[UPDATE] Search and Rescue Requested After Bicyclist Hit by Vehicle on Hwy 101, According to CHP Site

Traffic Collision Car AccidentA bicyclist was hit by a vehicle about 10:40 p.m. north of Leggett, according to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page. At first, the bicyclist couldn’t be located. Scanner traffic is scratchy but now the CHP page indicates that the Mendocino Sheriff’s Office has been contacted to send their search and rescue team.

UPDATE 11:40 p.m.: According to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page, there is a request in for a thermal imaging camera which indicates that likely the bicyclist still hasn’t been located. Reach One, the medical helicopter, is responding to the scene. Caltrans has been requested probably for traffic control.

UPDATE 12:11 a.m.: Even using thermal imaging the bicyclist hasn’t been located. Reportedly it is a 1000 foot drop,  according to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page.

UPDATE: Though a search plane flew and searchers did their best to scour the rough terrain, no victim was found and the search was called off.



  • Do you know the mile marker?

  • I’m praying he’s found alive. That’s a long drop. And with this rain I hope he had something warm on.such a late hour to be riding a bike. Hoping the driver stopped

    • CHP log posted on LoCo says the driver that hit the bicyclist stopped to report it. RP (driver) stated the bicyclist went over the side after being struck.

      • Awsome,thanks it’s nice to know some people do the right thing. Lately that hasn’t been happening..thank you for the info CnD!!

  • Is this anywhere near the peg house area because we are hoping it’s not the guy that rides his bike around everwhere he goes dosnt matter what time of nite it is so we are currently trying to see if he’s home or not

    • The location shown on a map on LoCo Timeline (using info ported from CHP incident log) shows the location to be very close to the Peg House. I assume the drop off being referred to is the one to the south of the Fire station where the road is on a ledge above the river. https://lostcoastoutpost.com/chpwatch/2017/may/12/00160/

    • Hey Peggy, does the person you checked on have a M last initial? Sounds like him from your description, hoping it’s him- that he’s safe. Hoping one day he gets his life back together as well, and he is extremely lucky to have not had this happen to him yet.
      Strange how nobody else is covering this, anywhere. And no update since this morning.
      I guess it’s the weekend..
      Edit-Kym, Thank you for what you do. I was referring to LEO lack of updates on weekend.

      • Could this be Armani? He lives right in that area and on a bike a lot.

      • Yes you are so right…yes it does and that’s just what I told his friend to tell him…I told him oh my gosh I thought ihis is how your life ended…Gods giving you chance after chance you’ve got to get your life straightened out I thought for sure that was you and how you were gonna die

  • Yes thanks…yeah could be him he travels back and forth from that area…someone’s checking his house

  • Okay never mind I found who I was looking for so it’s not him…either way what a sad situation

  • Does anyone know if the search is continuing today?

  • Anyone find this guy? Do we need a search party?

  • Was the search called off? What is the status of this incident?

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