Letter to the Community of Arcata from Kyle Zoellner’s Uncle

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David lawson and Kyle Zoellner

David Josiah Lawson and Kyle Zoellner (mugshot taken after the party and allegedly after he was beaten by several people at the party.)

Dear Community of Arcata,

I am reaching out to all to see if “a voice of reason” can be found regarding the death of Josiah Lawson and the recent events that have taken place including the preliminary hearing where the charges against Kyle Zoellner were dismissed.

It appears that the community leadership continues to solely focus their attention on the racial injustices in Arcata (I am not minimizing this issue at this time as there are systemic social injustices taking place every day in our society, however I do not live in Arcata so I cannot comment on this subject), instead of investigating the facts of this case. Finding the real killer should be the priority for all involved at this time.

What we learned from the preliminary hearing is that the APD did not do a proper investigation, period. They investigated Kyle Zoellner as the only suspect and this is witnessed clearly by the fact that they only took his finger prints and his girlfriend’s finger prints to compare with the finger prints found on the knife that was found at the scene. I have reached out to high ranking law enforcement personnel and they confirmed that in a murder investigation there are always multiple investigations going on at once and that all parties at the scene of a murder are considered suspects until they can be eliminated by the police through their intensive investigations.

Early, during the (APD) investigation, the police Chief made a public statement during the time when the police were asking for eyewitnesses to come forward:

Statement made publically by Police Chief (Tuesday April 18, 2017

APD Chief Tom Chapman said it’s believed Zoellner received some of the injuries visible in his booking photo prior to stabbing Lawson and some after.
(This statement from the Police Chief was absolutely irresponsible at best)

Public officials including the APD, the Mayor’s Office, and HSU officials must be held accountable for their actions and inactions in regards to this case. The ADP must now publicly address critical questions that have surfaced during the past few weeks. The police Chief cannot state that he cannot comment on the investigation based on the excuse that the investigation is ongoing as he has clearly made public statements that not only included the above but also included that the “accused admitted to being in a fight with Josiah”. This statement for some unknown reason was made just prior to the preliminary hearing. Kyle never stated he was in a fight with Josiah to ADP and this was proven in the preliminary hearing. At this time there should be nothing to hide as witness statements have been publicly shared in detail to all.

As a start to getting transparency from the APD I would like to ask the police Chief the following simple questions:

1) Was Renalyn Bobadillo stabbed at the party and if so by whom?
2) If not why did Elijah Chandler make his public statement that she was and why did Police Chief Chapman publically state “It looks like it”?
Statements from various media reports made these last few weeks:
From Elijah Chandler: Trained in first aid, Chandler stanched his friend’s knife wounds with his T-shirt and administered mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. He and Lawson’s girlfriend, who had been stabbed at least twice on her left arm, struggled in vain for some 15 minutes or more before EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) arrived.
When asked if more than one person had been stabbed, Chapman said, “That’s still being investigated. I can’t confirm that. It looks like it.”
Within two to four minutes, post-3 a.m., as sirens wailed in the background, police radioed that a woman had been stabbed, that multiple units were responding and that Arcata medical had been alerted.
Shortly thereafter came word via the California Highway Patrol of “at least one report that a man was down,” evidently referring to the fatally wounded student, HSU sophomore and criminal justice major David Josiah Lawson, 19, of Perris in Riverside County. The wounded female may have been Lawson’s girlfriend, Ren, reportedly stabbed twice on one arm, according to an eyewitness.

Jay Zoellner

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  • A much more thorough investigation needs to be conducted.

  • As long as the lynch mob of leftist public opinion blunders forward, stomping across everything in its path with pink protest slippers, there will not be justice for anyone.

    The racists at HSU – the self-loathing anglo profs and the segregationist out of town club members – need to apologize to the community for their vile actions (including committing criminal acts like false imprisonment when they trapped drivers in the parking lot during their “protest”).

    The real killer needs to be caught. I for one will not be at all surprised when the murderer is revealed.

    • Gobacktostormfront

      A wild racist appears.

    • triniboldticino

      You know, if you weren’t so obviously biased, you might have a point. If this had been a white kid a killed by a black kid, the “law and order” right wing whacko crowd would be squealing for the death penalty. Nobody has the answer to this, certainly not you. If you can read with comprehension, the police blew it.

