Fire in Shelter Cove Burns Home of Man Accused of Murder; Arson Investigators Requested

Burning structure
At approximately 4 a.m. this morning, emergency dispatch sent Shelter Cove Fire Department to a blaze at a two-story residence on Debbie Lane. The fire spread to a shed. According to anonymous sources, the home belonged to Eric Lively who is currently in the county jail awaiting trial for the murder of Jesse Simpson.

Simpson, a beloved member of the Shelter Cove community, died after being struck by a vehicle. Lively reportedly admitted to driving the vehicle but said that he struck Simpson, a man he’d been in a feud with, by accident.

Lively has a history of being at odds with the law. In 2010, he was arrested for a home invasion robbery in Placer County.  In 2013, Lively was arrested for allegedly striking a man with a vehicle over a drug debt.

Shelter Cove, Whitethorn, and Whale Gulch Fire Departments, as well as Cal Fire, responded to the early morning blaze. An arson investigator was requested a little after 5 a.m.

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  • Karma???????

    • his kids did not do any thing there mom died a few years ago and have nothing not even. picture not anything this is realy fucked but i know that erik lively desirves this but not his kids no

    • 2010 home invasion/robbery
      2013 assault with a deadly weapon
      2017 murder(not convicted)
      Was he not on probation when he committed the 2013 assault? Can’t figure out how he was free to commit the third violent crime. Must be great to live there.

  • Well imagine that

  • His door got busted open about 5 days ago. People had started breaking the windows.

  • hopefully he did not have any insurance. otherwise, he might be rewarded monetarily for his past deeds in life.

  • Sounds like the old Scottish punishment of being fired. As D.J. Would say, Your Fired!

  • Covelo or busted

    So ..Now the WESTSIDE is acting like the EASTSIDE…. VIGILLANTI …….Thats one way to get things done if’n it doesn’t escalate!

  • Isn’t it amazing how people can be indignant about a perceived injustice and yet go about committing crimes themselves?

    Hypocrites are worse than the common criminal, because their hypocrisy knows no bounds, often leading to crimes such as these – and worse.

    Need I say it? These base thugs are no better a citizen than the man they despise.

    • Looks like people just got sick and tired of a guy who has had many run-ins with locals and LEO, and was still out on the prowl, looking for the next innocent person. Unfortunately, this time he killed someone. Too bad it got to this point (killing an innocent, that is.)

    • Hmmm! You’ve obviously have never been the victim and had to depend on our joke of a justice system. You sir should not speak on things you don’t know. Stay in your greenhouse.

    • Not really…property damage is a whole lot tamer than intentionally driving into people with the intention of possibly killing them. Mr Lively had it coming to him, he’s a repeat offender with no sign of actually correcting his behavior despite repeated intervention from law enforcement. He’s lucky he’s in prison, where he’s safe. Your perspective might be a little different if he had murdered someone you care about, Stormy. If the scum bag who shot Randy the Zebra knew there was a chance his/her property and home would be destroyed in return, s/he might have thought twice. People who hurt other people and animals not only deserve to be punished, they NEED it, and clearly Eric Lively has gotten the message that he can do this heinous crap and the law won’t do much to him in return. This is b.s.

    • When on the side of righteousness crime is called Justice

    • Used to be considered justice.

    • Agreed Stormy.

    • the misadventures of bunjee

      Perceived injustice? Pretty sure a vehicle was used in a murder. That’s fact. But what we have here is country justice. There’s hill folk that don’t care about committing a crime to make sure certain others never happen again. Or to put an end to someone’s tyranny.

  • WTF???? This is NOT right!!!! Lively’s wife and children have done NOTHING!!! Why do they deserve to have their house torched in the wee hours of the morning? I’m sure they were home, sleeping, when some asshole decided to torch their house for what Lively did. What if they had been killed… then we’d have more murdered people, another person going to prison and his/her family destroyed. STUPIDITY!!!!! It will come out who did this, they will be arrested and their family will have to deal with what they did… as Lively’s family are having to do. WHY PUNISH LIVELY’S FAMILY FOR WHAT HE DID?????

    • The house has been abandoned since Lively killed Jesse. There was no family sleeping inside. Eric has no wife. The children collected their belongings already and are safe with a careing family. Lively had his attorneys empty the house of anything of value a few days ago. Anyone consider that the scum bag had his own house torched for the insurance…?

      • That’s what I was thinking. I’m fairly certain it was insured. He’s gonna need money for legal fees. How convenient.
        I salute the fire departments for their efforts in keeping the fire from spreading.

