Drug Enforcement Team Finds 3,400+ Marijuana Plants in Alderpoint While Serving Search Warrant for Stolen Property

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

On Tuesday May 9th members of the Humboldt County Drug Enforcement team assisted the California Highway Patrol in the service a search warrant in the Rancho Sequoia area of Alderpoint. The warrant stemmed from a heavy equipment theft investigation being conduct by CHP.  A search of the parcel did not produce any stolen heavy equipment; however three large green houses with growing marijuana were discovered on the parcel.

A records search was conducted by law enforcement and no commercial cannabis permit, or permit application was found to be associated with the parcel. 3,403 marijuana plants ranging up to 2 feet tall were eradicated from the unpermitted property. Efforts were made to contact the parcel owner with negative results. Humboldt County Code Enforcement, Environmental Health, and California Fish and Wildlife assisted in the service of the warrant. No arrests were made.

Anyone with information for the Sheriff’s Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at 707-268-2539.



  • Property owner name??

    • Owner may be unaware… and revealing the name would make him more difficult to locate… LE never does that.

  • Keep it up Humboldt County Drug Enforcement team, CHP, I Love it

  • Let’s hope it was the (Edit: Bulgarians) that got busted .they are just way out of line.in so many many ways .pure greed, and who would buy all that weed when finished .I imagine they send to Bulgaria.?I only wish they would bust the meth ,and heroin. Dealers

    • Word on the street is that they use shipping containers to move pot back to bulgaria. Our shipyards are the least monitored way to send anything, including people.

      • Most of the weed sold and smoked in Bulgaria comes from Albania.

        There is ‘home grown’ there, too, but Albania’s the top producer of outdoor in that region.

    • Born and raised

      They don’t ship weed anywhere they flood the shit out of our market then ship the money to Bulgaria to fund their military.

    • AGREED!!!!!!

    • If you’ve been here in Humboldt for a long enough you would understand that this county was built off of immigration from many European countries. I feel sorry for you that you feel you need to make racial slanderous comments. I’m a little bit more worried about all the tweakers breaking into Homes. Shootings and crimes happening all over town. That’s what we need to be focused on. The bottom line is there is a set standard now in California for all sites everyone regardless of their heritage background or ignorance has to follow those standards. I’m fourth generation humble county the county has changed drastically since I grew up here but with that being. Being part of the problem by shaming anyone is the most disgusting thing and human being can do I’m sorry you’re so far up on your soapbox and look down your nose at other people but maybe you’re part of the problem because you can’t think solution-based.

  • Tired of the snowflakes

    “Deal assists in stolen property warrant” LMAO

  • Poster formerly known as Matt

    Am I correct that’s 3+ million dollars in weed (if they harvested it all)?

    • Yeah, you’re probably right with that figure. Possibly a little conservative. Remember, that’s just the wholesale amount to the drug grower. Street value could be up to $16 million or so once distributed [edit]

    • What math are you using ?

      • roughly 1 lb per plant, selling for $1k per lb. Yes. 3,000 x $1,000 = $3,000,000

        • Those are dep plants not full sun they aren’t getting a pound per plant, probably 1/4 pound per plant. And the cost of setting up 3500 plants in 3 greenhouses while paying for the property and paying 200 for each pound to get trimmed definitely means they ain’t walking away with 3 mil off that grow. But if they’re out this early they can get in 3 dep grows and some full sun if they got the room but that’s alot of work.

          • How much are folks paying to trim these days? 200 seems a bit high IMO.

          • Not likely they’re using hand trimmers. Show that size, this day and age, has several machines.

            • For dep it has to be hand trimmed or is going to be sold at 1000 a pound. If you wanna get 1500 for dep it has to be hand trimmed at 200 a pound. Trim machines destroy dep.

              • Your wrong. My trim machine works great trims deps no problem going rate for trimmers is now 100 dollars a lb maybe 150 if your lucky no one but hot girls who you are trying to hook up with get 200 a lb.

        • Most people growing 3,000 plants between 3 greenhouses are gonna have silly small plants.
          1/4 lbs or less per.

          They may have been prepping some to grow larger for other areas, but most likely your math is based on too many assumptions…

          14,000 plants cut in Oroville;


          CA weed chief: “Strong black market enforcement necessary for legal market success”:


          • ‘Drug War’ morphs into ‘Tax War’.
            Here come the 21st century ‘Revenue Agents’.

