Man Arrested With 70 Pounds of Marijuana, Says Mendocino Sheriff’s Office

Nicholas TowThis is a press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On 05-03-2017 at approximately 12:40 A.M., a Deputy was on uniformed patrol when he observed a sedan traveling in the area of North Highway 101 at Reynolds Highway in Willits, California.

The Deputy initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle due to a traffic violation and the vehicle yielded in the area of MM 48.5 on North Highway 101. The driver of the vehicle was identified as Nicholas Tow, who MCSO dispatch advised was on probation with the term obey all laws.

The Deputy searched Tow’s vehicle and located approximately 70 pounds of marijuana and documentation/paperwork related to the sales of marijuana.

The Deputy placed Tow under arrest for 11359 HS [Possession of Marijuana for Sale], 11360(a) HS [Transportation of Marijuana for Sale], and 1203.2 PC [Violation of Probation].

Tow was subsequently booked into the Mendocino County Jail where he was to be held in lieu of $50,000.00 bail.



  • And sessions just said no more trafficking …doesnt he watch the news …stupid

  • Sorry to say, “Towed away”.

    • “Reynolds Highway”

      ^^^ Named after the turkey bag company.

      • I think it was named after a CHP officer…

        • I think that it was named after a summer resort named “Reynolds Redwoods” that was located at the west end of the overpass. It was a nice little store, restaurant and campground. I used to do the refrigeration service there.

          • I believe you’re right, Ernie.

          • I always thought ‘ Cummings ‘ was a name ripe for double entendres.
            Wasn’t there a really good restaurant at Tan Oak Park?
            I did the Branscomb to Redway commute for most of 83, lots of interesting sights like the Howling Wolf lodge or restaurant back then.

            • Yes indeed, a lot of water has passed under the bridge between Branscomb and Cummings since then.

     = photo’s and story.
              never argue history with an old guy….

              • Nice series of replies…..
                I’ve just always wanted to see how narrow these columns will get with reply after reply.
                HEY FOLKS! KEEP REPLYING to each other and LET’S FIND OUT!!

              • Ernie, the turn off to the Reynolds Highway near where this guy was arrested is just a few miles north of Willits at the southern foot of Oil Well Hill on two-lane 101. It’s the road that runs out into the East Valley. I have no idea where the name came from.

                • If I’m not mistaken, that turnoff toward the east valley eventually takes you to Tom Kai Road? Maybe the guy was headed toward that outlaw trail and its seven river crossings in order to avoid scrutiny on 101?

                  Could have been a petty traffic stop/fishing expedition to boot.

                • Robin
                  You are absolutely right. (Again) Dang. The highway was named after the Reynolds family. The highway runs on the east side of the little lake valley. (Willits) The Reynolds were my aunt Roberta (Erickson) Branscomb’s grandparents. Roberta’s mom was a Reynolds. My mother Elsie Branscomb also corrected me. So I stand corrected and embarrassed. That is the trouble with getting on a high horse. It’s such a long way to the ground….

              • Thanks Ernie! Great blog.

  • Never do misdemeanors while commiting Felonies…🙈

  • If I was on searchable probation hauling seventy pounds of weed I think I’d get a haircut and not be a red flag. But that’s just me.

  • 1240am what a genius, Usually it says what the violation is strange.

  • As Homer Simpson would say: ‘DOHPE!!’

  • Sleepy Alligator

    Traffic violation aka driving Hwy 101 north of Marin with 70 lbs of weed at 12:40AM!!!!!!

  • Looking the way you do”profiling” driving around bar closing time and possibly speeding. But profiling not just for non white. stereotype​ it was it is…

  • Documentation/paperwork Newbies learning the hard way….

    • You ALL need to learn the hard way. The times they are a-changing. Go directly to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect ill-gotten gains. Make America great – and sober – again.

      • There’s a reason the founding fathers never enumerated crops or drugs into the list of duties. Both were what made America great. Hemp, tobacco, & pot were common goods, not political evils. Even Shakespere and the Native Americans enjoyed their creative and healing plants. Politicians made it evil, not the Constitution.
        If we erased the political end of the stick, all would go back to normal & America would indeed be great again.