  • fakeemail@gmail.com

    zoellner ,the “white boy” was saved from being killed by a racist murderous dark-skinned lynch mob by someone with a knife.period.

  • Ok uncle, what do you have to say about kyles previous charges and arrests??
    Usually someone arrested a few times for violent acts keeps committing them, especially when they get away with those acts.

    • Fact check, please.

      This is its own case. Any such charges and arrests would be as irrelevant as they should be, and as you’d want them to be if you or a loved one of yours were falsely accused of murder in an identical scenario, to say nothing of being so publicly burned in effigy. Hey hey, what do YOU have to say about the glaring inconsistencies in the case, presented by the victim’s own friends no less, and the undisputed fact that at least three guys beat Kyle unconscious as the first act of violence of the night?

    • Previous hsu student

      Brothers united members have multiple stories of their group members jumping people at parties and “having their brothers back”. The violent people at the party that started the fight and the members of the BU group that took part in jumping Kyle needs to get in some kind of trouble! No fight needs to break out from someone simply asking if they stole a phone. I think it’s sad that someone had to die, but according to lack of evidence, if they never jumped Kyle their would never have been a huge fight and nobody would have got stabbed. Brother United needs to get shut down for other races safety, to me looks like their the racist one, so quick to hurt a white person over a question. Hmmmm

    • BasicArcataDad

      Although he doesn’t have a record, I know from personal experience that Lawson, Bobodilla and Chandler are violent sociopaths. They are not victims, but active participants in violence who happened to escalate force slower than their opponents that night. Several MEN (everyone should stop calling them kids, it’s a way to downplay their responsibilities to the community to behave like an adult, the law says they are adults) could easily kill a person by stomping, kicking and punching that person. They are not without culpability in Lawson’s tragic death. Such a waste that he had to pay the ultimate price for his mistakes, but hopefully his friends will take to heart the lesson at the center of this event: living a peaceful life and minimizing our negative impact on others is the highest good, and violence is not compatible with being a good person..

  • Stormy, are you saying you know who the murderer is? If so, you should be talking to the investigators.

  • I don’t have a strong opinion.
    Yet, can’t ignore that Uncle Jay’s plea is the SAME AS OJ SIMPSON made, after he was accused of his wife’s murder. “Finding the real killer should be the priority for all involved at this time”!!
    Maybe just a coincidence. Not company I think you want to evoke, Jay. Just sayin’……

  • The APD definitely screwed up from the very beginning. Lack of experience and training has made a mess of this case, and Chief Chapman should take responsibility for where it is now. He should make a statement to the public apologizing for what his irresponsible investigative skills have done to the Arcata community, businesses and all involved. The person who did the stabbing could be a number of people including Zoellner, Chandler or Bobadillo. Realizing the faults of APD for creating an arrested suspect without sufficient evidence, we can only hope that the protesters will give the investigation a chance to work and not use mothers and their children, or the public in general, as pawns in their desire for justice. Their actions on Saturday were criminal and unacceptable.

  • Hope this doesn’t end up as another one of the many unsolved murders that have taken place in the last few years, or decades.

  • I’m greatfull for inosent until proven guilty.. but.. not into inosent by distraction.. not sure opinion pieces by the “defense” should be so publicly aired. Just my opinion.

    • Technically, Kyle Zoellner is not a defendant. There are no charges against him. But I would have printed the letter even if he was the defendant because a) he (and his family) have the right to clear his name and ask questions b)the basic requirements of a letter to the editor are to be reasonably articulate, say something a reasonably fair person would agree had a point (whether that person agreed with the point or not), and have a real person sign their name. Those requirements were met.

  • shawn the fisherman

    I dont think a jury would have convicted even if Zoellner had been charged. Seen his booking pic? He was beat to hell. Self defense.

  • sick and tired

    why are we not talking about the fact that a mob of supposed friends of the victim delayed the emt response as well as interfered with the first officer that arrived on scene? Those are charges that should be filed as many of them admitted to it or witnessed it. These charges should also be used as leverage against witnesses that refuse to come forward. In the interest of justice for an obviously promising young man’s future that was snuffed out over a phone, we all owe it to the world to find out what did happen because someone is out there and all they need is a knife to do it again. None of this has anything to do with race unless you want a buzzword to get people angry. I am angry enough that there is a killer loose and no one at a giant party saw anything but a pool of blood.

