave your own home now days.. Stay safe everyone and report to the police any suspicious activity going on anywhere. Sure glad no one was hurt…

  • Don’t worry. Prop 57 says this is a non-violent crime, so even if someone gets convicted for it they will be eligible for 1/2 time, plus days off for “educational credits”, plus days off for “program credits”, plus whatever other days they want to reduce the sentence by…

  • Festas Heggins

    I’m sure its a legitimate deal at 3:30 in the morning . Probably some guy getting up early to go to his job at the sawmill . Ya , probably not.

  • Fortuna is like the Florida of Humboldt county.

  • And we used to be such a quiet little john bircher town. Alas, everything changes!!

  • LOLOLOL @ JOHN BIRCHER …so true, (wipeing a tear from laughing so hard).

  • Lefthanded Lunatics

    Fortuna. The Friendly City.


    • i live in Fortuna and i find it very friendly. the fact that i take a bath wash my clothes , have good manners and im not a tweaker might have something to do with it.

      • Thank you for conserving water by bathing and washing your clothes at the same time.

        Just kidding. You sound like you have your shit together and friendly is important.

        • Have you ever heard about “punctuation” or “capitalization” of the first letter of
          the first word of a sentence? Did you skip the third grade? How about making complete
          sentences like G Mas ? “Yikes” !

  • Have this guy take care of the person who abandoned the dog.

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