[UPDATE 11:04 a.m.] Multiple Fish and Wildlife Vehicle Headed Out Briceland Road This Morning

Fish and wildlife truck

[Department of Fish and Wildlife image]

Something’s up.

Multiple Department of Fish and Wildlife vehicles were spotted headed south on Hwy 101 and then headed west on Briceland Thorn Road this morning. Reports have between seven and a dozen vehicles on around Ruby Valley between 8:15 and 8:45 a.m.

We’ll try to figure out what they’re doing. Let us know if you see something.

UPDATE 11:04 a.m.: KMUD posted on their Facebook page:

KMUD Listeners are reporting a caravan of approximately 12 trucks headed up Road A in Whitethorn. The caravan included vehicles from CalFire, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and “possibly Feds.” In addition, there are marked K9 units in the caravan. Please drive these roads carefully.



  • I hope they are busting the [edit]

    • Me too!!! Am so over dealing with them. Coming over armed to demand we sell our land to them or else is getting really old and scarier everytime. And dont get me started on the trying to bring semi trucks on the back roads.
      If you wanna see the human trafficing in the pot world, lookno further than the [Edit]

      • If the picture you paint is accurate to ‘the ways’ the Bul’s are acting, then those details need more exposure and non-lethal (ahem, Gypsy Rose!) methods of dealing with things.

      • If what you say is has any truth to it you need to report it to LE rather than spewing it on the internet. And if it’s true you could be saving someone from slavery. Do something about it rather than blow hot air.

      • What was edited? Was a slur used instead of the proper name of an ethnic group, nationality or race?

        *Nevermind, I see the term below.

      • Sounds like bullshit. If someone came to your property bearing arms and demanded that you sell your land, why would you not call the sheriff? You’re either a coward or a liar.

        • Agreed!! Sounds like a bunch uneducated fear talk to me. It’s to bad people choose to shit talk vs get to know their neighbors. It’s just sad. Time will separate the business minded from the little minded soon.

  • Probably more bad news.

  • Does anyone not remember what happened yesterday? That weirdo is still on the loose that wrecked yesterday.

  • I saw a Fish & Game Vehicle towing a zodiac type boat with a cabin on top this morning while driving on the 101 safety corridor as I headed to Eureka about 8:30 am.

  • What is bullshitgarians? Oh my God. I am so lost with some of the words you young folks use. If these bull things are coming to your place and demanding you sell, you need to get you a FEW GUNS and set a few traps for them. That way they’ll think twice about coming back.

  • Stay safe my friends

  • ^^^ Wow. You all sound very disgusting, disrespectful, and demeaning.. Your ancestors likely raped and obliterated almost an entire culture to live here, so how can you be of such biased? Your bitterness towards the entire people of Bulgaria seems rooted of jealousy and greed of those who make money here. You may pretend as though you are more holy or innocent than others, but face the truth. Everyone needs to make a living… and just about everyone in Humboldt grows marijuana as their main source of income.

    • Not every one, ive live here for almost 32 years, ive worked in Garberville or Redway for 15 years and, im only 31. The bulgarians use wealth, and fear tactics to fuel theyre greed. However, they arent the only ones growing ridiculously big. So in some ways i agree with you, in others i dont. And everyone, remember theres no sense in being completely rude about any of this. Most of you really arent affected by it anyways. Enjoy the sunshine.

    • And what country would allow hundreds of Americans to move in, buy land, and blatantly grow illegal drugs?

    • Speak for yourself. Not everyone does it.

    • If they move in next to you will be singing a different tune, ignorance is bliss.

    • There is no hatred towards the people of Bulgaria in SoHum. The local guy who runs the russian mob grows in SoHum is Bulgarian. Most of his workers are of eastern European origin, usually from the midwest. So they are called “the bulgarians”. Want his name? Address? Banking info? Parcels they own? I know it all.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        It’s an old story. I grew up in Ohio next to people ignorant of geography who would lump all Eastern Europeans as Polish or Polaks. It’s like confusing France and England and Spain. People enjoy ignorance and lumping everyone together. Ukrainians and white Russians are Slavic, Bulgarians are not. No big deal. Take ’em as they come. Slavs can be very competitive in the a-hole sweepstakes, trust me, or the best friends you could possibly have.

