Weed Whackers Out and About in SoHum

Marijuana raid by Robin Collins

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office with a woodchipper on a raid last year. [Part of a photo by Robin Collins]

Think it is too early for weed to be whacked? You’re wrong. (But we were pretty surprised, too.)

Just before 8 a.m. a convoy of law enforcement vehicles was spotted headed south on Hwy 101. Four to five vehicles were seen. One was a wood chipper which is frequently used to eradicate marijuana. One vehicle was unmarked according to the reader which reported this.

Another SoHum resident reported seeing the caravan in Garberville about 10 minutes later. He reported seeing eight trucks and one chipper.



  • This is going to be quite a year.

  • Susy Barsotti


      • any updates?

        • Not really. This is what I know. The CHP was assisted by the Sheriff’s Office when going to serve a search warrant on a site with marijuana. But the Sheriff’s Office won’t answer questions because the CHP is in charge. The CHP won’t answer questions because the spokesman doesn’t know the answers and, even if he did, he might not be able to answer questions, he said, because the investigation might be sensitive. The spokesperson, who is usually extremely helpful, said he would see if he could get answers but didn’t seem to think he would be able to do so. Also the site was in the Rancho Sequoia area.

    • The pic doesn’t look like a dep site but there appears to be some big plants involved for early May.

      • pic is from last year

        • Ah yes the first people to get busted after applying for there permit last year in blocksburg, plenty more fun to come! Drink the cool aid!

          • They knew they were getting busted and “applied” one day before the sherriffs came. The only reason they came to that property was because of a dispute between the property owner/landlord and the tenant/grower. If you follow the guidlines the permitting process works.

      • Anyone with plants that big in May should get an award of some sort.
        The brown grass is sort of a giveaway.

  • i will get worried when they come in with high tech resources.

  • Wow. Early start

  • Ernie Branscomb

    The Feds really didn’t do much about moonshine whiskey in the South Fork Eel River canyon until it was legalized. People preferred the cheap non-taxed whisky that they had acquired a taste for. The feds sent the revenuers in to bust the stills and ruin the outlaw whisky trade for the tax.

    To all of those out there that that object to comments about marijuana, that always say: Bu.. bu.. but what about whisky? Follow the MONEY. What happened with whisky is likely to happen with weed. I don’t think outlaws have a very good future, that is if history repeats itself, I’ve been told that it does.

    What may be good for government bureaucrats may suck for the people of Humboldt co. We are living in interesting times for those that know about that old Chinese curse.

  • Amen to that!!

  • Have fun pulling them out of the trellis of those 10×100’s pig’s! Lol

    • You must be new around here, you’ve never experienced the wake of destruction the cops will leave. You think some trellis netting will slow them down. LOL.

    • You must be new around here, you obviously never seen the wake of destruction the cops leave behind. Trellis netting will slow them down, LOL, go smoke another one.

  • There are good and bad parts about the process of becoming legal.
    One big bad part (if you care about your ‘fence-sitting’ neighbors, who are reticent to ‘come into the light’ more from distrust rather than their environmental techniques) is that the cannabis permit fees paid to the county and state will likely be used to HIRE ENFORCEMENT TEAMS to bust those who have not signed up. Maybe this early action is supported by that funding.
    Really appreciate the history about moonshine whiskey, Ernie. Gives context I hadn’t really known before.
    Does anyone know where they went???

    • Lookin' deeper

      Still no follow up? Goin’ on 3 hours! How is this possible? Somebody has to know somethin’!

  • Are they in Rancho?? That’s the word on the hill is. They never go in there for anything less than a murder.

  • Just plain mudbogging

    . went up Rancho Road. Heaven forbid they should let the mud dry a little bit so It can be traveled by normal people too. if they’re going to tear the road up worse than it already is they might as well have a shuttle bus so we can get home. Better yet a shuttle copter!

  • It would be informative to know if they are hitting permit applicants or non sign up growers. Any news on that ?

    • Lookin' deeper

      Agree on wanting to know that piece of info. This is the summer to pay attention &and share via this site! We will Write this chapter week by week, or even maybe Day by Day. Birth is laborious, but most of the time the outcome is joyous. Move past the stress and Imagine the most enlightened outcome for all of Humboldt. As they say, “Keep your eyes on the prize.”

      • “Keep your eyes on the prize” and you’ll miss the path.

        The enlightened keep their eyes on the path not on the prize.
        Don’t trip over your own feet chasing pots of gold.

        • Lookin' deeper

          The prize is an Eco-enlightened Humboldt & includes no GMOs, lots of organic Farmers markets, sustainable practices, healthy people& a deep appreciation that we get to live in such an amazingly beautiful place…pots of gold actually seem to make people behave somewhat self destructively due to overindulgence in almost everything.

  • Considering first dep harvest can be may/early June, this will probably become a more common raid time. Especially since people be lighting their grows at night like a big “look at me” arrow pointing at their grow!

