Security Film Helps Locate Man Who Tore Trees Limb From Limb, Says APD

This is a press release from the Arcata Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On 05/13/17 at about 3:50 PM, officers from the Arcata Police Department were investigating the recent vandalism to multiple trees in the downtown area of Arcata.

Acting on recently obtained security footage from the Intermodal Transit Facility, the main bus station in Arcata, officers had identified a possible suspect, Kenyatta Jones, age 42 of Arcata.  Jones, who is known to officers in Arcata, was identified in security footage breaking the top off of a tree at the transit facility.

When contacted by officers, Jones admitted to breaking the tops off of four cherry trees on the Arcata Plaza, tearing the limbs off trees on the 800 block of Ninth St., and damaging trees at the transit facility.

The estimated total economic impact of the above vandalism is $2,300.

Jones was subsequently taken into custody for PC 594(b)(1) – Felony Vandalism.

Jones was transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility where he was booked on the above charge.



  • Sleepy Alligator

    I bet his favorite holiday is Arbor Day.

  • Jorge Cervantes

    Little late for pruning!

  • The absence of police presence in Arcata allows this type of unruly behavior to go unchecked until after the damage is done. I walk the downtown area regularly from north town to Samoa blvd.
    never a cop in sight.

    • I got people speeding in my neighborhood daily. So if my mom or sister it pets get hit. I’ll handle it my damn self. Tweakers casing houses and cars out, so I’m done with APD. I’ll do it all by myself 👍👍👍

      • No doubt!! The folks in shelter cove may have just done that.
        The cops are useless, im about ready to sit on the road with some spikes for the speeders and a gun for the mail thieves.
        When i called the sheriffs about mail theft, they literally said yep that happening a lot and is worse at the holidays. No help, nothing. I want my tax money back to form our own unit to patrol our neighborhood!!!

        • MY home was shot at & hit the bullet, fired from the road (State Highway 36) through my double pane plexiglass window, through a BIG potted plant (NO Not THAT kind of plant) went all the way through that & landed on the living room floor a few feet further on!!! This was at approximately 3 AM!!!! Later that morning when I woke up & found what had happened we of course called the Sheriff’s Dept!!! 2 days later our resident deputy here on 36 came by, asked a couple of questions, picked up the bullet that we had picked up off our living room floor, then left again!!! Two MORE days later he came back to look at the bullet hole & take a couple of pics etc!!! Then left again!!!! Such efficiency… NOT!!!!

  • I’d make him plant redwood trees in the forest for community service… thousands of them

  • Gazoo, I loved your suggestion!!!

  • What an idiot! He should be made to do community service and be made to plant trees and care for any and every park and ccommunity area that has a lawn and trees to care for. After he gets a huge HUGE fine and some jail time. Even though that’s not gonna happen!

    • Agreed at the Very Least some grueling Community Service, something along the line of what Gazoo suggested!!! Make the A$$hole pay in Blood Sweat & hopefully a few tears as well!!!!

  • I was in Arcata on the 13 i saw at least three police cars driving around

  • Tree Lives Matter!

  • shawn the fisherman

    My wife had her bike stolen in front of Taco Loco in Fortuna, Of course she reported it. I went down by the river camps and found it next to a tent. The people would not come out. I was very pissed and i dont blame them so i took my knife and started cutting my way in to them and I came to my senses. not worth getting shot over a two hundred dollar bike but I did get it back within five hours. The police called a week later and wanted me to take them down there ” see if we can find em” was what he said. What a joke!

  • That day I was sitting on one of the park benches and was admiring how beautiful the scenery and the sunset shining on the eastern mountains. I then looked at plaza level and said to myself “Too bad this town looks so run down with bar row right there and all that low class riff raff with no place to go. What a slum town ”
    Then I saw that guy on the plaza ripping the limbs off one of the tree. I knew I should have phoned it in! I was going to follow him but I am so afraid of the filth that loiters in that park. Who knows what they are high on and what they will do. They are always begging for money to feed their dog and if you give them food they are like “Oh hey Im gluten free and vegan can you cater to my needs. I shit my pants every day and sometimes even on the sidewalk. The only thing i contribute to the community is buying booze and drugs with your money”
    Then there was the other drunk idiot with purple hair and no fucking belt barely able to stumble and hold his pants up at the same time. Yelling at the top of his lungs making a buffoon look more civilized. Then he walks past me and calls me a fucking asshole! WTF Mate! Someone should ask him seemed like he knew the guy ripping the tree limb.

  • Thats not how you hug a tree!!!!

  • JustWantToHearTheEndoftheStory

    Saw his mugshot on LoCo; I had a peripheral run in with him some time ago. No surprise he is in the news again (and no surprise LoCo “closed the comments” on the story)

  • Sounds like an alcohol related crime.

  • $2,300 for 4 cherry trees. I need to be in the nursery business.

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