Providing Ammo to the War on Drugs, Attorney General Sessions Urges Prosecutors to Pursue the ‘Most Serious’ Charges

Jeff Sessions

 Attorney General Jeff Sessions [Photo from the Public Domain]

A memo Attorney General Jeff Sessions sent to all federal prosecutors orders them to “charge and pursue the most serious, readily provable offense.” This policy reversal is to take place immediately. He is making a significant change from the policy under former Attorney General Eric Holder who, under President Obama, had argued against “draconian” sentences particularly in the war on drugs.

According to NPR,

…in his speech Friday, Sessions asserted that the policy change is aimed not at low-level drug users, but rather drug dealers and traffickers.

“If you are a drug trafficker,” he said, “we will not look the other way. We will not be willfully blind to your misconduct.”

Keith notes this marks a return to the “tough-on-crime philosophy” of the 1980s and ’90s — a return that advocacy groups have feared for some time.

The NAACP’s Legal Defense Fund reports,

President and Director-Counsel Sherrilyn Ifill issued the following statement in response:

“When President Trump asked Black Americans what we have to lose by electing him, the answer is all the gains we’ve made in advancing justice and fairness. By reinstating a long-discredited policy of harshly punishing individuals who commit low-level, nonviolent drug offenses, Attorney General Sessions has turned back the clock on our criminal justice system, ensuring it will continue to disproportionately punish Black people, harming our communities and widening painful divides in our society. For years, we’ve seen bipartisan agreement that these regressive policies drive racial inequality, destroy lives and unnecessarily drain tax payer dollars.

Read NPR’s piece on the policy change here and read Session’s memo here.



  • J. Worthingham Fatback

    Looks kinda like Yoda with makeup!

    Also, his eyes give him away for the fascist he is at heart!

    • oh, Lord. Let it go with the facist, racist, Nazi BS. It’s getting really old.

      • Why do you feel that way???Just because it’s true???!!! Absolutely it is, Orange Julius (Caesar) & his stooges are just thinly disguised NAZIS!!!! His Majesty Gott Kaiser Drumpf used SS Officers pictures on his campaign posters!!! How much more of a hint do you need??? A house falling on you perhaps???

        • Fuhrer Trump demanded that FBI Comey pledge “loyalty” to Trump. Fuhrer Hitler demanded the Army pledge “loyalty” to Der Fuhrer. Neither mentioned the Constitution or legal system. These are Nazi’s.

          • Just My Opinion

            Your wrong! It was already proven that Trumph never asked Comey to pledge his loyalty to him. I get fricken sick of both the left and the right creating BS and lies for political gain. Sad thing is most stupid, gullible and uniformed Americans run with it like it’s a fact.

            Secondly, lets say for the hell of it Trumph did ask him to pledge his loyalty, what the hell is wrong with that? Would you hire someone that’s not loyal to you or your company? Would you fire a employee if they weren’t? Where the hell is common sense?

            • Triniboldticino

              You believe the King of the Facists, don’t you? He’s going to get the PNW nuked, just watch. And I’m a registered Republican. Gullible voted for the Idiot-In-Chief. Gullible confirmed a racist liar like Sessions. And “pledging loyalty” is complete bullshit. The FBI Chief should be autonomous not “loyal” to Trump. Nothing has been “proven” except in the wide eyes of the believers. Good God what has America come to? Hillary or Trump? What kind of choice IS that?

        • “What are we gonna split hairs here, they were threatening Castration! .. am I wrong?”


        • And hillary is?????

        • “disproportionately punish Black people” wtf isn’t it disproportionately punishing drug traffickers? Or is the writer being racist by saying mainly black people commit drug trafficking crimes?

          • Here’s some information from the NAACP:
            African Americans represent 12% of the total population of drug users, but 38% of those arrested for drug offenses, and 59% of those in state prison for a drug offense.
            African Americans serve virtually as much time in prison for a drug offense (58.7 months) as whites do for a violent offense (61.7 months). (Sentencing Project)

      • its not old, it true!

      • Yes, let’s please stop talking about Obama’s birth certificate already! Dammit, can’t we just move on?

      • Hair Hitler trump!

        • I moved to kym kemp to get away from the LCOP crowd…. well. That failed. Go cry on the steps of the courthouse with the rest of em if you want to “vent”. Im not listening…..

      • Oh Lord let it go with the patriotic sh!t!!.
        And I wish his eyes told me he is evil at heart. He looks fun. But he most decidedly is an agent of the fourth Reich

    • Said the man who’s livelihood is threatened.

    • His eyes look glassy. Maybe they should piss test him.

