Coast Guard Rescues Hiker From Lost Coast Trail

oast Guard helicopter feature

Coast Guard helicopter [Stock photo from Wikipedia by Vlad Lazarenko]

Press release from the Coast Guard:

 The Coast Guard medevaced a 29-year-old female hiker Thursday from the Lost Coast Trail approximately 45 miles south of Humboldt Bay.

Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department personnel contacted Coast Guard Sector Humboldt Bay watchstanders at approximately 11 a.m., reporting an activated Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) by a distressed hiker needing medical treatment.

An MH-65 Dolphin helicopter rescue crew from Coast Guard Air Station Humboldt Bay hoisted the 29-year-old woman into the helicopter and transferred her to a local hospital.

“We encourage people hiking in remote locations to always carry an EPIRB,” said Cmdr. Kevin Barres, the Sector Humboldt Bay response chief. “They are designed to save your life and in this case, it allowed us to rapidly assist a hiker in distress.”



  • Very cool that she had that device, and it saved her. People can learn from this.

  • Where do you get this EPIRB device?

  • Epirb for about $300 at any local outdoor store or Amazon if your so inclined. Sincerely hope she is ok, but I also hope she didn’t just pull the fire alarm because she ran out of granola or got a blister on her heel. That particular trail surprises even seasoned hikers for its ruthless wind, soft sand, and miles of large, wobbly, round rocks.

  • Wouldn’t it be great if hikers could rent these locally and get their deposit back when they return them?

    • That’s what I think would be a great income source for stores in Shelter Cove or Petrolia…they could rent them out to hikers as there’s hardly any cell service out there…and fires would also be easier to contain if hiker-caused, which most of them are. Of course they’d have to leave something for security to assure the customer returns them…on either end of the hike. I also think that BLM should promote this idea. Satellite phones are another good idea, where you can actually talk to someone as well as automatic GPS info. Having some form of communication doen’t take away from the wilderness experience…it’s just common sense.

  • She was probley dehydrated like the rest of the city jackass’s that we have to pull out of the king range. Waste of recources👎🏽

  • I’m pro EPIRB. Fishing,hunting and anything remote outdoors. They save lives and responders dedicated time and effort.

  • Ok, I was there that morning. Again I feel that this is a GREAT device to have but only when needed not abused. Not just because you don’t feel well. There was so many people around her that could have helped or even supported her. She never reached out to anyone for help or assistance. I don’t know what ended up with her hope she is ok but she walked out with backpack on and taking pictures of the rescue . At the end of the day she felt she needed to be rescued and that is what this devise is good for. I think that when hikers are alone they should reach for help to other hikers if needed. We are all out there to enjoy

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