      • Sleepy Alligator

        When has America ever been sober?

      • Locking people up for non violent or harmful crimes, in prisons for profits, and paid for by tax payers, is your idea of great? That’s even stupider than this crime.

      • America (all of it) was founded on ill-gotten gains. Oh my. Divided States of Amnesia.

  • shawn the fisherman

    “Stupid hippy comes to mind”

  • Not bad for a mugshot. Refreshing break from the pimple filled hollow eyed tweakers/junkie look.

  • Does anyone know exactly what traffic violations he did to get pulled over??thanks

  • D.w.r. Driving while retarded

  • The guy looks like Jesus

    • A pale skinned blue eyed blonde northern European is a big stretch of the imagination from a middle eastern Jew.

      • Patriot in Willits

        Funny you should say that. I had some Jehovah’s Witnesses come by last week, and the Jesus in the literature they left looked exactly like this guy!

        • Those Witnessses’ have some big balls, they go anywhere and spread the.. well if it’s all ending anyway maybe it’s not about balls…

    • Fascist Attorney General Sessions would send Jesus up the river just like anybody else! But then, Jesus would not drive on probation or even be on probation. That’s why he’s Jesus. Not much sarcasm intended!

  • He was just unlucky. After all, it was DARK so he had a chance to get away with it….what do you mean “nope”!!!

  • We assume that the mug shot was from this arrest. If it was, he could do with a little fashion consulting before his next ‘run’!

  • They should take the 70 pounds of pot and make medical marijuana out of it and give it to veterans in pain. It is three months to get to see a new pain doctor at my VA what they’ve done was nice but I’m still in pain and I vomit up any oxy, morphine or codeine. CBD with a 7:1 ratio of THC brings my back pain down 90 percent for about four hours and I never get high. Jeff Sessions is an undereducated hick that has no business in government.

    • So very true!! The government needs to actually look at all the studies being done on both CBD and THC..there are so many health benefits to both. Stop treating it as a drug and get out of the big pharmaceutical company’s pockets and do what’s best for the people. I have seen so many people addicted to the medication that has been given out by the doctors that it isn’t worth it.

    • That is AWESOME! I’m happy for you…Chronic pain is the worst! PLEASE KEEP STUDYING THESE!!!!!! If people are “taking the high” out, it must be worth it! When they took the High out of beer, O’Doul’s…didn’t sell well. Have heard many people using balms, tincatures, ect. with MUCH drop in other medications because of no side affects!!!!!

  • Victimless crime. He hurt no one. Fuck the law.

  • silverlining, it was called The Mad Creek Inn, drove all the way down there for dinner a couple times…

    • That jogged my memory. Wish I ate there before it closed. Everyone said it was great. Thank you.
      I used to collect USGS maps and I remember the quadrant it was in was called Tan Oak Park.
      When I commuted that the Laytonville/Redway run I came up with my own law.
      The law of no matter how many R.V’s you manage to pass on the freeway you will still get stuck behind one on the two lane.

  • I thought they legalized marijuana. That’s what it said in the news after prop 64 passed. They said vote prop 64 for marijuana legalization. If it’s legal why did he get arrested?

    • That’s the government for ya, it’s all in the “language” of the law, it didn’t get legalized… it got regulated and controlled, we are “allowed” 1 ounce on person… anything more will be stolen and you will be charged accordingly.
      The best bet is to stay medical and get a transport permit… just sayin🤔

      • Lefthanded Lunatics

        Best bet: clean and sober! Also see: Get a haircut and get a job!

        OH, and Cannabis is not medicine!

    • Prop 64 is about regulation and taxation, not legalization. Anyone who actually read the law would have known that and not voted for it.

    • It’s legal to smoke it. Still not legal to sell it. You are only allowed to be in possession of a very small amount. 70 pounds is NOT a small amount.

  • canthinkalittle

    12:40am is about the worst time of night to go for a sketchy drive. what a fool.

  • KeepVotingUntilYouGetTheVoteRight

    Last time I checked, the voters of this state legalized that stuff. Fake “Crime!”

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