Man Arrested for Allegedly Punching Vehicles in Fortuna Yesterday

FOrtuna Police arresting a suspect

[Photo provided by a reader]

About 5:15 p.m. yesterday, Fortuna Police arrested Steven Lee Vester on Main Street in Fortuna near the north end of town. According to scanner traffic at the time, Vester was allegedly punching vehicles as he walked through town. He was arrested for vandalism.




  • Tired of the crime

    Wonder if this is the dude that tried fighting traffic after he jumped in front of cars this morning by the kenmar exit

  • Professor Fate

    Krank bad, M’kay

  • Good thing he didn’t have a hammer.

  • Dang, I hope his mental health crisis gets better!

  • To be truthful this behavior is a sign of the times, although we think he is “on drugs”
    the mental condition he suffers from might be from something else.

    Luckily he didn’t have a hammer. May he recover, his hands must be injured.

    • Yes so very sad.. could very well be mental illness. We have so little help for this.

    • Mental health, probably. But don’t diagnose if you’re not a orofessional and know the Diagnosis criteria.

  • Festas Heggins

    Yes , It very well could be mental illness , like a 10 percent chance , 90% chance its self inflicted.

  • Like schizophrenia associated with chronic meth use…a problem around here

  • Wendy Davis Windsor

    If I hurt myself, I get pain meds.

  • If he punched my vehicle he’d become an instant tulip. No violence intended: this guy needs to be a flower to experience the beauty of life. Yeah, right!

  • Almost hit this guy as he was walking in towards town around Redi-Rent /DoubleD’s Steakhouse…(same day he was arrested – so this was minutes before)… I came around the bend from the hwy offramp and just as I was getting close to him, he staggered right into the middle of the road… I layed on my horn and I think he pooped his pants. I kept honking because I am sick of druggie thieving punks in black hoodies in our town…walking around all meth’d out of their minds… He shook his fist at me and I growled at him….and that was my drama for the day.

  • “It’s not smart to touch another man’s vehicle.”

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