Hwy 101 Remains Open in Spite of Prank Post Saying Otherwise

Construction workers atop the sheer side of the slide which blocked Hwy 101 several times last month. [Photo by Kim Sallaway-see more of his work here]

Hwy 101 remains open north of Leggett in spite of a prank post which was shared throughout social media yesterday falsely reporting that the slide had come down again. The post appeared in several forms like the one below.

Prank post declares Hwy 101 closed again. [Screengrab from a Facebook post]

The post fooled multiple readers some of whom passed on the info that 101 was closed without including the link which made tracking down the false rumor even more difficult. The link takes readers to a site that states in several places that the story is a “prank.”

Areas circled in red show the numerous places the website acknowledges the “prank.” [Screengrab from the website]

Please read carefully any news site that you are unfamiliar with before passing on the article or the information in the article.

Heavy equipment and crews working on the Hwy 101 slide north of Leggett. [Photo by Kim Sallaway]

Hwy 101 remains open and traffic delays seem to be minimal according to multiple reports from the slide. Most people report waiting less than 10 minutes.


Heavy equipment operator perches his machine on the precipice

Heavy equipment operator perches his machine on the precipice. [Photo by Kim Sallaway]



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