    • AnonymousHumboldtian

      The first dep harvest isn’t until end of June or early July, for most people anyway.

      • Depends on the year and how together you are. But I know for sure you can harvest first of June the most beautiful indoor looking stuff without using artificial light or added heat if you know how and live in the right micro climate.

  • I’ll make a prediction, the county recently sent out a letter that basically said, anyone jumping the gun on expanding their grows without having the permits to do so are in violation of the ordinance. Meaning if your permit is not complete, and u are grading, building new structures, greenhouses, etc, not within the ordinance with proper permits, you are subject to prosecution. Or it is an unpermitted situation… http://humboldtgov.org/DocumentCenter/View/59020 just a prediction, I could be wrong

    • Good guess, put out the letter flex a little muscle pick some low hanging fruit and see what happens.

  • I’m rather curious as to why the people doing the deps. can’t be bothered with placing a rather inexpensive tarp or black plastic over their green houses. The idea is to light the plants right? Not the whole area. Common sense would be not to advertise. But my main concern is that they are affecting the wildlife in the area with the, in some areas, abnormal amount of light they generate at night. I’ve noticed an increase of rodents in the last two years and a definite decrease in the owls that hunt them. I can’t imagine it would be all that time consuming to cover them up. Besides I for one would like to watch the stars light up at night, not all my neighbors grows. Damn near like living in the city. Crazy

    • Between the genies, the lights and chemical fertilizers and rat poison I worry about all the animals too. You can grow green, I just wish more people grew just to live off the land and not to buy hella trucks and vacation in Costa Rica.

    • Imma bit confused by your comments.

      Light depping DOES use tarps to darken greenhouses down to 12 hours of light per day. Multiple grows can be done during one outdoor season.

      Lights being used after dusk or before dawn are usually in place to stop plants from going into flower before putting in their final pots for the OUTDOOR season.

      • The game has advanced from that buddy. The pros are gonna have fresh dep weed in a few weeks. Its practically year round now. This beast is just getting started. If what i have heard about the size of these commercial grows is true…. Its gonna be all about quantity. There goes the price

      • humboldtstickman

        You can do multiple runs if your not lazy and on time and point. Besides a better quality of product also better prices, you would hope

      • Take a drive over Southfork towards Hayfork at night. You know , where the burn is. Tell me what you see. You wont need a flashlight to walk those roads.

    • Nice skull there! Lots of folks’ light up the hills rather then covering up because that means removing the tarps again in the morning- not a difficult chore but maybe a little bit inconvenient. Bunch of amateurs out there! Get some farmhands with the ability to complete such routine tasks quickly and as part of the work day. Better for wildlife, stargazing and respect.

  • YES!!!! From what I understand those grows are permitted. As it seems to me they have more permits than most people I know. ” drink the kool-aid!”

  • Oh, it also seemed they were on their way out. But no they headed right back in.

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Wood Chipper The Hippie Harsher-

    much cheaper to use tomahawk missiles, Apache helicopters, MRLS, etc…

    Enough is enough!

  • Who ever took that photo is obviously enjoying the fact that these poor people are getting raided and the photographer is probably the guy who dropped the dime too. Yep. In fact, he is probably an undercover narc, posing as an upstanding community contributor, who is really just here to wreak havoc on poor defenseless mom-&-pops. Or maybe he’s just a photo-journalist or concerned neighbor… either way, let’s publicly shame him based on false accusations and paranoid delusions.

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      Could just be someone that understands weed is a bad thing and they’re cleaning up the community by busting dopers.

  • The large permitted grow near where we live in Mendo Co more of a nuisance than any of the unpermitted grows in the area. The absentee ringleader not a steward of the land or community member. Mendo Co DA and Sheriff issuing permits to this group with numerous LLC s and Non profits to hide the money. Is everyone aware that these permit numbers given to the huge grows are not public record and cannot be accessed . You can see the permit numbers from a plane but citizens cannot get any info into what county officials have permitted them to do. To protect the mega grow, not the neighborhood. Nobody even to complain to. Does that make the county co-conspirators ?

    • That’s sad to hear, sorry you have to live next to that. Wtf would a big grow owned by someone who doesn’t live here be legal? Lame!

    • humboldtstickman

      Sounds like griffin, douche extraordinaire. Selling his land to a bunch of outsiders that have no clue the place got visited by choppers 3 consecutive years,..

  • humboldtstickman

    You got to pay to play, otherwise expect us showing up with the chipper is the word.
    Sorry no more permits this year!

  • Enforcement is the problem on night lighting, generator noise and erosive excavation practices.. “No money” the County says.. When big business production begins in the valleys (no corporation will put grows at the end of dirt roads) the enforcement money will suddenly appear to eliminate bootleg grows.. Ernie shows the history in his post.. A new CAMP will appear and it will stick around until the corporations are satisfied the “problem” has been suppressed..

  • Why are they waking this farm when it is legal as of 2017

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