    • Lots of funny commenters ,haha :too bad this is not a joke !lists abound down to sq ft what a trap ..This ain’t a joke !mandatory minimums are back…regardless of record.

      • Those laws are unconstitutional. They are unconstitutional because the contract between the states did not delegate the federal government the duties to govern plants, medicines, foods, air, or any such things. The roles and duties of the federal government are enumerated. Drugs is not an enumerated duty.

        However, uniform naturalization is a constitutional duty of the federal government. All states agreed to abide by the constitution before joining the union that secures liberty.
        EVERY unconstitutional penalty listed in the above post by Llc is misplaced, and is distracting from the penalties of those who disobey the U.S. codes of Naturalization found in U.S. codes: 1324, 1611 and 1424.

        By distracting the people into divisive confusion, the Congress is stealing more power, resources and liberties.
        We’ll soon find out the hard way.
        All sanctuary cities will be put under martial law. City Council members will be imprisoned for 20 years for treason against the Constitution. (U.S. Code penalties).
        Without city, county and State authority, the Federal Government wins all.
        It is the ultimate global agenda.

        The only enforcement the Federal Government has Constitutional Authority to do are the duties invested in the Constitution. They have the authority for ICE, but they do not have the authority for FDA, EPA, BLM, ATF, and the many alphabet soup agencies that have confiscated our liberties.

        States must wisen up, or else.

        Don’t listen to me. Listen to a Constitutional scholar, prosecutor, educator.

    • “disproportionately punish Black people” wtf isn’t it disproportionately punishing drug traffickers? Or is the writer being racist by saying mainly black people commit drug trafficking crimes?

  • And the tear down begins, beware Humboldt Countians. All the new laws about MJ are next, dont think youre safe behind your paperwork and permits. The Federal Government doesnt care about any of that paper nonsense that says youre “legit” Sessions wants YOU! Y’all might as well paint a big red bullseye on your backs. Goodluck all, more difficult times than ever before are coming. Be prepaired.

  • GO Jeff GO, right on down the line to and including getting rid of this crap, Pot, thats f’ing things up around here.

    • YOU go, jump off a cliff I use Cannabis on a daily basis & have since I was 18 years young!!! I’m 65 now & Viet Nam did a bigger number on my head than Cannabis EVER has or EVER will!!!! Take your holier than thou attitude elsewhere!!!!

    • Wow really you guys are so blind. To support this man in anything you must have the worst judgement ever. Your prolly the type that when some horrible thing happens you think it was the right thing to do. You Republicans will be the downfall of our country and planet. It’s just sad how blind you are. Maybe if you were educated you might see that we 1 need a planet, and 2 are getting farther away from a “free country” everyday. And you numskulls go with it. It’s like wtf how are you Republicans so contradicting? you all yell America the land of the free. Then you vote and support these people that are making us less free, and doing the opposite of what you guys even want. You really can’t argue with the fact that Republicans are Self destructive imbisules.

  • Its not the pot thats “F-ing” things up here. Its the people growing it. I know plenty who “grow” and dont hurt the land, or the people they work with. Thinking the plant is the problem is the wrong thought process and really gets everyone no where fast. Thats the thinking everyone has been doing and, i think, after 50 years its been proven to not work.

  • It’ll never work…( voice from Gulliver movie)

    • Get rid of the black market,we produce more than enough for medical use…I just got diagnosed with Hopkins lymphoma within the last two weeks and pot really helps with the nausea and loss of appetite.

      • Positive energy and a speedy recovery!!

      • Black market matters

      • Get well!

      • Veterans friend

        The so called black market…is the free market that all people should support. It is what kept Humboldt from the poorhouse for 40 years. These new regulations will destroy the free market and send cannabis to Lodi to be grown in huge fields by immigrant labor. No tax benefits will come to Humboldt. We will sink into poverty. No trees, no fish, and now no cannabis. I’m moving to Oregon.

      • Just My Opinion

        Praying for you. I might add that legalizing it will make it like our health care premiums. Premiums are so high, deductibles are so high it doesn’t make sense to have it.

  • Funded by your House of Representatives, the Kings have spoken. The good news is, the HORs have new political jingles for their next campaign. Imagine that.

    What do all the alphabet soup agencies and endless wars have in common? They’re all unconstitutional and they’re all funded by the HORs who blame whoever is POTUS. Over and over, wash, rinse, repeat. Or, call your elected officials and make it stop.

    • Actually they are 100% behind Gott Kaiser Drumpf & his hatchet job on our Constitution!!!! As long as it makes even MORE $ for the 1% who “really need it” it’s A OK to do whatever it takes!!!! Including & especially Social Programs benefiting the poor & disabled!!!! Those guys can just DIE & get it over with those RICH BASTARDS really need a raise…. AGAIN!!!!!