        • Bulgarians are slavic. At least their language is. Many “white Russians” are originally of scandinavian descent. Sweden was heavily involved in the founding of Russia.

          “Rus” was originally the name of a group of Swedish merchant/warriors who established themselves around Kiev and founded the original Russian principality.

      • Cooter don’t you be given away any of those secrets now.

    • No not all the people that live here grow …….and i have lived here a long time some of the bull.@$%#! Are not good i know i have to help them

    • You have to be trolling.. I seriously hope at least. You either are trolling or know nothing at all about why these people are complaining

  • I saw an excavator qued at the top of that road this morning on my way to work. I know there’s some big guys, local and otherwise up that road. Last summer one of them was trying to impress me by telling me he “took the top off that mountain!” Lol gross…

    • My neighbors did it legally while logging. Put a yarder up there and changed the landscape forever.

  • While I agree that the [edit–Bulgarians] had a major contribution in the ruining of Humboldt, not all of them are bad people. Quite a few good ones actually. It’s just like the people that say “those damn local dope yuppies bla bla bla are bad people.” Some are, some aren’t. But the ones that are bad (No respect for the environment, rude, etc) … f%ck em

  • There are many, many people in Humboldt County who don’t grow weed. It is also very ignorant and disrespectful to accuse everyone’s ancestors of rape and pillaging. I think that it was more rare to rape and pillage than folks tend to want to beleive.

  • HUMBOLDT still rocks!!they come here because there’s no place like HUMBOLDT!! It’s the best😆 The people,the pot,the beauty!! I can’t think about the Bad shit everyday that happens,because I can’t stop it,and I don’t want it to affect all the good days I have. Something needs to change!

    • I agree g-ma, make the best of each day, take it with a grain of salt and wash it down with a bong hit. Carry on!

  • Checked it out on Maps. The pin looked like it was on a power line easement. The photo is dated but had at least one large bulldozed clearing. I wonder about good timber land being converted like that.
    Of course I can say that because I have mixed land with ample meadows. I have always thought site class 2 or higher TPZ would be a great thing to be invested in. Timber will always be needed.

  • It wasn’t Bulgarians it was Mexicans ((( the one called Grande ))) his place was trashed n lots of tractor work n clearing was talked to by fishn game n water board told to clean up he didn’t n was disrespectful to them so they helped him clean up …. n I c plenty of local boys n girls who grew up here highering foreign workers if u grow quit complaining about others don’t be a jealous hater all of The bulgarians I met a very clean and spend lots of money in our community I’ve never heard of them trying to force someone to sell their land Ive lived here since 1972 it’s pretty funny to hear Locals cry and complain about other people growing weed

  • Pullheadfromrear

    No where did it say anything about bulgarians…most weed grown is from greedy locals….and if it wasn’t for them flaunting there shit…most of these imports wouldn’t be here trying to get a piece of the pie. I bet all of you haters against people coming in are against building a wall on our border….hypocrisy at its finest.

  • They went up Road A in Whitethorn. Approximately 10 vehicles. Fish and wildlife, and Feds.

  • Scared to say...

    The thing about the [Edit: Bulgarians] here is they only spend money at the grow store. Their kids don’t go to our schools, they don’t seem to donate to anything. They are mostly military age males. Allegedly they are on rotation raising money for weapons for our NATO partners in that area because their countries are broke. I personally know people who have been threatened with guns, old ladies pressured to sell their land, people also had their land bulldozed by [Edit: Bulgarians] and had to show up with the whole neighborhood and guns because when they brought it up they were threatened. As far as I am concerned if you don’t donate to this do-it-yourself community, you should leave. Same goes for Grande and his crap scene up there, or any other cidiots from anywhere else who came here to cash out. Hope they hit them hard for trashing the headwaters of the Mattole.

    • Yes indeed! Thank you for speaking the truth! The greedy scumbag parasitic [Edits] need to go!…same with the grande tweaker [Edits]! They are a plague & a threat to our community. How are the enaberals so blind? It’s looking like Mexigaria around here.

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