            (Ernie may have some fun revenue agent tales from daze of moonshine in the Humboldt hills to share here.)

        • They said 2 footers in green houses, that’s deep produces way less and it’s too early for full term plants to be in

  • Veterans friend

    I was in Rancho visiting not long ago. JUST RENT IT trailers all over, abandoned.

  • Good go get em there’s probably only 3 decent human beings left in rancho

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Anyday a weed crop is destroyed, is a good day.

    They need to follow up and put some grower in prison, where they belong.

    I hope this is a record year for growers being busted and sent to prison.

    • Didn’t you comment on how you grew cannabis at one point?

      • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

        That was in the 80’s & 90’s…

        I was working for the DEA, setting up growers, so they could go to prison.

        You had to be able to grow in order to fit in, build cases, gather Intel, and send growers to prison.

        • Your high you didn’t work for no DEA if you did you wouldn’t be talking this bullshit!!!! Maybe a rat but no DEA agent!! Smoke some more meth!

        • I know that responding to you is vain and just fuels you more, but man you must be either really loonely or just really Looney. Either way it’s cool, just know your comments are on a small time local blog and you don’t have any guts. Or you’d give your real name. Oh that right. Your a wimp.

        • Just My Opinion

          Step back from the meth

        • What a f@cking joke! You are delusional at best. HAHAHAHA

    • Moron. No one has gone to prison for GROWING weed for a long time. You need to murder someone in this county to get prison, and even then it’s iffy cause you have to be apprehended first. Fall off that bridge, will ya, chump?

    • Wow you are an archaic crony who believes the media and it’s war on drugs. Shame on you for being so ignorant.

  • I hope it’s a record year for busting meth labs ,and heroin suppliers, but that will be wishfull thinking. We’re is the DEA , MIA

    • So you want the DEA to arrest their own south of the boarder HUMINT assets? You gotta let em sell the dope so they can keep the info on terrorist flowing….. The DEA only exists to create an artificially inflated market price so black ops can be funded with planes full of dope.

  • Rumor i heard was that now the (Edit:Bulgarians) are buying land “owner carry” making the payments setting up shop but leaving the property in the original owner’s name unsuspecting of the original owners themselves.

    That way if the land gets busted they have no ties to it and are only out the “RENT”

  • Sweet, no garden should ever have 3,000+ plants. Get that shit out of Humboldt!! Mom and Pop size or Bust!

  • Fact: They were at the wrong property. This person that they cut down all of their plants did have an application in with Humboldt County, and should not have been raided. The CHP needs to better investigate the property that they are about to raid. Humboldt County parcels lines are off on the GIS website, and they did not do well to make sure that they were at the right property. This is very unfortunate for people who are trying to go legal and are trying to do things the right way.

    • Fact check, please.

      Kym, “annonymous” claim is very important. Can you fact check it?

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      That’s halirious!

      Still, they shouldn’t be growing weed, permits or not- it’s against the law.

      Now that a new FBI director is coming along, the prisons may just be filled with growers.

    • Since when does having an application in with the county justify it being legal. You sound like your next in line for Sean Spicer’s job.

    • If they did apply for a legal grow then that is fucking ridiculous that they are allowing 3,000+ plant grows. Still super glad it got chopped down, tell your friend he is a greedy asshole and to go smaller next time.your not suppose to become a millionaire using mother nature.

      • You folks are in for a real surprise when you see what the county has permitted. Wake up and smell the coffee.

      • Um can you say wealthy vineyard owners 😂😂😂they did it with mother nature

        • And the farmers , who grow corn ! Pretty sure it’s the biggest cash crop is USA, then oranges apples , all these orchards and vineyard are million or billion dollar operations ! If uncle Sam dont get his cut , you plants get cut , bottom line !

      • Just My Opinion

        That’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard, not suppose to become a millionaire using mother nature. Where the fuck do some of these igornant people come from? I guess it ok to become a millionaire by using generated power that produces pollution? There are thousands of millionaires from Mother Nature. I guess anyone in the airplane industry shouldn’t be weathly because they used air to fly and nobody in international shipping should be wealthy because their boats used water to float on. Oh, forgot solar, or any plant that is grown too. Don’t make love to your spouse, make love to a tree.

