Jesse Simpson: Memorial for Recent Homicide Victim

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Jesse Simpson

Jesse “at his beloved beach at the end of a work day. His hands are work-worn and he lived to work. He was mechanical, loved plants, and did yard maintenance.”

A memorial service for Jesse Simpson will take place on Sunday May 21, 2017 at 3:00 PM. The location is the Shelter Cove Community Clubhouse on Upper Pacific Drive in Shelter Cove. Please bring potluck dishes, photos, and stories to share.



  • The kind of guy who would be your friend when the whole world turNed its back. You are the man Jesse. Thank you.

  • 🤘❤️🤘

  • He was full of sun shine alway smileing good hearted fun loving person life in the cove will never be the same.

  • You’ll never meet a more positive man! The most fun having, kid loving, always there for you kind of guy! Love you Nog! You made me realize to live life to it’s fullest! Carpe Diem!!!!

  • R.I.P Jesse🕊

  • Jesse Simpson. Fearless. Kind. Give you the shirt off his back(literally) and would help out ANYONE regardless of age or ethics. There is a special place in hell for people who blindly take such a soul. Eric….welcome to it..⏳

    • It was not murder, it was an unfortunate car accident. Eric is not a murder. He DID NOT “blindly take such a soul.” Eric is an amazing man, kind hearted, loving, generous, genuine, and a non-violent human being. If anyone knows Eric, his heart, his mind, his body, and his Spirit, it’s God. You are not allowed to judge where Eric will spend eternity. Only God is allowed to decide. It’s unfortunate that the TRUTH did not prevail in that particular court system.

  • Why do bad things happen to Good People?RIP JESSE

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