      • Yes that has been a valid theory and is a theory. However I must say that I have been quite concerned of the ccommunities relations during our grieving possess. There is to much inebriation amidst us and it’s dangerous and can only lead to more tragedy. So please let’s all come together and honor Jesse’s memory. He touched us all with his spirit of love so we need carry his spirit on in that mannerism. .. Please. The fire didn’t accomplish anything. .. Two wrongs will never made a right. Please lets all staypeaceful and see you all tommorow to celebrate his wonderful self. Much love

    • Its a strong message to leave the area, if it was arson, folks saying we no longer want you anywhere near us. It happens all over the country.
      Do you know his family? Are they ok with him hitting people with cars? Or doing armed home invasions?
      Could they have started the fire to get insurance pay off? The artice mentions nothing about people being in the structure, did you see them asleep in their beds? Just curious. Every article ive ever seen about home fires mentions if folks were in the structure.
      Im assuming you know all the details and the family to have that strong of a reaction.
      If not, what would you do if someone killed your loved one who was an amazing person in the community?
      Someone who has over and over been a bad community member, who keeps getting away with violent acts and seems to feel no need to stop those acts.
      Our justice system is obviously failing, he would be in prison from last offenses if it worked. If you have the money you can get off on any charge these days, its all about the lawyer.

      I think it could partly be due to the sheriffs lack of officers available.
      When you go thru many years of not having police available at nite, you kinda have to start taking things into your own hands. Its been that way for so long it feels normal to some.
      Do you have any idea what it feels like to have an out of control person harming you &/or a loved one and when you call the cops they say sorry we dont have anyone available until 5 hours from now??
      You have to defend yourself, as a person and/or the community.

    • Veterans friend

      Well, apparently they tolerated this asshole for years. He is a known quantity. Perhaps the should have cut their losses after his first, second or third violent act, instead of waiting for the murder.

    • No one has been in that house since he killed Jesse and everything had been moved out of it already.

    • Lively has No wife.

  • Thinking allowed

    Hypocrisy is so supporting the criminal to the extent they feel free to be ever more brazen in spreading their damage.

    If ordinary people can not count on laws to protect them from the lawless, then some will take action to save themselves and become lawless. Lawlessness then spreads and spreads, corrupting society into ever more violence.

  • Hopefully the Lively kids had already gotten everything they needed/wanted out of that house. I can’t imagine how horrible this is for them. Blows just seem to keep coming at them from every direction. They deserve absolutely none of this!

  • I hope whoever did this is caught and punished. This was a stupid and reckless act. They endangered the firemen and neighbors. This was unnecessary and counterproductive.

  • This is no way to get justice. That makes the fire bug a crimanal too. I understand their are angry people here,but this makes more problems. Was the family inside that house when it was torched? That’s attempted murder as well. Not a smart idea. What the hell is wrong with people today? Please take care everybody🕊

  • Veterans friend

    The way our local system (dis)functions, I imagine folks felt like they had no choice.

  • Doesn’t matter what a jerk the dad is. The children have loss so much. First their mother, father in jail, and now whatever sentimental items they have are gone. Photos of their mother and their childhood, their favorite toys, their clothes, etc. Seems there is a bigger jerk in Shelter Cove than Eric Lively.

    • I think intentionally running someone over and murdering them is worse than a fire to a house that no one was staying in.

    • Omg ……..

    • I’m sure those poor kids love their father but in all actuality it sounds as if they are better off without him. He’s not setting a good example at all and we don’t need more of his kind.

    • imagine what those kids have endured having this guy as a dad. has lively only been mean and violent to community members and not his own family.
      i doubt it. [edit]

      it’d nice to know that isn’t the case.
      i wish you kids the best, and sorry for all you’re going through.

  • Has anyone even considered the fact that Lively could have had his own house torched for the insurance? Clearly he is a depraved individual and lacks any moral concience.

    Is it merely a coincidence that he had his attorney come in with a moving van a few days ago to take anything of value?

    SoHum Senior & G-MAS, rest at ease. The house has been abandoned since Eric was arrested for murdering Jesse. Eric has no wife. The children are safe and sound staying with a local family.

    The only murderer in this situation is Eric Lively. The fact is, Eric Lively has victimized not only his children and family, but the entire community of Shelter Cove.

    Good riddance!

  • Makes me cry thinking about all that those kids have lost due to the actions of their father.

