[UPDATE] One Woman Wrecking Ball? Driver Allegedly Has Multiple Hit and Run Incidents

Vehicle hits house

This vehicle which reportedly was involved in multiple hit and run incidents came to rest against a home. [Photo provided by Operation Safe Streets and posted by Hope Orsini.]

Today a driver was allegedly involved in numerous hit and run accidents in Eureka. According to scanner traffic, at least one vehicle was struck by the silver Dodge Charger driven by a woman about 4:30 p.m. in Henderson Center. The driver fled in her car and apparently struck another vehicle on F Street.

About five minutes later, the same Dodge Charger was alleged to have struck still another vehicle and at least one house near 14th and F Street.

Then, according to the scanner traffic, the driver reportedly attempted to flee on foot. A suspect was eventually caught and detained about 4:45 p.m.

We’ve requested more information from Eureka Police.

UPDATE:  According to Eureka Police spokesperson Brittany Powell,

At about 4:35 p.m., Sonia Sovereign, 26 of Eureka, was driving a silver dodge charger and hit a vehicle near the 2900 block of F Street. Sovereign fled the scene and hit another vehicle and two houses near the 1400 block of F Street. Sovereign attempted to flee on foot but was ultimately detained in an alley near 14th and D Streets. Sovereign was transported to the hospital for medical clearance before being booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility for hit and run and DUI.



  • Mary Mary Quite Contrary

    Thanks! Saw all that commotion at 14th n “F”… Wondered what was going on!

  • Did the house and car have a prior relationship?

  • Poster formerly known as Matt

    This is strange because F street was blocked by PG&E construction all day today just north of Buhne. She must have gone down F & then routed around PG&E and then back to F before 14th.

  • Yeah she collided with another car at intersection F Street near Fin & Feather & US Bank area. Then she left a trail of car parts trailing all the way down the lane in front of Annie’s Shoes store and then had to slam on the brakes when she blew the East corner sidewalk at G Street and hit a house. She backed up and headed North on G Street where she left another pile of fender and bumper parts across Buhne @ G. She somehow continued down G Street and decided to turn West on 14th and then collided with the final house where she jumped out runnning. I was parked in front of Annie’s shoes and noticed some chunks of plastic near my driver door. Somehow my vehicle was safe from this maniac and I ended up needing to drive that same path she had just taken not knowing what had occurred just minutes prior. Obviously, her car owns more horsepower than her brain can operate. Let’s keep her drivers license put away for good and get her cleaned up from the substances she is using before innocent people are smashed to bits and strewn all over town.

  • Trillium Hummingbird

    Eureka is the worst place in history to drive. Many drunks and crazies. Last night I saw an elderly man blocking an intersection who appeared to be waiting for the parked cars to move!

    Eureka, 100,000 ways to get killed in a car….

  • She flew through the intersection of Henderson and E st like a bat out of hell. Didn’t even slow down for stop signs. She had to have been going 80 mph all the way down e st until I passed e and couldn’t see her anymore. Damn near hit me at that intersection. She was dragging what looked like a bumper under her car

  • I guess she should have bought a ram

  • The average Dodge looks better when smashed up anyway…

  • Look at the red all on the front wheel. Could it be blood? Any chance this is the car that killed the guy on 101 in mckinleyville?

    • The red is from the brick chimney she smashed into – the first house she hit, before careening across 14th to land at her final destination against the second house

  • “Dodge” = to avoid.

  • She gets the worst driver of the day award. Wow

  • Wonder if she will have a full medical work up. To continue on after the first hit means she was having either a psychotic breakdown or flying high, or maybe a medical crisis. Thankfully she did not hit a human or someone’s pet.

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