  • I’m praying for all the family’s involved in this very sad crime. I’m also very sad this turned out to be a black and white lssue,I will always hope this changes. Once again,we are all just PEOPLE 🕊✌

  • Tired of trial by media honestly.. May the inosent be protected and the guilty pay their due.. May justice prevail.

    • I’m confused when people say they are tired of trial by the media. Does this mean we shouldn’t report on crimes? That people shouldn’t write letters to the editor expressing their concerns? What do you mean?

    • “Not Stupid”: “greatfull” (grateful), “inosent” (innocent).

  • Veterans friend

    The way this case has been investigated and reported on in media has raised so much doubt that, in my opinion, a conviction will never be obtained. Short of a confession, no one will pay. Except Josiah of course.

  • Kyle needs to press assault charges against the men and women who beat him.
    Then APD will have more fingerprints for comparison.

  • Meanwhile, in Nevada, protesters are raising awareness against people being held without due process of law for years on end at a Corporate owned detention center. Allegations of other mistreatment and abuse are also being highlighted. Rotting away in jail, prison, before proven guilty is unconstitutional and abusive.
    The prisoners are rapt with appreciation of their efforts.
    My question is. Why is HSU promoting this mistreatment?

    “No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.”

    These injustices are why the citizens in the southern states have chosen to resist arrest. The majority of the police force isn’t aware. They are just doing their job of catching the suspect, locking them up for the courts to decide their innocence or guilt, then assuming they are either released or rightfully held. If they knew the truth, they would be parading their own protests, because they are truly good at heart.
    It’s up to the communities to raise awareness for all.
    I’m ashamed of HSU for bowing to the Corporate Owned Detention Centers across the nation.

    Google the Nevada Torture Chamber Challenge and chip in for the defense of all prisoners being held indefinitely without trial. So far, a gal from Calif is the record setter of 5.5 hours.

  • A concerned citation



  • I just got done watching that Duke Lacross documentary on ESPN 30 for 30 last night. I see lots of parallels !

  • I am sick and tired of the racist Card! Humboldt state and it’s students need to cease with all of the crap and let the DA’s office do their job. I for one would not have convicted on the information provided and agree that the kids at the party gave to many conflicting stories. The Arcata police were trying to do their job and interference made that impossible. How did so many kids have a party that size and not get Busted? Does Humboldt condone this?

    • posted on another site

      After reading all of the posts I can say this is a very difficult problem for everyone. Sadly there is no clear evidence. Tens of people at the party and no one saw anything directly related to a young person’s untimely death. And another person who is beaten senseless. Then authorities arrive along with medics. Evidence is collected and medical treatment provided. Then everything turned murky. No clear outcome. What are people to do? Like in most similar situations people begin to make up their own scenarios. Nothing based of hard data because there isn’t any. Just people’s opinions. From the posts there are many sides people are taking. And then other people begin to line up on sides. The next level is sides begin to attack each other. And soon the tragic loss of life and everything surrounding it becomes mired with people who have not a clue because they don’t read or hear the news, but are driving home from Safeway and are confronted by protesters. The driver takes the protesters actions personally and contends he/her are infringing on my rights to drive home and being violated by uncontrolled students. Shouts, “why don’t the police control the protesters”. I read one letter that said, and she went quite a ways out, to say why are students complaining about increased costs to attend HSU when they refused to go to class. And it is only beginning. I predict people’s opinions will become more extreme and maybe even bizarre or for some more bizarre. And will the deceased person’s family and friends find justice? Will the accused find the same? Will anyone be able to understand the others. And what of the actors who ride this tragic train for self aggrandizement. Soon their attention gathering will cease. Yet nothing will change the reality that a young man has lost his life. A family is notified about the worse nightmare for parents. People who have formed strong feelings for the deceased will not find solace anywhere. It all is a no win experience. No one can prove they are right. No one will say they are wrong. And most of the others just hope the whole thing just goes away.

  • Just My Opinion

    Looks like it’s a cover up, to me. I say it’s Lawson’s girlfriend or his friend.

  • Maybe the APD should question more people at the scene.the folks who know what happened and were there are hiding behind
    Racial bullshit that is hiding the truth.

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