Terrible Accident Where Car Was Split in Two Near Cloverdale Wasn’t Fatal by Some Miracle

Yesterday, we had multiple requests for information about an accident that occurred on Hwy 101 north of Geyserville and south of  near Cloverdale. The accident was particularly ugly looking as can be seen in the video by Wendy Kornberg above. (She also provided us with the video of the slide pouring down over 101 a couple weeks ago.)

Normally we don’t cover that far south but we thought that those who were concerned would like to know that this accident was not fatal.

In fact, the injuries described are relatively minor–which is a miracle considering the state of the white Chevy.

Here’s the report from the California Highway Patrol:

CHP accident reportOn 05/13/2017 at approximately 0803 hours, a silver Toyota was traveling northbound on US-101 north of Geysers Rd. At the same time, a white Chevy was traveling southbound on US-101 north of Geysers Rd. The Toyota drifted across the divided highway into the southbound lanes and collided with the Chevy. The driver of the Toyota was ejected from his vehicle during the collision. Both parties were transported via ground and/or air ambulance to Santa Rosa Memorial with complaint of pain and visible injuries. The northbound and southbound lanes of US- IO I were closed intermittently for an extended period of time _to investigate the collision.

The cause of this collision is still under investigation, but it is believed drugs are a contributing factor in this collision.




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