Traffic Backing Up After Van Strikes Bicyclist on Broadway

Photos by Mark McKenna

A bicyclist was struck by a van on Broadway a little before 2:15 p.m. today. Reporter Mark McKenna tells us one southbound lane is blocked as emergency personnel deal with the scene. Traffic is reportedly backed up to the Bayshore Mall.

The vehicle involved in the collision is a gold Chrysler Town and Country.

A witness said the bicyclist was riding the wrong way down the road when a van backed pulled out of the animal hospital parking lot at that location and struck the cyclist. The driver reportedly dragged the cyclist under the van for a “small distance.”

“He was partway under vehicle when first responders arrived,” McKenna said.



  • That driveway at Broadway Animal Hospital has been dangerous for bicyclists, pedestrians, and vehicles alone. There is one-way in without an outlet out forcing autos to back out into Broadway. There has been numerous accidents at that location.

    • i do a “Y” turn in their parking lot and go out head 1st…it can be done. i think it’s crazy to back onto that busy street.

      • Judi is right, it can be done. I have a full size dually pickup and if I don’t have room in the parking lot to turn around because it being full, I just go behind the vets and turn around back there and come out head first. I’d never want to back into Broadway.

      • The technical term is a 3-point turn.

    • You are not “forced” to back out. You can turn around in the parking lot.

    • Actually, the story should have just said the van pulled out of the parking lot. I misunderstood what Mark was saying. Sorry for the confusion.

    • Been using them for years and I never once considered backing out onto broadway. That is insane! We have full size SUV’s btw.

  • Probably one of those assholes that suddenly cuts into and out of traffic. Going the wrong way, deserves it. He should have noticed the van, ya think? Hope the van driver doesn’t have lasting memories of this.

  • It appears, from the photos, that the bicyclist was riding with traffic, based upon the position of the bicycle under the passenger side rear wheel of the van.

    Sometimes witness statements are not accurate. The witness may also incorrectly believe that riding with the direction of traffic is the “wrong way” since I see so many people riding against traffic (the actual wrong way).

    • Lets see…he was dragged a bit, and likely had to be extricated. I don’t think the responders were too worried about the direction they laid the bike down.sheesh.

      • Look at the last photo. The right rear tire of the van is on top of the bicycle. The bike is not just “laid down.”

        No worries though, because it appears the bicyclist will survive, so he will have the opportunity to make a statement about what happened. Cheers!

  • EPD does nothing, nada, zero, zilch about wrong way bicyclists, bicyclists on the sidewalks, etc etc. I have to dodge them all day long walking around Eureka.

    No enforcement, no laws. I have seen bicyclists zoom down sidewalks right by cops sitting in their cars and the cops did nothing. No enforcement, no laws.

    EPD is the Dream Police (always snoozing ….)

    • I agree! I am always having to dodge these bicyclists! No mirrors, dodging in an out of driveways, no helmets and a dirty backpack full of drugs and dirty clothes. Yeah, I said it! These homeless ( bums) are all over, breaking into cars and buildings. I stopped by one of those free cell phone tents. Asked how to qualify. I didnt qualify because i go to work everyday! Why do they need a free phone with free minutes and internet access? Just a flip phone should be enough. With a way to call 911! Yeah! I’m disgusted! Heaven helps those who help themselves. I’m sick of all those out there with their hands out! Freedom of speech. I don’t need any holier than thou comments.

      • And, it isn’t all about you and your needs so …… usually people on drugs give up lugging things around, giving up in the face of adversity is part of what the drugs help with. Given what he was carrying on his bike he wasn’t leading a life of desire nor luxury. Get a clue.
        Yours truly, Holier Than Thou

  • Ouch!!hope he’s doing well. Lots of bikers everywhere🌟hope your having one of those good days KYM

  • Coming out of Broadway Animal Hospital and going right is not such a challenge… i always do that, even when heading north, and turn around in the Pierson’s parking lot to reverse.
    While *of course* i wasn’t there and didn’t see what happened, i want to say that it really doesn’t matter which way the bicyclist was riding… it’s the responsibility of the driver to look both ways before pulling out. Could have been a pedestrian. As so often happens, driver was probably staring to the left while waiting for an opening, then pulled on out without looking right. Wrong.

    • You drive all the way down to Pierson’s (a differant private parking lot) in order to go North from Broadway Animal Hospital? I use the suicide lane.

      • Not every time, only if traffic is daunting–most of the time. There’s no traffic light at the Animal Hospital; Pierson’s has one. I have successfully avoided a collision every time!

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