  • One thing that seems to be overlooked is how are the Feds or anyone else going to obtain a search warrant if no cannabis is showing? I noticed when they were filming out of the helicopter (a few posts ago) the narrator touched on the subject while sitting next to a sheriff’s deputy. He said that it was assumed there was cannabis in the greenhouses but of course nobody knows for sure.

  • The NAACP’s Sherrillyn Ifill nailed it! If you haven’t, please READ what she said (above).
    In addition to that, of course, in this area, those policies will drive people back underground.
    Even with the challenges that the new regulations present, the power (over water rights, etc) that the state, agencies, and counties are trying to usurp, and the push back from property owners, when it all shakes out, in 3 to 5 years, our local environment will be better protected.
    Of course, Sessions doesn’t give a shit about the environment, any more than what he cares about the documented effects on (esp under privileged & minority) families from draconian laws.

  • To Anonymous. Probable Cause and a willing judge is all they need, to get a search warrant . It’s a Giant gray area.
    The feds need to focus on the truly bad drugs, not pot. Leave the small growers alone.

    • Or you get a warrant for “stolen equipment” like the 3400 plant bust earlier in the week. Since when did a search for stolen equipment require multiple vehicles from CHP, HCSO, code enforcement, Fish and Game and a chipper?

  • As usual all the mindless [edit: liberals] are spewing B.S. again. Read what was said in the article above: “in his speech Friday, Sessions asserted that the policy change is aimed not at low-level drug users, but rather drug dealers and traffickers.

    “If you are a drug trafficker,” he said, “we will not look the other way. We will not be willfully blind to your misconduct.”

    Small growers, truly small growers will not be impacted by this new stance. This is exactly what we need, we need someone to go after the traffickers that are transporting the large amounts of MJ out of the County from these mega grows. Come on Humboldt, get with it, we need to clean up our act and the only way to do this is to stop the mega grows, and the key link is to cut the transport out of County.

    • Like sitting in your car without removing the keys from the ignition is considered a DUI, even though you haven’t driven.

    • “Serving time in prison is not supposed to be pleasant. Nor, however, is it supposed to include being raped by fellow prisoners or staff, beaten by guards for the slightest provocation, driven mad by long-term solitary confinement, or killed off by medical neglect. These are the fates of thousands of prisoners every year—men, women, and children housed in lockups that give Gitmo and Abu Ghraib a run for their money.”
      ADD to this the growing list of those who have not yet been tried and convicted! They are WAITING TRIAL.
      A simple charge of Trafficking, despite not being a trafficker, will place you in one of these hellholes for as long as they want.

      Pelican Bay is on the top 10 list of worst.

    • Listen to yourself bill. All you are saying is what he said, you say he said, he said. Are you really that easily conned? You gonna just believe what these Russian spy’s running our country have to say! Well obviously you are because you voted for the most immature, easily noticed con artist I’ve ever seen. Bill, Do you not realize by now they will say one thing and do another? Is your IQ really that small man? Geese I feel like people can’t be this stupid. I feel like If every trump voter would get an education instead of running around with blinders on, or a chicken with they’re head cut off maybe they would see what’s going on. But I’m not gonna hold my breath.

    • Republicans ARE the party of STUPID! You are proof.

      • We are now learning that many “Democrat” voters are even MORE “STUPID” because they are sitting back and letting all the change occur, ‘on their watch’!

    • Sleepy Alligator

      Bil, Bill, ole gullible Bill!

    • why should they bother to read? The real problem is with the harder drugs. ie: heroin, etc. And yes, we do need to get those off the streets.


    The dirty thirty.
    “Over the last 30 years, CCA has benefited from the dramatic rise in incarceration and detention in the United States. Since the company’s founding in 1983, the incarcerated population has risen by more than 500 percent to more than 2.2 million people”
    … “a record of prisoner abuse, poor pay and benefits to employees, scandals, escapes, riots, and lawsuits marking its history. Faith denominations, civil rights groups, criminal justice reform organizations, and immigrant rights advocates have repeatedly argued that adding the profit motive to the prison and immigrant detention systems provides perverse incentives to keep incarceration rates high.”

  • Really tired of peoples excuses

    So, our little county is over run with the walking dead zombies, other wise known as tweekers or druggies, are wandering all over town, crime is off the hook to the point that most of us can’t even keep a garden hose in the freaking front yard. Then we have more pawn shops in town than grocery stores, to assist the criminal sell his goods. Someone some where didn’t bother to read exactly what prop 47 and 57 would do, to our towns…oh and the latest to do away with bail to ensure that folks will show up for court. As far as I’m concerned, if you are caught manufacturing/dealing meth, heroin..[edit] If you are using either substance, then forced 1 year inpatient rehab. Second offense 3 year. 3rd offense….a locked facility where you are not endangering the public with your use, and abuse.

