Five Arrested at Alleged Drug House in Eureka Today

“The Eureka Police Department’s Problem Oriented Policing Team (POP) served a search warrant at a residence on the 2300 block of 3rd Street in response to ongoing complaints,” confirmed Brittany Powell this afternoon. Powell said that “5 people were arrested and booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility.”

Tara Groswird from a 2015 arrest.

Below are their names and charges. (Please remember, the information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty):

  • Tara Groswird, 27.  Booked on warrant and possession of methamphetamine.
  • Timonthy Mock, 42.  Booked on warrant.
  • Todd Scheel, 51.  Booked on possession of methamphetamine and maintaining a drug house.
  • Joshua Spaulding, 39.  Booked on possession of heroin and maintaining a drug house.
  • Shante Rivas, 36.  Booked on possession of heroin, possession of heroin for sales, maintaining a drug house, and bringing controlled substances into the jail.


  • The Apache Warrior

    Ship them off to a deserted island somewhere and see if they can get clean. Although, they would probably do each other in over time.

    • Put them to work cleaning up trash!

    • One of them is my dad- he’s spent my entire life battling meth. I’m 26. Ship him anywhere and he’ll find something to get him high somehow. The only way he’ll stop is when he kills himself.

  • Good! Now bust Redcrest Industrial Park

  • They should be in,nearby,mexico.where all drugs are legal to consume.when illegal they corrupted local cops.who charge money for crime.

    • Yep, money controls everything! It’s not about what is right or wrong any more these days or if something is legal or illegal. It’s all about who has the most dollar bills to control what takes place or doesn’t take place. It is time to cut off the head of the snake and quit playing possession games. Lets go to the nests, close them down, and end this terrible addiction.

      • Addiction equals drugs

        That has been the national policy many times and not once did it work. And now Sessions wants to do that again and it will be a failure. If you mean the user than imprisonment doesn’t work either. Prison does not stop addicts from using drugs. Doesn’t stop nor lessen any crimes. If the addiction isn’t stopped then the source of drugs will never stop. Your thoughts are too simplistic. Before commenting read the history of drug use in America. A good place to start is the American Medical Association. Followed by the alcohol industry and the cigarette industry. And last, the Veterans Affairs pharmaceutical dispensaries. And that is only a start!

        • JustWantToHearTheEndoftheStory

          And again, an apologist for addicts. Apparently the taxpayer must fund endless treatment for those who don’t want to change. How many times have those arrested been in rehab? Four, five, six? They get off the bus and walk across the street to buy drugs. They infest decaying neighborhoods and drag down everyone around them. So let’s blame cigarettes and beer, that will make you feel better about yourself.

        • All Out of Sympathy

          “Addiction equals drugs”, ya your right, I’m just a simple man. Black and white, right and wrong. You sound like a drug and alcohol counselor. So if nothing has helped what do we do? I’m not ready to roll over, I’m still alive! I’ve put in my time, energy, money, etc. trying to help friends get sober and drug free. I’ve also lost a business trying to get some friends the help and suppport they needed. What I found out is, it is totally up to the individual to get sober. They will do it, or not, when they decide. We have all been addicted to one thing or the other in our lives. Nobody held you down and made you ingest the substance! You put the “monkey on your own back”, all by yourself. If it just affected the addict that would be different. You have the right to choose what you want to do with your life. But when you negatively affect my well being and life, then it becomes my business.

          When I have worked for 60 years to have a place to call my own, and you want to poison my air, water, food, land, and ruin my health, that is not your right! I’ll fight you tooth and nail until the end. So if you want to tell me what to say and when I can comment, come and walk a few miles in my shoes. I don’t need AMA books to tell me what is happening in my neighborhood! All I need to do is take another hit of poison chemical fumes!

          Yep, I’m quite pissed off! “It’s not over until the fat lady sings!”

          Thank you Kim for giving us a place to vent about some of our problems here in Humboldt county and the good things too.
          It’s much better than blowing a fuse and doing something you would regret! Your the best!

  • Show the new mug shot.

  • Let’s see what meth has done to her last couple years. 😖

  • Have them fix some of these freaking pot holes!

  • They’ll never learn!

  • There is no repercussions for any crime now days its a free for all

  • you can walk into a store with a human head in your hand and all the justice system will do is pay millions to feed you and house you
    where do we draw the line between humanity and safety

  • Sure glad I scrolled down to comments, these are some great ideas for solving social problems. I’m going to write a letter to our representatives and offer up these solutions. Thanks🏆

  • I say if you are caught red handed on film committing a mass murder,short trial and public execution firing squad or hanging when as a country and community’s will we have had enough of this free for all we call the norm of every day news

  • These mass murderers do not deserve to live after causing so much harm. meth heads are so close to the edge they can lose it at any moment.meth zombie apocalypse.

  • Honestly most of you dont kno what really gone on. And is discusting how most of you act like you are😂 my family are goodpeople and arnt what epd trynna make them look like. Like really you all wanna say these things but i bet 1,000$ everyone of you have a familymember in this boat or worse so why dont you all keep it tp your selfs
    Thank you.

  • I’ll see your bet. And raise u 1000. Bucks.

  • Get them help. Counseling or AOD which would be much better than shipping them off or any other horrible thing some people want to do to them.

  • Boilerplate Disclaimers

    “Innocent until proven guilty” but here’s a nice photo, suitable for witch-hunting!

    • When I first started posting stories about arrests, I had an experience that shaped my thinking. A man named Mike Martin was arrested and everyone assumed the Mike in question was a local businessman. But it wasn’t. A photo would have solved that problem. My belief is that more information not less makes us better able to make decisions.

      • I also wish the photos were always there. Photos of dirtbags (from credible sources like RHBB) give a heads-up to the law abiders that the low-life, POS thieves are around, and sometimes closer than you might think. Thank you for the work you do, Kym!!!

    • not to mention the girl had an outstanding warrant and was caught in possession of meth. no witch hunt when your caught red handed. what, was she holding onto it for someone and had actually been trying to get clean? it was all a big misunderstanding? riiiiiiiiight.

  • Wendy Davis Windsor

    OH shit, Timothy Mock, I used to work with him. He is a brilliant man when you remove the drugs and alcohol. Sad.

  • YO KYM KEMP ,take mt fu-#%ing name out if this b.s. article!I live in a separate house( different address) than these individuals listed above.and to ALL OF YOU SHIT TALKING do gooders …things aren’t always what they seem.Sanchez and his posse of guerillas busted my door in and realized they had the wrong address.!!? No drugs ,no nothing illegal found in my home.perhaps someone I should go raid his marijuana operation at a certain warehouse ..thlis is why I hate all you shit talkers who are so busy running your mouth writing checks that your body can’t cash.

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