        • Ya , agreed ! How are you supposed to make a milion …take advantage of your average everyday Joe …..dude is trippin “mother nature”lmao , funny when government does it it’s called ” taxes” and interest rates .

    • Smells like a lawsuit

    • WOW…possible wrong grow…

  • Get ready, this is just the start.
    Should have signed up for the permit!
    Your all on the menus and going down, hard. This time around its jail time, property seizures and thats just a start

    • Hey ‘insider’.. he did have at least an application for a permit. So what now smart guy.

    • “This time around its …. property seizures ”

      Incorrect. No more property seizures without conviction in CA as per new state law, and reduced fed money to chase weed on top of that new law.

      California Eases Asset Forfeiture Risks for Cannabis Businesses 10.12.2016

      “he federal government dropped its asset forfeiture case against Harborside Health Center after a four-year long court battle. The dismissal was a big win for the cannabis industry and a hopeful sign that federal asset forfeiture cases targeting marijuana businesses could end in California under new federal policies.

      The U.S. Congress also extended the Rohrabacher-Farr amendment under the 2016 omnibus appropriations bill, which prohibits the Department of Justice from using federal funds to prosecute state-law compliant medical marijuana patients and businesses in regulated states.

      …in September, the California legislature made a bold move to reform asset forfeiture laws by passing Senate Bill 443 (SB 443) to reduce the risk of unfair property seizure by state and local law enforcement beginning January 1, 2017.
      The bill establishes some of the nation’s strictest standards to protect the due process and property rights of California cannabis business owners, investors, and landlords.

      The bill is not specific to medical cannabis and thus if recreational cannabis use passes in California this year, it will also serve to lessen the risk of asset forfeiture for recreational cannabis businesses. S
      B 443 was approved by California Governor Brown on the same day as AB 2679, which created protections for current California cannabis manufacturers.

      The state of California seems to be covering its bases as it gears up for state licensing of medical (and possibly recreational) cannabis businesses in 2018, and as a result, it is a better time than ever to operate a cannabis business in the Golden State.”

    • There’s roughly 8000 grows in Humboldt,
      2300 applied to go “legit”. Assuming not another person (Mexican, Bulgarian, etc..) plants a dope garden, that would leave us with 5700 “illegal” grows. Drug task force claims to bust up to 60 grows per year. So in 95 years they’ll have this problem solved. Assuming no one else plants another dope garden.

  • Dear Patriot, having an application in does make it legal in Humboldt, assuming you have sufficient 215s associated with your cultivation. The application overcomes any zoning or land use problems, the 215s make it legal under California criminal law. I didn’t see any mention of 215s in the report, but then the wrong parcel is not mentioned in the report either. And, yes, the parcel boundaries on the county’s GIS system are often inaccurate but in the Rancho the problems seems worse than elsewhere.

  • Pay your workers you pos

    Wonder if this was the machine stolen from dons. Thought it was some poser gangster who nabbed that tho.

  • Forfeiture may be out but heavy fines may and will come about .cant pay a $30,000 dollar fine how about a lien on your property.
    This is the future of enforcement. get ready Nor cal.

  • When did I sign up for this loss of liberty, rights, and amendments? Trump is a reptilian shapeshifter! ‘And he shall speaketh with a forked tongue and his lies will be unquestioned.’
    -Apocalypsians 19:04

  • As far as I can discern there is great confusion as to the action of the powers that be
    Is there any real knowledge as to what the heck they are actually doing involving fines, forfeiture, etc. Sure would like to know facts. Thanks

    • Why would Hum co. Code enforcement, enviro health, and CA fish and wildlife assist in service of a warrant for solen heavy equipment? I think I would be inclined to invest in a law suit to recoupe some funds especially if permits were filed.
      Dep, I’ve heard a 2′ flowering plant may yield 1/2-1 lb. A 1000 in a green house though, it would have to be about 5000 square feet, So maybe a 1/4 is correct. I’ve also heard # as low as 700 for blue and as high as 1500 for og here in cali and 1250-2800 on the other side.

  • Ja, Big lawsuit —could maybe become a class action when they continue lying .

  • So I guess the people with stolen property have taken steps to move it.

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