May Is National Toddler Immunization Month

humboldt county department of health and human servicesPress release:

Humboldt County joins more than 2,000 U.S. communities each May in celebrating National Toddler Immunization Month. The commemoration highlights the role vaccines play in protecting children, and underscores the importance of fully immunizing children against diseases like whooping cough and measles.

“Vaccines are the safest and most effective way to protect children from serious diseases,” said Susan Wardrip, DHHS’s immunization coordinator.

Since 2016, state legislation has required preschool, kindergarten and 7th-grade children to be immunized before attending school.

According to the California Department of Public Health, the number of local kindergarten students who had all of their required immunizations at the start of the 2016-17 school year increased by more than 4 percent over the previous school year.

Humboldt County Health Officer Dr. Donald Baird said it is important that people of all ages get immunized.

“Immunizations save lives and are safe for children and adults,” Baird said. “Last year an estimated 36,000 to 40,000 people died in the United States from influenza. Don’t let this happen to you or your family.”

For more information about immunizations, contact your primary health care provider or the Humboldt County Public Health Clinic at 707-268-2108. Information about school vaccine requirements can be found at

For a handy immunizations tracker from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, visit



  • kym, i’ve tried to email you @ your addy and it bounced back. how can i reach you, or perhaps one of your reporters?

  • i’m old enough to have had childhood friends who had polio. they had metal braces on their legs and walked with crutches.
    i had an instructor in college who had polio as a kid and his legs were useless and he walked with crutches.

    the jerry lewis telethon featured and interviewed people who lived their entire lives in iron lungs as polio destroyed the muscles and their ability to use their lungs and breath on their own.

    ” Dozens of “iron lungs” fill a room at the Los Angeles County Hospital during a polio epidemic in 1952. These machines helped polio victims to breath when the virus paralyzed their diaphragm and related breathing muscles. For some unlucky victims, much of their lives would be spent inside these metal respirators.”

    as an adult i lived in an area with a large community of amish. they had children born with polio because they would not vaccinate their children, their religion forbid it, so their children suffered terribly.

    i have a brother who lives in vancouver wa. he lives near and is caretaker of an old cemetery. most of the deceased in that cemetery died during the 1918 flue pandemic.

    please do what you can to protect your kids, family and community from potential disaster via these diseases.

    i am all my classmates received several polio and TB vaccinations as kids. i know of not one of us who had side effects from those vaccinations.

    i’ve been getting annual flue and pneumonia shots for 25 yrs. no side effects for me.

    please use critical thinking. protect your loved ones.

    “The influenza pandemic of 1918-1919 killed more people than the Great War, known today as World War I (WWI), at somewhere between 20 and 40 million people. It has been cited as the most devastating epidemic in recorded world history. More people died of influenza in a single year than in four-years of the Black Death Bubonic Plague from 1347 to 1351. Known as “Spanish Flu” or “La Grippe” the influenza of 1918-1919 was a global disaster.”

    • You do know that polio vaccine picture you posted is fake

    • Outsiders looking in will debate that no-affect clause in your statement. By rewinding the same tape in your head about a life saving vaccine, you’ve missed the point Vaxxers have been pounding. Let’s recount a few of the many points, shall we.
      Vaxxers are not against vaccines in general.
      Vaxxers are against govt forced vaccines.
      Vaxxers are against supporting corporations that have made deals with the govt that never hold them accountable for bad, unsafe, anything goes as long as the company says it goes, chemicals forced into the bodies of our children.
      Vaxxers are against unsafe levels and combinations of drugs being forced into humans.
      Vaxxers WANT:
      Safe vaccines.
      Control of how shots are given. (singular vs all 28 in one or whatever the CORP decides next).
      Accountability to the corporations, companies, when and if bad drugs are doled out.

      Vaxxers are not against life saving vaccines.
      Vaxxers are against detrimental to life vaccines.

      Your turn.
      Polio shots save the world, anyone against it is plumb wacko.

      Vaxxers turn.
      Please read paragraphs above, watch the Vaxxers movie, notice when the thinking wheel has jammed..

      Rinse, repeat.

      If this sounds insultive, my apologies, but I see no apologies for the insults thrown to those who wish to hold vaccine companies and the govt who forces communities to purchase and take those drugs accountable.
      It’s a two way street.

  • Be a Wise Parent. Don't buy into the BS. Vaccinate.

    I’ve worked with several developmentally disabled adults who were normal children until their brains were damaged by the high fever when they had measles or another disease that we can prevent by vaccination.

