Nicotine Craving Burglar Sought by Fortuna Police

The Fortuna Police posted this video requesting the public’s help identifying the burglar that damaged a door in order to get into the business. (Note: Fortuna PD states that the time on the video is not correct.) Though the burglar’s face is difficult to see, the video is sharp.



  • Not surprising now that it is ten dollars for a pack.

    • Yeah, that ridiculous tax increase will increase cigarette related crime for sure. We are going to see trucks being hijacked.

    • Smuggling cigarettes is a huge business in foreign countries. Politicians thrive on blackmarkets. Create a crisis, offer a solution. Promises to stop the cigarette cartels will soon be the call of the political campaign trail here.
      BTW, the freedom loving citizens in Iraq light up cigarettes in public as a big “F U” to Isis.
      Even China has demoted officials for NOT lighting up around Muslim visitors. It’s a sign of timidness to not be yourself by bowing to extremists.
      Foreign countries rock their strengths.

  • Is that express liquors?

  • 99 % sure that is Express Liquors on the Boulevard !!! Nice people…

  • She was so casual about it. That was hilarious! I also don’t think it showed the ladies face even one time. WTF!? Should improve hour video surveillance.

  • Looks like she has neck length red hair and glasses…

  • Shouldn’t be too hard to find this tweek. I have an idea…not sure. I see her around with her little kids.

  • Looks like getting two or three of their favorite brands. Maybe sharing with her friends. How nice, sharing with others.

  • I’d look into the tenants at “Jonnys crack house” the trailer park right behind the store… a scumbag name Kayt and her boyfriend rob rays and Dollar general several times each and everyday

  • question for everyone? Where do the funds go under this NEW TAX on cigarette$… ??

  • My impression is that the thief is a guy, not a girl.

  • As always of late the video link doesn’t load on my comp just a blank space where the link should be!!! :-C

  • Looks like they left plenty of fingerprints. Too bad the police won’t waste their time taking them.

    • ANY, LEO in Humbug County do actual police work such as investigating a crime scene thoroughly… not likely!!! Such things are above the rank & file officers they have to have a Detective to do any actual investigating!!! Just m $.02 worth YMMV!!!!

  • Her name is Amanda she lives exactly a block away from Harris and k mark
    Let so on Harris and l street on the corner

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