[UPDATE: 7:11 a.m.] Driver Pinned After Striking Pole in Downtown Garberville

Firefighters surround car after extricating driver

Firefighters surround car after extricating the driver. [Photos by Garberville Fire]

At roughly 5:13 a.m., a vehicle struck a pole in Garberville behind the Thrift Store. According to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page, two people were in the vehicle. The driver was pinned. Garberville Fire had to peel back the roof and extract the person.

The driver has been extricated and transferred by ambulance.Firefighters surround car after extricating driver UPDATE 7:11 a.m.: The CHP Traffic Incident Information Page reports there were major injuries in the crash.



  • Second hand car, for sale cheap!

    • Lefthanded Lunatics

      One less superbad old Prelude. Goobsterdam Grand Prix last night? Are these people ON DRUGS??

      I hope no innocent folk were injured and that whoever was in the vehicle arrives at rehab without lasting disabilities.

  • The sign clearly shows “handicap parking only”.

  • people keep ramming those poles in that parking lot

  • At 5 am?They must of been hauling ass inside that parking lot.Hopefully CHP blood tested the driver, it was meth and or alcohol.

  • He thought he was driving a ram… 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Wow. Driving that fast in a parking lot! Or were they coming down the road and lost control? How do you get up to that speed in a parking lot? Glad they didn’t crash into an occupied room!

  • Wow. Driving that fast in a parking lot! Or were they coming down the road and lost control? How do you get up to that speed in a parking lot?

  • humboldtstickman

    Another rice rocket racer! So at 5 am the parking lot is empty, did this guy have double vision? Or was it the beer goggles?
    Wtf is going on ? Really! Or for reals.
    Apparently he was going way too fast through a public parking lot. I hope he gay cited and has to pay for his extraction.
    This town is getting a bit funny, and the circus clowns are starting to flock back in. The local business owners are going to have another great summer hoping not to get robbed blind. Constantly having to keep an eye on the funny ones.

  • 5 mph zone, how did this person ever get a licence

    • Exactly! What’s the citation number or does the sherriff tolerate this shit?
      Where was the law?

    • This incident just further confirms my theory, that there is a CDL in EVERY box of “CRACKer” Jack these DAZE!!!

  • Pole drifting

  • It doesn’t look too bad…It will buff out!

  • Lost on the Coast

    Pole-ish lives matter

  • ‘Peeled back the roof to extricate the person’? It would have been improper to have the driver exit the (OPEN) passenger door, after all! 😉

  • Speed kills

  • Garberville with it’s “losers” and then add a car and you have demolition derby stupidity. I hope the scumbag was a dui and gets the slammer

  • He wasn’t pinned by the roo his legs were pinned under the steering wheel and the passenger was slammed forward by what looked like a safe insert or ATM money box or some type of heavy metal box in the rear passenger seat another witness on the scene said that when they turned into the parking lot the vehicle accelerated until it was redlined and just before the impact it sounded like the motor blew and engine parts started falling from underneath locking up the wheels and slamming into the pole… After calling 911 I observed the passenger frantically trying to help the driver release himself from the vehicle and when he realized the futility of his efforts he began what looked like a desperate attempt to remove anything that could be considered incriminating except for the heavy metal lock box in the back seat and was attempting to flee the scene when officers arrived on scene just in time to approach and detain him moments later when the adrenaline wore off and shock set in he suddenly passed out and went down hard and immediately went into a seizure luckily he recovered quickly and E M S arrived shortly thereafter…. It was at this point that I left the scene…..

  • Who was it ?

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