    And DD adults who suffered brain damage before birth when their mothers contracted measles/rubella.

  • This what a survivor of polio can look like, we are grateful for my brother living with this for 60+ years. Vaccination saves lives.

  • Can anyone give me a link to where the information was collected from deaths from influenza I can’t find it on the CDC website. The CDC website says they cannot track those deaths so I was curious as to where the. I was trying from thanks

    • All that info was wiped out. There are both sides here we can work on. Why all the CDC database on side effects and deaths was wiped out makes no sense. This was under obumer the drone striker.

  • Stand your ground parents and say-NO -UCKING WAY!!! for your kids to get TDP shots or any other artificially made crap that toasts the kid’s brains and makes them a worthless human. The deception comes from falsified CDC studies and now the parents have to live with their damaged children.
    BILL GATES SUPPORTS IMMUNIZATION FOR ALL THE WORLD. Guess what folks-he’s a eugenics nut case promoting the killing of 100,000’s of 2nd and 3rd world people.
    This is all validated-go to the huge choice of articles from Canada and other countries. And research from Youtube as well.
    Say no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Taurus Ballzhoff

    Not vaccinating children against completely preventable disease would be the act of a very ignorant person. Would you risk the health and safety of your children by other means?

    Not caring for your children is called neglect. Not helping them to live safe and healthy lives because of uninformed and stupid choices is what I would call child abuse.


  • Blowing it up

    Not vieing for either side, but just offering another opinions with personal experience and info gathered from that. Our children are not vaccinated. Modern medicine has saved the lives of both my wife and I and our child, so we respect and honor technology and modern surgical procedures and tests. However, it seems like the further humans have gotten from a “natural” lifestyle, the more diseases has become a part of life. But then again, disease and death and decay are a part of the “natural” order that life and death so delicately dance together in. It is natural,and even expected, that a large population that is over burdening the other life systems it symbiotically exist with, would have to die off. Nature is constantly balancing itself and birthing and dying and birthing and dying, in order to keep the dance alive. So in my most morning viewpoint, it’s not suprising we have so many diseases and problems we have to vax against to try and beat nature. Natural selection is a real thing folks, and we as humans have been playing god for a long time. So yes, there are plenty of fifty and sixty year olds with no side effects, or are there? So much cancer and heart disease and new problem.s with no names every year. The bacteria and fundingthat exist are much more evolutionary evolved that us and can actually rearrange their own dna and rna, like an octopus, to adjust to it’s surroundings
    We people just comeplain on the internet. Especially privledged white people, which is everyone except for maybe Ron around here. Tons of disgusting white privledged and arrogance.
    But the more we actually actually treat ourselves and surrounding in a real way, a “natural” way, if you will, then perhaps after half the population dies off, the symbiosis can at least be observed more easily. Because as long as we think we are smarter that millions of years, billions of years, and infinite amount of years of co evolutionary space intelligence, were bound to spend our days worrying about putting needles in the arms of babies.

  • Personal accountihillbilly

    If they would provide “vegan” and “clean” vaccines that did not contain the monkey serum, mercury, bovine serum, formaldehyde etc. then I think a lot of people in this area would sign up. I think the “science” of immunity by injecting dead diseases into you blood stream is useful if not laced with toxins, and not on the accelerated “overdose” schedule advocated by the establishment quacks and drug companies.

    Youtube “Overdosed Babies.”

  • A history of the most recent vaccination law changes in California.
    Children who were not vaccinated or just vaccinated for measles traveled to Disneyland from foreign countries. Some of them were sick with measles. These were children from other countries where measles vaccinations are not generally given (for various reasons; some countries do not vaccinate for measles because the cost/benefit calculations are less than compelling).
    A small US “epidemic” of measles ensued. Clusters of children exposed to children who had contracted measles at Disneyland came down with measles. A majority of the US children who contracted measles were vaccinated but got measles anyway. A larger percentage of non-vaccinated children also got measles. The children who were previously vaccinated were sometimes much sicker because a second case of measles is often much more challenging. Vaccination is not immunization. Also several clusters of the measles were not traceable to Disneyland in any way.
    What was the response in California?
    To require foreign visitors to comply with US measles standards and otherwise refuse them entry into the US and trips to Disneyland? No.
    To quarantine visitors to Disneyland after an exposure to a “dangerous” disease? No.
    To question the reasons that large number of vaccinated children were not in fact “immunized”? No.
    To examine the dangers of vaccinated children being made ill with a second case of measles, perhaps restricting them from being in areas that are not “measles free”? No.
    To examine where the non-Disneyland clusters came from and why these clusters happened at the same time as the Disneyland sourced measles? No.
    To warn families of the dangers of traveling to Disneyland? No.
    To note that the heavily non-vaccinated areas of California were not heavily impacted and that “high” socioeconomic status seems to confer group resistance to measles as much as vaccinations do? No.
    To attempt to compel all California parents to submit their children to all vaccinations regardless of the research on each individual vaccination? Yes.

