Trimmers in Humboldt Talk About ‘Sexual Exploitation in the Trim and Grow Scene’

On Friday, ABC News 7, out of the Bay Area posted a story about the sexual exploitation of trimmers. They did this after the North Coast Rape Crisis Team put out a flyer entitled “Sexual Exploitation in the Trim and Grow Scene.”

In the video above, ABC News 7 interviews three trimmers. As the report states,

Another trimmer says a 25-year-old grower raped her when she was 14 years old. Trimmers, she explains, often don’t report sexual assault because they work in an illegal business and are afraid of losing such a good income and of retaliation. “They want to go to the cops because they’re so traumatized, but they don’t because they fear for their life,” she told the I-Team.




  • Good ole days

    You are Fake News!

    • Denying the truth doesn’t mean it’s fake.

    • ABC News 7 didn’t publish this? North Coast Rape Crisis Team didn’t put out a flyer entitled “Sexual Exploitation in the Trim and Grow Scene?” Which part is fake?

      • “Good ole days” response is the only thing fake I see!!!

      • I’m assuming its sarcasm from Good Ol’ TROLLing mentality -___-

      • So wait im confused. In the above article it states that abc news 7 posted an article and that north coast rape crisis put out a flyer but then in your comment you state that abc news 7 did not post the article and the north coast rape crisis did not put out the flyer. Not trying to be a troll just confused.

        • You misunderstood. A commenter said this was fake news and I was trying to figure out how they could say that. With a touch of sarcasm I ask “ABC News 7 didn’t publish this? North Coast Rape Crisis Team didn’t put out a flyer entitled “Sexual Exploitation in the Trim and Grow Scene?”

          Yes, they did do this as is indicated by the photos and links so, I ask, how could this be fake news?

  • I don’t like blaming victims, but just maybe you shouldn’t be working in an illegal industry full of assholes of various forms? Especially if you’re 14?

    • sharpen your pencil

      Not only that, but women have basically cornered the market in the trim game. One of the last places you can make an easy 500 to 1000 bucks per day, without robbing someone, if you’re on your shit….. This has happened out of sexual motivation, which they know, and exploit, but are surprised there are bad eggs out there taking advantage of them in return. This is a sad truth to the grow scene, remember Kaelin Meserve from Petrolia? Prime example!

      • I don’t know that it’s happened entirely out of sexual motivation–the hiring primarily of females–if that’s what you were suggesting. I was around the grow/trim scene for a couple of decades and never saw it. I only saw women being hired because they are the fastest trimmers around… just like they’re the fastest typists.
        Also, women traditionally don’t stir up trouble the way men do; are tidier, more likely to be on time, will often bring their own food or offer to make something, drink less beer, etc. Less likely to come back and murder you later for money or bud, too. Sorry about the stereotypes, dudes, but yes, women in general make easier employees. I don’t mean “easy” in the sexual way.
        It’s all who you’re working for and with. I know there are some exploitative jerks out there, but i don’t think the very nature of women trimming is based on the opportunity for sex.

        • Ya, most women, traditionally, have done things like sewing, etc where they have learned dexterity and therefore can trim faster.
          I hired men who were jewelry makers and they did well, so its not so much about the sex but how well you can work. I know some women who suck at trimming.

          As a female grower i find these articles quite offensive and with the wrong emphasis. I have seen more young women come and hook up with older dude growers who then leave their wives and families for the newer version.

          There are bad apples in every bunch. Sexual exploitation is rampant in every industry.
          Girls pass out drunk and are raped at colleges every day. I was raped as a teen by the pastors son in the church basement. For real. Are all pastors kids bad then??
          I can think of at least 30 scenes where nothing like this ever happens.
          Plus after gallegos was DA, the rules shifted a bit in that he really wanted people being abused at places where pot was growing to feel ok calling the cops without worry of being busted. There are bad guys out there for sure, im sorry that a 14 year old was even at a trim scene and that she had,seemingly, no mom or other older woman to talk to about this.

          3 trimmers out of how many tho, these stories are gonna come out the more pot is being talked about.
          Plus come on, we’ve dealt eith the feds before, they need alternate reasons to ask for warrants from judges than just pot growing these days, they need something the public will support them busting, like sex abuse. That article last year about pot and human trafficking was exactly for that purpose. Focusing on kailan meserve made no sense in what they were discussing.
          The only bad scenes ive heard about are women from thailand and bulgaria being completely exploited, i truly hope the cops focus on those scenes rather than making it seem like our industry as a whole promotes this. Guess what there are women growers, land owners, etc all over in the hills and we dont stand for this behavior. Unfortunately contacting the police has resulted in very little help anyway. How many reported rapes actually are investigated well and taken to court with a guilty verdict outcome? Look it up its sadly very few. Big cities have years of rape kits backlogged.
          Im not getting why people think reporting these things to police is actually going to accomplish anything? Do tell, i would be glad to see somewhere where rapists are actually truly punished.

