High Risk Stop Conducted by EPD at the Request of an ‘Outside Agency’

The sky blue Mini Cooper is being looked at by law enforcement.

A sky blue 2013 Mini Cooper four-door was being sought by an outside agency. EPD was asked to stop the driver. [Photo by Stormy Taylor]

At approximately 5:11 p.m., an outside agency pinged the phone of a person of concern heading northbound on Hwy 101 at Richardson’s Grove. A description was broadcast and local law enforcement began looking for the vehicle, a sky blue 2013 Mini Cooper four-door.

When the vehicle was located heading into Eureka about 6:45 p.m., the Eureka Police Department was asked to stop the vehicle.

Law enforcement stopped the vehicle

Multiple Eureka Police officers were involved in the high risk stop. [Photo by Stormy Taylor]

 “Our officers conducted a felony or high-risk traffic stop on the vehicle,” explained Captain Brian Stephens of the Eureka PD in the video below. “The vehicle yielded. The driver cooperated and was detained without incident.”

EPD is investigating further.

Video by Stormy Taylor.



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