    The research on the Shingles vaccine has evolved. When it was first tested trials were stopped because its efficacy was “proven” before the trials were over. Nuances to the statistics now have resulted in rescinding the universal recommendation that came from that research.
    Some people were harmed by that universal recommendation. Some people were helped. Who gets to decide on the individual benefits and harms? Who gets to decide on the collective benefits and harms? I believe that universal compulsion is generally a bad practice.

    Improve the research. Improve the product. Improve the case for a behavior. Compulsion should be a very limited tool.

    • Lefthanded Lunatics

      Wow. I think you smoke too much weed.

      I do know one thing, though: When your children get sick from Measles, Diptheria, Bortadella, Pertussis, Typhoid, Chicken Pox or Polio, you will be waving your Medi-Cal card and demanding all the medical care available for your “natural” children.

      Barefoot, ignorant and loaded is no way to go through life. Spare your children the pain of preventable disease. Jump in your giant “natural” pickup and go to Redwood Rural Clinic and get your children vaccinated.

      • Blowing it up

        Probably not.

      • An ad hominem attack that doesn’t even pretend to address the ideas expressed. Hmm?

        I can imagine the response now: “Go back to Rome you Latin speaking, lead pipe sucking, typhoid reservoir. What will you do when the only food there is, is pizza?”

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    To be safe, demand only Kosher vaccines-

    If the vaccine isn’t a Kosher one, it may contain things you don’t want in your body.

    The Kosher ones are safe, clean, and effective.

    The Goy vaccines, who knows what.

    It’s important to keep Kosher when it comes to vaccines.

  • Cats out of the bag, vaccines are toxic and cause of autism and many other serious illnesses.
    Why are you advertising it here, especially in this community.
    Are you part of the agenda?

    • I have readers that believe in vaccinations and those that don’t. My news isn’t just for one person or one kind of person. The news is supposed to be neutral with readers making up their own minds not being told what to think.

      • Thanks Kim. It’s nice to have the opportunity to think about these difficult issues (all of our communities’ news) with a large group of thoughtful people. I know a large part of our collective angst gets pointed at you. I appreciate your gracious moderation of the conversation.

        • I agree. Differing opinions help us figure out what we believe and what we hold dear. I very much appreciate a thoughtful comment no matter what side of the debate it comes from.

  • Blowing it up

    Immunity is an evolutionary microbiological process that happens from the cellular level and up (plenty of sources to check the science out without taking up the space explaining it here) and yes, it can be boosted against certain diseases and health problems by administering small doses. This has been done for all of human existence, eg. Natives eating poison oak, etc.. but vaccinating is different and actually rearranged the cellular information in a way that doesn’t vibe with the natural order of things. So what happens? The diseases mutate and evolve (because they are actually simple bacteria and fungi, the beginning of the food chain and the beginning of anything that has to do with immunity) and the vaccines soon become inept. The Disney measels being a case in point. It was not the strain of measels that kids were vaccinated for, it was a new muated (possibly human engineered) strain, affected vaccinated and unvaccinated alike. So as long as we try to cheat nature from a. Natural selection and b. It’s evolutions, it will continue to come up with new ways to destory the virus known as humans. There is no stopping nature trying to balance itself out. So if a child begins it’s life with breast milk (preferable) and if that’s not possible, then a diet high in microbial life and saturated good fats and healthy whole foods, and also being exposed to small amount of dust, pollution, dander, feces and other contaminents, the. Their immune systems will do what naturally is meant to happen, to stave off disease and illness untul the natural lifestyle cycle is over or the virus or disease takes over. Unfortunately, all they new diseases of the last one hundred years are being stronger than our immune systems because they are now evolving faster than us because we have forced them too. It’s cray cray. And the Amish information is incorrect they did not die off in any large amount. They are fine, cuz they live in farms. Real farms, not pot farms.

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