[Audio] Eurekan recounts helping cops arrest large man hulking out on drugs; Humboldt’s last week of news

In the latest episode of Humboldt Last Week: The city of Eureka honored a man for helping cops arrest a large man — possibly 6-foot-4 — who was on drugs and violently resisting. They even gave him a rare award for helping officers after they struggled with the suspect for two-and-a-half minutes. The story begins at 12:36.

“I kind of hesitated but it wasn’t a very long hesitation,” said honoree Tom Sanders. “Five seconds and I just jumped in. And I got (residually) tased in the meantime. It was nothing like a house shock — it was more like a 220 (volt) shock. So we got him stuffed and cuffed and more officers showed up, helped out, and got him in the (police) vehicle.”

“Sergeant Ed Wilson and I were beyond exhausted, and if not for Tom’s assistance, there is no telling how much longer the suspect would have continued to fight us,” said Officer Greg Hill in a release.

In the podcast, Sanders recounts the events that occurred the morning of the incident after police received a call about a suspect siphoning gas. He also comments on helping others and receiving EPD’s rare Valor-Service Challenge Coin Award.

“We’ve only handed out a few of these awards since the program’s inception,” Captain Steve Watson told Redheaded Blackbelt. “It’s a rare and well-deserved honor for which Tom was nominated by the officers whom he helped.”

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EPD honoring civilian

Tom Sanders with EPD staff



  • We need so many more citizens like this that are willing to help the cops. They are not are enemies and we would probably have more violent crimes and murders solved if everyone wasn’t like “F the police!!” and not contributing to investigations. They actually are here to help us. I think once the marijuana regulations are set in stone and not changing constantly then they will be easier to follow and hopefully our community will live in better harmony with the police. Then we need to find a solution for that shit show we call a courthouse. Thanks for being an awesome citizen Tom, you put yourself in danger to help the cops and our community. Your awesome!!

  • Glad this citizen got some recognition, a few years ago my husband helped the SoHum Sheriffs arrest a man who was running around with a knife. They had been chasing him for blocks with no luck, when the suspect ran by the martial arts studio my Husband trained at my husband ran out and seen what was happening and he grabbed the guy and held him down while the cops detained him. The local news paper did a story, but the sheriff’s never thanked him and they lied about the incident taking away his credit when the paper interviewed them about it. They made him feel like he should not have interfered. Good for these cops for giving credit.

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