No Foul Play, Says Sheriff’s Office Spokesperson About Person With a Fatal Gunshot Wound Near Ettersburg Last Night

Humboldt County Sheriff badgeThe person who was reported to have a gunshot wound on Upper Mattole Canyon Road about 10 p.m. yesterday died at the scene and was not transported by a pickup as was originally reported on the scanner last night.

“There was no foul play,” said Humboldt County Sheriff’s spokesperson Stacy Hanson. Nor, she said, was the individual taken from the scene as was originally reported on the scanner.  “Deputies responded to the scene and investigated,” she said. “The Coroner was called.”

At the time of the incident, scanner reports indicate that the deputy wasn’t able to respond immediately because the scene required more than 2WD to access. Hanson explained that the Garberville office did have a 4WD vehicle but, she said, “It had a dead battery.” Then when the vehicle was jumped “all the service lights came on.” Because of the vehicle issues, it took awhile for another 4WD to be brought to the area.

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  • Sounds like there is a significant funding problem, if they can’t even keep their 4WD vehicles operating.

  • Serously a trickle charger is 30$ on Amazon

  • humboldtmama67

    How convenient that the 4WD didn’t work just when it was needed. If you ask me, SO HUM has it’s very own theories on how to reduce human population…Keystone cops at their finest!!

  • Sad ending

  • this is a failure of the politically correct policies, and a lack of moral fortitude.

  • So our dirt-road area has only 1 4WD vehicle, and the battery was dead, and then it was nnot in good running order when they jumped it. I’m so grateful that the sheriff proposed and the supervisors approved funding for a tank. It’s so much more needed and practical than a functioning emergency-response 4WD.

  • Unbef…inglievable. Unacceptable!

  • Someone lost their life. There are family members mourning. This sounds like a suicide, no names will be released. What the sheriff drives or has available is the least of the concerns for the family.
    May the soul rest in peace and the family and friends be comforted.

    • Yes, someone is gone, it could be an accident. There are family of this person, (one of us!), going through seven kinds of hell over this. Please give them space, and reserve judgment.

  • I’m a neighbor of the deceased and our main road was just graded from the pavement junction with Ettersburg Rd. However, with nearly 140 inches of rain so far since October the roads took a heavy beating and the spur roads like Upper Mattole Canyon Creek are still rough, but at least they’re mostly dry now.

    Bad planning on the part of HCSO to not keep an all wheel drive vehicle in service 24/7 in one of the largest rural service areas of the county. Let’s hope this changes. When I drive by the courthouse in Eureka there always seems to be plenty of sheriff’s SUVs parked, so they have them but they aren’t doing us any good in the more developed and paved areas.

  • For our county, all their vehicles should have at least all-wheel drive.

  • Thanks for the info. Now all of the bad guys know all you have to do to get away is go 4 wheeling. I bet if this was grow house the HCSO would be there Johnny on the spot.

  • Petrolia and Honeydew need atleast two resident deputies

  • this dead battery issue is just more whittling away at my faith in hcso.

    i can’t imagine these officers hemmin and hawin waiting for a jump or someone w/a 4 wheel drive vehicle to come so they can get to the scene of a fatal shooting…

    i can’t think of any reason they didn’t grab a damn set of pliers and swap the batteries from the running 2 wheel vehicle into the needed in an emergency 4 wheel drive vehicle.

    even a suicide should be an urgent call with immediate attention. i’ve known of 2 deaths that were claimed to be suicides but were actually murders staged to look like suicides.


    let me also say…the scanner chatter of this call gave me no indication it was a suicide. they even broadcast that the person shot was being taken via pickup to meet law enforcement up the road, they thought they’d meet halfway.

    were the emt’s able to get there but ended up staging long hrs as they awaited law enforcement? that has to be frustrating.

    • They are law enforcement officers not vehicle mechanics, they probably can’t tell the difference between the negative and the positive battery terminals. Don’t give them too much credit.

      • Any Leo working in a rural area needs basic mechanical knowledge, not just for their cars, but also to help stranded motorists.

  • Veterans friend

    Hey…ESTELLE FENNEL… can we be assured in the future that HCSO will have 4wd. If not, why not. You! I AM ASKING YOU. You are our liason with the county. WE WANT ANSWERS

    • They should have borrowed some of CAMPs trucks, atvs,etc. when there is a bust it seems like ALOT of four wheel drive sheriff trucks come out on parade. WTF!?!?!?

  • How many of us have jumped in our vehicle only to find it had a dead battery or other unforeseen problem. These guys risk their lives to keep us safe. How about some thanks and gratitude, mabye learn from it and press on.

  • So if their 4×4 did start,would it have changed anything? My condolences to the family,I’m so sorry

  • When the drug task force comes to a property for a bust there is almost always 10-12 4wd vehicles involved. When someone gets shot there’s no 4wd vehicles available. Clear example of priorities at work

  • Maybe it is a tax issue. Pot growers don’t pay as many taxes as the 9 to 5 working person. Maybe they feel you don’t support their services so why should they help you. Cops are people too. They can feel betrayed as you would standing in their shoes. Most of you choose a life outside the rules of an organized society but when something goes wrong, you want the organized society to rescue you. Could cause some people to raise their eyebrows.

    • Jeez, you have a low opinion of law enforcement. The officers I’ve met would respond to save someone if they could.

    • This is not the time to lecture anyone. A life has ended, prematurely, possibly by an accident. No one, most surely the family and friends of the deceased, need to be subjected to any negativity. Please give them room to mourn, and breathe, and hug each other.

  • Um every other road around this area is 4wheel drive , and they cannot make it a priority to make sure it will start at the end of or the beginning of a shift

  • Um every other road around this area is 4wheel drive , and they cannot make it a priority to make sure it will start at the end of or the beginning of a shift..maybe the officers have never heard of a “bully” to quickly jump start?

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