[UPDATE Tuesday] Three-Year-Old Injured After Being Struck by a Vehicle, According to Scanner Traffic

Medical personnel gather around their patient.

Medical personnel gather around their patient. [Photos by Stormy Taylor]

A vehicle struck a three-year-old near Winco about 8 p.m., according to scanner traffic. An ambulance reached the scene about 8:20 p.m. Fire personnel were there earlier.

UPDATE: The child was transported to the hospital with his/her mother.

UPDATE Tuesday 1:24 p.m.: According to Britany Powell, Eureka Police spokesperson, “A three year old juvenile ran into the street and was hit by a vehicle.  The juvenile was transported to the hospital by ambulance with abrasions.  The juvenile was awaiting x-rays.  No further information on injuries is available at this time.”




  • Are you bored, Kym?

    • Well, that was rude! I live near the hospital and we were wondering what in the world was going on! So thanks for updating us, Kym!

      • You live near the hospital, ambulances go there ALL DAY LONG! Kym does not need to tell you about them. If you want to know so bad, go get your EMT license and help people and be productive instead of just being nosey.

    • I can’t figure what town that is. Fortuna maybe?

  • I think some people should not be behind the wheel of a car.

  • Free-market capitalist pig

    I think some people should not be allowed to breed

  • Why the fuck was a 3 year old in the street

    • sharpen your pencil

      Because unfortunately 3 year olds don’t listen all the time, and obviously whoever was supposed to be watching the kid wasn’t paying attention…. Is it really that big of a mystery. Fact is, people drive through this area high on meth or not, like they are doing the indy 500….

      • I remember a day a nice policeman returned my diapered but otherwise naked 18mo old child who he had found in the street while I was on the phone. Yikes!! She had learned how to operate the baby gate that had worked so beautifully until then. Well she had been warning me. She kept saying “I not a baby.” I got lucky and no harm came. She’s all growed now, so it’s just a funny story. I hope the same is true for this kid and parent in a few years.

        • Ernestine, I had three boys and there were a couple of times one or the other escaped and got into a dangerous situation. I appreciate you stepping up and pointing out that sometimes no matter how careful you are, bad things happen.

    • sharpen your pencil

      Also, you obviously don’t have kids, three year olds aren’t focused on safety, and they very well know when no one is paying attention to what they are doing. Could have been a puppy a crossed the street and the kid wanted to pet it. This was in front of the boys and girls club, could have been a ball rolling out into the street…..

      • Obviously I have 3, 4 yr olds

        • sharpen your pencil

          I doubt that based on your prior response. That or you must be one of those parents that spends more time on their phone than interacting with their kids!

  • 20 min? Why did it take the ambulance that long. They are stationed less than 7 min away.

  • Oh dear,was some.one not watching their child,they are like jumping beans. They’re all over the map full of energy. I really hope the child will be ok. Sending prayers. Please drive safe

  • When you are out with a child and you are not holding their hand, you should always, always have your eye on them, especially if your near a street.

    • It’s so easy to blame the victim when you weren’t there and have no idea what actually happened.

  • How is she? Update?

  • Was marci kitchen in the neighborhood?!

    • Maybe, she had her preliminary hearing today, possibly grabbing more cheap booze or ??? at Winco while she’s in town???!!!

  • Annoyed in the 707

    Holy hell! All of you people need to focus on something positive, there is not one post on this article that shows any simpathy for the people involved in this incident. Just miserable people, posting their miserable comments…

    • Wow,we’ll maybe you should re-read the comments. Not all of us are miserable people!! And folks drive like stupid thru there,even with the cops little office there!have a good day drive safe

    • All you’re doing is complaining about the complainers, how does that make you any better than the rest of us???

    • Thank you so much for your caring in this matter. This baby’s Name is Sammy and he is my grandson. Some people can be so hurtful. Not thinking that this precious little man of ours may have been with a sitter. Or his older brother and Sisters who saw the entire thing and have all had the life scared out of them. They couldn’t go to the hospital to make sure their brother was going to be ok. They only saw him put on a stretcher and taken away in an ambulance. There were so many factors in this situation that most people don’t consider before say hateful things. And I have to mention that yes the girl who hit him may have been speeding but she also did her best to miss Sammy. And she stopped at the scene and stayed with him until she talked with the police. I am so thankful for her quick thinking. It could have been so much worse. If this young woman would not have been paying attention, or if she wouldn’t have seen him. Sammy would not be with us today!

  • Lighting a candle for child and parents now. I hope the baby is ok. I know the area and traffic is crazy there. Light a candle for the neighborhood guys. Blessed be

  • Is there an update? My heart is aching for all effected by this tragic accident.

  • Hey nasty commenters, you made a wrong turn on the internet, you need to go to LOCO where those who are like you reside.

  • Just My Opinion

    Brittany, I too would like an update but it seems most people are focused on making stupid ass opinions, comments and judgement than the well being of the child.

  • Just so everyone knows this was my grandson. His name is Sammy. He was with his older brother and sister. And a babysitter. So before you jump to conclusions and assume that the parents are to blame. With comments like some people should not be allowed to breed. You should stop yourself from being hateful and think for one second that this is most likely the most terrifying and traumatic thing the entire family has been through. Not just the child, but the parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters. So your hateful remarks do do anything but make a horrific incident worse. For those who genuinely care our little Sammy is doing well. The ER docs called him a little miracle man. He was hit by a car hoing 35+miles per hour and had no broken bones or any internal injuries. A few scrapes and bruses. We are all entirely gratefull he is with us today.

  • Im happy to NOT be reading about another hit and run. Hope the baby is ok. Last summer my son locked himself in old dryer. I was frantic looking everywhere. I had a good laugh after i found him. Kids do what they do…

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