A ‘Ton of Cops’ Surrounded A House Near Lafayette School, Detained Three Suspects

Photo and video by Mark McKenna

Officers from the Eureka Police Department, California Highway Patrol and Humboldt County Sheriff’s Offiice surrounded a house at the intersection of 17th Street and Terrace Way in Myrtletown, which next to Lafayette Elementary School, a little after 1 p.m. today.

Our reporter Mark McKenna, who was at the scene, said the initial call stemmed from a report of a stolen silver Toyota Tacoma parked in a carport.

When officers arrived at the scene, a female was spotted in the stolen vehicle. However, she fled into a residence when officers tried to contact her.

Officers then set up a perimeter around the area and attempted to get the occupants of the residence to come out. A male complied with their orders right away and was searched and detained.

“The other two refused to cooperate for an extended period of time,” Captain Steve Watson of the Eureka Police Department said. “However, a negotiator for the sheriff’s office was eventually able to convince them to come out peacefully.”

Lafayette Elementary was advised of the situation. However, McKenna said there was no immediate threat to the children’s safety. A secretary with the school told us that the people at the school were told to “shelter in place,” which is a step down from a lockdown.

“The vehicle that was confirmed stolen was also driven by a suspect in an assault with a deadly weapon this morning earlier in Eureka, where a victim was shot three times in the face with a pellet pistol,” Watson said.



  • So, who originally used the phrase “A ton of cops” here? Mark McKenna?

    Using an average cop weight of 250 LBS. ea., I come up with that working out to about 8 cops.

  • No one shot! It’s a good day

  • Wish the cops would put that much effort in to busting meth labs and main line meth dealers ,and let’s not forget the main line heroin dealers .come on cops what ever happened t o serve and protect .CHP is running the local cop shop see a lot of black suv s they are trying to look all CIA with the windows all blacked out I thought that it was illegal, but that’s ok for them i guess they should give them selves a ticket.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      If you lived in the neighborhood you’d know that the house in question is a known drug locale.

    • Our local police don’t have the funding to process these labs since the federal funding went away in 2012, when the war on drugs ended. They also don’t have the knowledge or equipment that is necessary to close them down. We also don’t have any local hazmat companies with chemical suits to remove the toxic chemicals. No meth labs have been busted for many years here in Humboldt county. Meth labs are treated like they don’t exist. They are way too expensive and dangerous to deal with. Not something you want to hear, if you have one in your neighborhood! Something has to change with this, and soon, before possible law suits against the cities start springing up, from lack of enforcement!

      • Horse dookie. If they’ve got enough money to show up at work,then there’s enough money for them to do their job. Good lord. They do need to wear respirators when they go in these scenes, but if that’s needed equipment, how many of us will happily donate one each? If they wanted to do their job, God knows we want them to. They’d get enough funds to be equipped. Horse dookie I say.

        • Ernestine, you need to do some research so you know what is going on around here in regards to this issue. Check into the facts! When was the last time a meth lab/house was raided and closed? We’re not talking possession, we’re taking manufacturing. When you find the true facts out, you’ll be saying something a lot worse than, “Horse dookie”!

  • Don’t hear me complaining good job everyone keep it up

  • Arriaga?

  • Who was shot with the pellet pistol? Was it the owner of the stolen silver Toyota?

    • Hi, Liz. The Toyota was stolen from Weott. Sounds like the perp pellet-shot someone in Eureka. Haven’t seen that news story yet.

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