[UPDATE Monday] Gunshot Victim Near Ettersburg


Stock photo by Oliver Cory

At about 10:05 p.m., emergency dispatch requested Garberville Ambulance and Telegraph Volunteer Fire to “stage” (await law enforcement’s clearance of the scene near but not actually at a potentially dangerous situation) as there had been a gunshot victim on Upper Mattole Canyon Road.

A Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputy is already not yet on the way from Garberville which is about 45 minutes away from Upper Mattole Canyon Road, the dispatcher told the first responders.

A pickup truck will be bringing the gunshot victim to near the Crooked Prairie area to meet with the first responders, according to scanner traffic. [UPDATE: This did not occur, according to the Sheriff’s Department.]

UPDATE 10:48 p.m.: The Sheriff’s deputy has not left Garberville yet.

UPDATE Monday: No Foul Play, Says Sheriff’s Office Spokesperson About Person With a Fatal Gunshot Wound Near Ettersburg Last Night



  • More weed crime

  • 43 minutes later and the sheriff hadn’t left yet??? That’s garb for you!!!

    • Maybe the Deputy was waiting for some backup to arrive. Would you go into a potential gunfight by yourself? It’s one thing if an officer stumbles across something and has to defend himself (or herself) but when there is a report of shots fired with one victim already, It only makes sense for the officer to wait for help. There are so many unknowns in a situation like this, I would be surprised if they didn’t wait for S.W.A.T.

      • Life time local

        So what…. make the first responders (not trained police) be the ones to go in instead, because they are good people and don’t want to let someone die. The difference these people volunteer puting their lives at stake, while the police officer is payed well. Why make the locals put their lives on the line; after all, that is what police officers are paid to do. They need quicker response for things like this. Didn’t we get new officers (and money from measure z for those officers) so there would be someone in the area to respond When things like this happen…. I personally want better services from our county 45 minutes after a gunshot victim report and no officer has even cared to leave the station. Clearly we are not properly served and some better system of dispatch to serious crimes needs to be put in place.

    • My husband was KILLED in whitethorn in 1993 the sheriffs never even came out our local is a pos joke

  • I think if this were weed related you would see a post about a home invasion, and a dead dude instead of a gun shot victim being driven to first responders to save his life.

    Sickofem idiots ranting about everything bad being related to pot. Its childish and very very douchey.

    Hope this person ends up in safety.

  • i find this utterly Wrong , so what a gun was involved, a persons life is at stake .

    I woud have gone to the house , try to stop me .I Am a first responder, I will tell you what is going on . And what i need You to do , or get of my incident!

    my life is not a safe life there is danger of death all a round , i have ben on the wrong end a a gun a few times , its not new ( cops , kids / military, ) .

    I Am A First Responder!

    • You are not a law enforcement first responder. Because no competent cop would make such ridiculous statements. Go back to your troll hole.

      • I agree with JR Whitmore. You can’t serve if you’re dead.

        And who knows what the deputy was involved in that he couldn’t clear from to go to this. It’s not like we know the deputies’ business here.

        • I agree also. Part of a first responder’s job is to not create a new emergency. Somebody else could get hurt trying to cover your sorry irresponsible ass. Thank you for your service as military and a first responder, but I wouldn’t want to be on your team.

    • Life time local

      Thank you for your service! it is first responders often volunteers that do put there lives at stake in situations like this.

    • Another know it all,do it all pos cupcake…go the fuck away.

  • Sounds like an accidental shooting. But who knows.

  • I hope they’re going to be ok. What took the sherriffs so long to respond?

  • Community ,we have a problem here 43 minutes and sheriff had not left . With the new normal of having 10s of thousands of sq ft to acres of marijuana disbursed throughout this community and all open source on web is this the best response the community down here is gonna get ?If some of the permit fees( majority are in so hum) are not spent in so hum on extra law enforcement and possibly a quick response swat team .Then there will be no ” backup” when your farms security is breached …This is a recipe for disaster and death.

  • It is unfortunate to see so much speculation about an incident which you have no knowledge of.
    I was there. Due to family and patient confidentiality I cannot say too much.
    This was not weed related in any way. A person is dead. There was no crime.
    The sheriff/coroner was delayed for about 2-3 hours while a four wheel drive
    vehicle came from Eureka, as the site was not two wheel drive accessible.
    The details will eventually come out in the news.
    It is a very sad situation.

    • Thanks for the update. My prayers to the family and friends.

    • Same old same old

      I’m sorry for the situation. At least 80% of the comments here are complete bs, that’s why I don’t post here much anymore. Last time I shared my story of my nightmare neighbor grower I got hassled by someone here that didn’t know me, my neighbor or what had transpired. It’s too bad Kyms comment section is now a place of trolls and idiocy.

    • Shit, I’m sorry for all involved, obviously a suicide please ignore ignorant comments,

      • Veterans friend

        No possibility (in your mind) of an accident, or an attack?
        You are unkind and suspicious, eh?

      • How the f..k would u know if its suicide? Hundreds of if not thousands of people die and thousands more are injured every year in this country due to accidental discharge of a gun…from improper loading/unloading, cleaning handling, storing, to dropping, using while uneducated/intoxicated/ inattentive and just plain stupid!!!
        Perhaps the person did one of these…
        Perhaps a friend or taking member did…
        Or maybe just maybe ( as in the case of a dear friend of mine…) He was minding his own business and took a stray bullet meant for a road sign half a mile away.
        In any case…Its nobodies damn business and NOBODY has the right to make summations and judgments about this!!!! Go find something productive to do with your time…

        • Or tragic accident! wtf you two need some serious anger management, all the comments saying it was a weed related shooting or other b.s. And you jump my shit, I only posted an alternative situation yes I should have put or tragic accident too, but do you really think I meant any harm or disrespect to the people involved? Why don’t you find something better to do with your time, have a nice day.

    • Quote: “The sheriff/coroner was delayed for about 2-3 hours while a four wheel drive
      vehicle came from Eureka, as the site was not two wheel drive accessible.”

      Thank you. That was my take on the article when I read that a truck would take him to meet first responders. Many places like this are only accessible by four wheel drive. What is surprising is needing to wait for a four wheel drive to come from Eureka. Seems there should be plenty of those in Garberville.

  • Curiouser and curiouser

    So this happened last night is there an update yet?

  • Prayers for the family!

  • Not trying to an asshole, but why doesn’t G-Ville law enforcement have a 4×4 vehicle? The person may have been ok if they’d gotten help sooner.

    • I talked to a deputy last year about that when they didn’t have a 4×4 and they couldn’t ride with me to locate some suspects for various reasons, he told me the 4x4s are for the higher ranks LT’s or something

  • We should have a fight night door people of the comments section who start feuding from no reason

  • Oops for x2

  • Michelle Steele

    Prayers to the family and friends of this person. Please people get all your facts straight before bashing someone’s Loved one they could be on here reading all these comments and that will just make the pain of loosing someone that much harder. I know this 1st hand when I lost both my daughters on the same day… Please be kind the truth may eventually come out if and when the family wishes for it to… God Bless this person and there family..

  • Veterans friend

    Could you get 4wd for sohum sheriff deputies?

  • Hillbilly Girl

    😲 OMG you assuming, thoughtless pieces of s#*t. A woman took her life because of the sadness in her heart. Jump to as many conclusions as you want, but it only makes you ignorant and stupid. She was a daughter, a friend, a lover and a mother. Her children will never know her hopes and dreams, feel the warmth of a mothers embrace ever again. She must have been very depressed to feel like death was a better solution than life. So sad . Shame on you who judge and assume

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