  • Eric’s record looks bad. Still, I can recall being taught the quaint notion of ‘innocent until PROVEN guilty’.

  • remember that we live with a legal system not a justice system justice is rarely served

  • The residents of Shelter Cove claim they are a loving and close knit community. Let’s see just how loving they are and if they reach out to help the children with their losses. By Monday morning they will need some clothes and school supplies.

    • Liz ,You obviously are not from here, because if you were, you would not make assumptions that the community would not help innocent kids.

    • merely a coincidence that he had his attorney come in with a moving van a few days ago to take anything of value?

      SoHum Senior & G-MAS, rest at ease. The house has been abandoned since Eric was arrested for murdering Jesse. Eric has no wife. The children are safe and sound staying with a local family…..can you not read omg ……

  • Lady of the Zoo

    Eric Lively is as guilty as they come. Enough with the two wrongs don’t make a right bullshit. Y’all obviously don’t know how things work down here. People get things done. There are no police. If you murder a beloved person, people will not have your back. Property damage is nothing compared to murder.

    • You can save the no police bit, seeing as how the guy was already arrested. The only thing your “people” accomplished was adding to the community’s crime rate.

      • LostCoastLocal

        Shake Well,
        Our “people” accomplished way more than adding to the community’s crime rate, they made sure Eric Lively doesn’t have a home to come back to in our community, which technically improves the crime rate.

        And please remember, none of us actually know who set the fire. I still wouldn’t put it past Lively to be behind it…..

  • Liz, just stop w the comments. You don’t know anything you’re speaking about! Ridiculous! This community has already come together to help the kids and they are safe and have their things and a place to stay.

  • So Hum eviction notice

  • [edit] He has done way more than people are saying on this post. He deserves way more than what he is going to get. It’s been only a matter of time before something happened to him or someone else like Jesse. It sucks that it had to be Jesse. I will be a character witness if the DA would like me to. Eric Lively is the worst person that I have ever met in my life. He is a lying drug addict. That is scared of his own shadow. From all that he has done.

  • shawn the fisherman

    I guess Shelter Cove does not want Eric to have a place to return to. Ran out of town…..On a rail.

  • “A sheriff’s deputy who was at the crime scene in Shelter Cove wrote that Lively, “told officers on scene that he looked (Simpson) in the eyes, then peeled out and hit (Simpson) with his vehicle. Then (he) left the scene and washed the blood off his tires before returning.”
    From LOCO article

  • [edit–I don’t have a rule for this. But attacking children just goes against my grain.]

  • The Society for Civil Discourse

    It is strange to me to read all of the comments about how it’s no problem for children when their home is burned down by an arsonist. Even if the children are all safe elsewhere, and not in the house when the fire was lit, whoever did this added to the trauma suffered by innocent children.

    I suppose the arsonist was thinking that without a house to put up for collateral, the alleged murderer will never make bail. Did the arsonist think any thoughts about the children’s feelings about their childhood home? About the children’s futures? About adding more suffering to children who have suffered too much already?

    • …did this arsonist think of those kids – the anxiety caused by the trauma of having the house they live in burned down, probably thoughts of ‘what if i were still living there that night…’, or maybe thinking that for some unknown reason it’s my fault, a punishment and if i had been better then the house would have been ok, or maybe thoughts that someone wanted to hurt them…

      the above is how my mind works, my thought process.
      i grew up with a mean mouthed and heavy handed controlling dad and i never felt i was safe.
      abuse can twist even the best of us. constant and persistent severe anxiety is horrible, i’ve always waiting for the other shoe to drop. mom use to say “you were high-strung as a child”.
      ya, they call that PTSD and generalized anxiety disorder, ma.

      i sincerely hope these kids are ok and will remain so.

  • So…there weren’t murders then? Or what seems likely to me…there still were murders but a lot of innocents died, too?

  • no person should take the law into their own hands the children left behind are innocent ! setting fires is not going to solve anything !

  • Your comment makes me sick. His daughter, who I know, is amazing. She is a hardworking girl with a real job, a great student, a person with good morals.

    Please, move to China two thousand years ago. I sure do not want you here.

  • I’m pretty sure the children are way better off with their father in prison. Way better. I’ve heard how he treats people, his neighbors and I’m sure he mistreated his children as well. Why wouldn’t he? If you’re his child don’t feel guilty if you are happy he’s gone. Keep having your own good life and learn to NOT be like him. His mess is his mess, it’s not yours. I wish you well going forward.

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