Trailer of Big Rig Overturned on Hwy 299 Spreading Fertilizer and Blocking One Lane

overturned semi icon featureAt approximately 2:20 p.m., the second trailer hooked to a big rig overturned a little west of Salyer about mile marker 33.5. According to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page, the westbound lane is blocked with bags of “ripped open” fertilizer.

No one is injured, according to the report on the CHP page.



  • Good gosh wtf another semi that road is getting more dangerous or the guy or girl can’t drive .or both.

    • It is true there are more Big-Rig driving jobs than there are experienced drivers. So when a less experienced driver is sent into a more difficult situation the safe speed is often much slower than the speed limit.

    • A road doesn’t get more dangerous, it’s inactive. Maybe a rock slide or natural occurrence will affect passage, but otherwise. …..damn. Just like cookin, don’t blame the stove for your burnt biscuits.

  • Amazing I live near I-5 in the central valley it’s never this bad. You either have rocks the size of a semi or the real thing just about every day. I hope they can get clean before it rains.

  • The accident is approximately two miles east of Big Flat, which makes it about nine or so miles east from French Creek construction site. I saw many, many large bags of very dark soil or amenities. Someone will have some great soil either way. Driver was directing traffic for a few that got through.

  • Terry L. Clark

    “Spreading fertilizer”…so it’s like an impromptu Board Of Supervisors meeting…

  • Just My Opinion

    Sounds like a sh*tty situation LOL

  • once a week these pieces of shit almost kill people, enough is enough.

  • Passing through

    Loads of bagged product on flatbed trailers are subject to load shifting all those cornors, coupled with drivers needing to lock up their brakes because someone curs them off while passing increases this risk. Remember people truckers are the ones bringinf you what you use to live uour lives. A little extra time will saves lives. Happy to hear no one was hurt

  • Free fertilizer!! Whos got the equipment, lets get it out of there before it goes into some creek, stream, river, whatever and makes the algae grow.
    Cal trans dump it at one of your pullouts with the gravel piles and let folks get it or call the community farm to see if theyll take it.

  • Michael Shreeve

    There have been many accidents near there. It’s on the popular rafting run area called the pigeon point run. A truck fully loaded with hamburger patties burned up, driver died in it. A truck full of an energy drink put it’s load into the river. Many other accidents.

  • Learn how to drive and slow your ass down…..

  • The last time I drove 299. I had Safeway and other trucks passing me. They drive way to fast. Please slow down…Your going to kill someone

  • Thinking allowed

    Do the drivers go faster than the road can safely be negotiated themselves or are they put on a schedule that requires them to travel as if 299 was I5? I know that I have talked to freight delivery drivers who did not know their rigs were too long to use the road until I warned them.

    Posting a few signs about the accidents might help them realize that a recommended speed limit on a curve on 299 is not a recommendation but physics.

  • That road is so rough in spots go slower just give yourself a lil extra time to get where you going SLOW DOWN don’t go faster than your Angel can fly God be with all who tavel ❇

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