[UPDATE 6:41 p.m.] Van Overturned on Avenue of the Giants; Occupants Reportedly Trapped by Downed Power Lines

Traffic Collision Car AccidentAt approximately 4:57 p.m., a van reportedly went off the Avenue of the Giants (Hwy 254) near the Chimney Tree. A power pole is reportedly on the road. Power lines are down and on the van as well as on the roadway.

According to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page, the occupants of the van are trapped by the downed lines. A second vehicle is also involved.

Please avoid the area if possible .

UPDATE 5:25 p.m.:The Avenue of the Giant’s is blocked. There is no estimated time for PG&E to arrive.

UPDATE 6:41 p.m.: Northbound traffic now open.



  • Lyn, you should make a downed power poles counter to show how many we have. 😁

  • I don’t like to make generalized guesses, but I’m wondering if the driver of the van was, you know, driving, or if s/he was texting, talking on a phone, or shooting vids. It’s amazing how often that distracted-driving incidents happen lately.

  • Veterans friend

    The summer touring season has started early….I have come upon more than one vehicle at a full stop in the lane with folks leaning out windows taking photos.

    • It’s the same problem here on Hwy 36!!! Tourists at Grizzly Creek Park stand in the middle of the road, oblivious to everything except looking up at the trees!!!

  • Covelo or busted

    I almost clubbed a tourist in Whitmore grove 2 days ago…Really close …. as if he didnt even see…. me talking pics… completely oblivious to the cars. HYPNOTIZED!

  • Then WE need to be more accommodating to the visitors who come here to appreciate our majestic redwoods. Just think, they may be returning to their suffocating homes but with lasting memories of lush green mountains, soft beds of needles, ferns, forest animals. Add 1 more thing to that – friendly people that watch out for tourists choosing to spend their $$ in our world famous redwoods.
    It ain’t that hard to live by the golden rule, really. (And some ARE idiots, that’s a fact, Jack!)

  • Any updates? I work at the chimney tree tomorrow

  • Still controlled traffic at 8:20..

  • Several years ago while driving down Ave. of the Giants we came upon a man lying flat out in the middle of the road, taking one pic after another. He was lucky that we were going so slow, and saw him there. He could have at least worn a bright red shirt! 🙂

  • This is extremely incorrect. It was my TRUCK that went off the road, to avoid hitting a van. Which was hit by a line from a power pole. NO BODY was trapped. Everyone was okay. Report the good new please!

    And for the record, I was NOT under any influence, or distracted in any way. The incident happened at the one lane detour on the bridge by the Chimney Tree. I am a local! We all knew that area was dangerous and would cause an accident, please stop speculating and just be glad no one was hurt!

    • Kawaiitrash, This is what was reported on the CHP site or over the scanner. https://lostcoastoutpost.com/chpwatch/2017/may/8/00103/v Sometimes as details are coming in on breaking news, the information is reported incorrectly by the people at the scene. That’s why I either said, “reportedly” or I cited where I got the information from ie “According to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page.”

      If I only reported the good news, folks wouldn’t know they needed to go around on Hwy 101. I appreciate you giving the updated info though.

      • Did not say only the good news! Was not entirely directed at you either! More insulted by assumptions and speculation. I am a fan! Alas, one who is perturbed by the lack of compassion in others constantly. Regardless, there was minimal damage in the accident and everyone was okay. Hopefully Cal-Trans will now be more proactive in ensuring the safety of their protocol.

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