    • A bullet to the head is a little harsh although my life has been ruined by these people. People need to wake up. Chevron in Mckinleyville and Crescent City are basicly drive through meth and coke stops. If I can see it the cops can too. Why is this allowed?

      • So is every motel! Plane as day! Broad daylight drug deals see it in Garberville and Fortuna almost every time I drive through.

  • This is a perfect example of ‘you get what you deserve’. All of the liberal/progressives out there, that said ‘trump and Hillary are all the same, owned by corporations, blah blah blah…’, and stayed home on Election Day, this is what you get; a good picture of what’s different between the two main parties. He campaigned as a back to the regan years type conservative (or Nixon years?) .. so everyone who stayed home and didn’t vote, or didn’t back the ‘sane’ candidate, this is what you get, and you aren’t allowed to complain.

    • Emily, maybe Hillary and her hatchetwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz should have spent less time conspiring to jerrymander the primaries and more time doing the simple math on the Electoral College. Voter turnout in the swing states was low because Hillary failed to relate to the true base of the left… LABOR. Meanwhile, Trumps populist rhetoric about jobs resonated with voters in those states.

      • Well I was just making the point that there are different levels of ‘bad’.. people who think they shouldn’t vote because she wasn’t perfect or didn’t like her personality (I didn’t!) get what they deserve. “Dont let the perfect be the enemy of the good. ”
        I wasn’t defending how she ran her campaign obviously, but she would have been a waaaay better president than this clown.

        • Pendulum Swing

          CA was a shoo-in for Clinton and the Electoral College made your little vote irrelevant. Did you re-register in a contested swing state and vote for Hillary? Because if you didn’t then you really did nothing to help out in that election and you have no right to complain. The election was in the swing states, not here in California so stop being self-righteous okay thank you!!

          • You miss my point, I guess critical thinking is hard for you. You are right about one thing, that one Ca vote for Hillary doesn’t matter much, but that’s a shitty way to look at the situation, and it doesn’t have anything to do with my point.

            • Well it actually does being that you said we aren’t allowed to complain, pretty much every one on here is from California, your not speaking to the whole country.

              • So your point is that we do t need to vote b/c we live in a solid democratic state? That’s a terrible argument. But you do what you think is best and that way we won’t cancel eachother out.
                Trump voters got swindled. Anyone that has done business with Trump over the years know what a bullshitter he is, it’s sad that Americans fell for it! This country is the worse for it, if you don’t think I’m right, check back in after his four years are up.

    • Yes.

  • I don’t think we need to worry.

  • Pendulum Swing

    This is great news! Hopefully the next thing we see will be application of RICO laws and federal forfeiture laws to large corporate grows here. The new federal courthouse near the McKinleyville airport awaits you! I see many people folding quickly when offered deals that specify “no prison time” in exchange for not contesting the confiscation of their grow properties and equipment. Perhaps at first we will see highly publicized take-downs of blatant front operations like Emerald Family Farms? We all know the feds have been collecting data and tapping phones here for years, just storing names and info for a time like this…so if you think you’re safe because you stopped shipping loads out-of-state in the last couple years to pretend you are “all medical”…well, think again. The feds will do what our sheriff refused to do- by knocking down a few of the biggest and greediest scenes they know it will send the less courageous into a panic and they will voluntarily shut down. Interstate purveyors of the devil’s lettuce will face mandatory minimums and massive corporate investment will stall. All good news for the mom n pops who have been bullied and disregarded by our corrupt Board of Supervisors- themselves a group ripe for RICO charges.

    • blackandwhitesripes

      Its actually a big land snatch operation, everyone signing up is going to get their land seized and taken from them, while the county takes the square foot tax money so theres less money for a good attormy and more time in jail. Think about it.
      Let them,do this then take their shit and lock them up.
      Times are changing, and Trump will have you build the wall as part of your sentence in a labor camp! Its where most of you lost hippies belong anyways. [edit]

  • Just say “NO” to the peabrain party of STUPID Conservative agenda.

  • He also said ,” good people dont use marijuana”.


  • mendocino mamma

    Oh my…my , my, my. The “farmers” that can afford go to warmer weather in the winter, the migration may stop. Lots of lives have been impacted thus far, many more to follow. Greed and need are so far apart. Until the Feds evolve on their stance no one is safe.

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