Is It Preposterous to See a Rhinoceros in the Redwoods?

Did you see a rhinoceros statue being pulled through Humboldt? [Photos by Morgan Bryant]

Seen any rhinos in our redwoods? Normally, that would be a big no as the enormous creatures are from Africa. But, a local resident, Morgan Bryant, spotted this large beast being trailered down the Avenue of the Giants.

Bryant, a bicyclist enthusiast, said “This awesome man is biking with a 250lb rhino statue behind him to raise money and awareness for rhinos and other animals [that are on] the endangered species list! He’s super nice and stopped to take a picture with me and I made a donation and shared a few bits of touring advice for the area.”

You can learn more about Matt Meyer’s ride here.

Rhino on a wagon and Matt Meyer

Morgan Bryant and Matt Meyer.




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