One Dead After Early Morning Accident North of Willits

CHP Feature FatalityAbout 2:30 this morning a vehicle overturned on Hwy 101 just north of the Willits Municipal Airport, according to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page. Two people were in the vehicle. One did not survive the crash.



  • Any other details or news besides this?

  • Michelle Steele

    Has the persons been named yet? Prayers to the deceased and family.. Was it a male or female? Not much information here…

  • Willits Municipal Airport is 4 miles up Sherwood road, nowhere near highway 101. Other than that, thank you for the quick reporting. Sorry about the tragic outcome.

    • Ernie, if you follow the link in the post it takes you to a page featuring the CHP dispatch log and a map. If you zoom out on the map, the closest reference shown is Willits Muni Airport. That is what was being referred to in the post.

  • The person who passed was form yuba city but lived in eureka she was my cousin

  • My heart goes out to Amanda’s family. My daughter in law is her cousin. Prayers for this family in this time of sorrow. RIP Amanda, you will be missed

  • The Apache Warrior

    Our Deepest Sympathy, Sorrow and Condolences goes out to each of the Family Members of this person who was lost in this accident. May they take comfort in knowing that their Family member is in good hands now and will be watching over them. May this person Forever Rest In Peace.

  • She was my mom’s boyfriend sent diapers I called her my aunt and she was all ways there for me💖I can’t believe she’s gone I just wish I could see her smile one last time or I just wish this was all just a dream😭she will be missed alot I’m sad for the family and her kids😔even tho we Arnt blood she was still my family😢

  • I am the one who did survive the crash, unfortunate Amanda didn’t survive but she was an amazing mother and a beautiful woman inside and out, its tearing me apart really bad from having to watch Amanda go the way she did because she didn’t deserve it. There are a lot of rumors being said that we were running from the cops, we were doing drugs, and a couple other things but none of that is true !! I was asleep in the passenger seat when it happened I woke up as it started to roll the first time, I don’t know for a fact what caused the jeep to start rolling but the CHP and the firefighters told me an the doctors that they believe Amanda either fell asleep at the wheel or that she was going to fast down the hill trying to turn a wide sharp turn and hit a small embankment which caused the jeep to start flipping. Amanda is and always will be forever missed and loved very deeply she was my best friend and my cousin. I will always and forever have her in my heart. I love you and miss you so damn bad Amanda, keep your head up and fly high with the angels beautiful ❤️

    • Amanda was a wonderful humanbeing and a great mom. She adored her childern. She was so smart yet so humble. She was a hardworker and believed in family. Amanda helped me take care of our mom when she was dying. Amanda gave my mom morphine throughout the night. When my brother and I were exhausted from grief she supported us.I am Monte’s sister. She loved her mom, brother and sister in law Erica so much as well as her aunts and uncles and little cousins. I wld often hear her talk about how great her family was. I would laugh when I wld hear stories about Aunt Alberta?
      Please know my prays are with Amanda’s whole family. All families have their little hiccups.Amanda knew how much her family loved her and she loved each one of you in a special way. I rember Amanda wld always say we are family at the end of the day. Pls pray for my brother as he raises Amanda’s three beautiful girls my nieces, his daughters. Pls always let those little girls know how how strong, kind accepting and loving was Amanda

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