          • Thank you for your succinct and logical response to this issue. As another woman grower, I couldn’t agree with you more.

          • I wish this commentary thing had a ‘like’ button….

          • Kalen Meserve went to jail.

          • Old Growers Club

            45 years growing. word. seen it all. won’t diss the worst, but the best..
            #1 for quality, Hilda, seamstress, undocumented Mexican.
            #1 for quantity & quality, Jose, undocumented Mexican. His skill came from years as a sheep sheerer.
            They didn’t diss my beer since they did’t drink, didn’t diss my food, since the brought their own, & never stole a thing, since they were honest.
            We should persecute & deport them & hire the tweekers into our lives. Just saying.
            Also, none among the vast sea of my peers raped, cheated or abused our help. I don’t doubt that it has happened, but I do not believe it is as common as some would lead you to believe.

        • I agree 100%.

        • They definitely stir up just as much trouble and I find they are more often filthy.
          Doing manual labor makes your hands not so dexterous, so lots of guys just cant move their fingers as quickly.

          If guys (or large strong women) are available there is usually some kind of manual labor that it makes more sense to stick them on.

        • “More likely to show up on time and not stir up drama” ummm I don’t think so. Not trying to be stereotypical but women are hardly ever on time and men don’t stir up drama girls do.

          • Hey Joe, i guess in some cases it comes down to which women and which men you’re talking about. And maybe “drama” was the wrong word, the word itself suggests “drama queen,” a woman obsessed with her show and others’ reactions… i meant stir up fights, or violence. Get a group of men together and eventually there will be turf wars and testosterone-fueled resentments that can lead to real trouble. Sure, women will also form their allegiances and have their problems, but it’s less likely to play out in catastrophic ways.
            And as to who’s on time more often… guess it depends what it’s for. Women are often late for social engagements, or when getting dressed up for an evening out. But as for on-the-job promptness… it’s hard to find actual studies revealing the differences–if you google it, turns out there are lots of opinions, not many scientific countings. Here’s one: but it’s from Australia.
            When you’re getting paid, and paid well, you’re more likely to show up and make money. Maybe gender doesn’t play a strong role in that, so i will accept your point about time!

        • Lefthanded Lunatics

          Simple facts:
          1) Trimming is not a sensible occupation for young women.
          2) Hanging around with drug dealers and drug users is always a bad idea.
          3) If you don’t respect yourself, nobody else will respect you.
          4) Women should never be mistreated, abused or exploited, sexually or otherwise. The objectification and sexualization of women is wrong. Women should be treated with respect at all times.
          5) Women have and will continue to be imprisoned, raped, and killed in Humboldt County. Don’t ever think you are safe on a pot farm.
          6) Even consensual sex, in rural Humboldt, may result in an STD such as Chlamydia or Gonorrhea. I.V.
          drug users have a high rate of Hepatitis C, which can kill you! Always use condoms! Unplanned pregnancies will make matters even worse.

          Young women should avoid dangerous situations, and use caution when dealing with shady men in sketchy areas, like Garberville, Redway, Willow Creek and elsewhere in Humboldt County.

          The world is a risky environment! Take care of yourself and be careful out there!

          • I just want to point out that a very large number of trimmers work in SoHum, Willow Creek, etc. And very few experience the issues you are talking about. That isn’t to say we shouldn’t make trimmers aware of precautions they can/should take but, in my experience, most growers are more interested in getting their year-long investment in safely and selling it than in causing problems for their trimmers. Marijuana growing and selling is now legal in California. I don’t think the legal growers at least can be considered “drug dealers.”

            • taurusballzhoff

              Cannabis may be currently legal, but altered states of consciousness caused by substances, whether naturally occurring or not, is called intoxication. You want cannabis to be classified as medicine, but you don’t want to call it a drug? And people who sell cannabis are not drug dealers?

              Semantics are another specialty. Drugs are drugs, whether you like the label or not.

              The point of legalizing it is supposed to be so it is safe and taxed. Or grow your own. Buy a trimming machine, or hire and work for only those you trust. The purpose is to make folks safer. Thanks Kim!

            • “Marijuana growing and selling is now legal in California.” =TOTAL HORESHIT,ok 90 per cent horseshit …90 % of weed is still grown in ways that DO NOT conform to the laws and is sold likewise.A large amount of weed is sold/traded by dealers/users of hard drugs.

              • Fair enough on some of your argument. It’s possible that more than 90% is sold on the black market. But more farms and farmers are working towards legality. No change happens overnight.

            • suzy blah blah

              I don’t think the legal growers at least can be considered “drug dealers.”

              – of course they can, because that’s what they are. If you sell drugs you’re a drug dealer, be it aspirin, pot, or heroin. If you sell art you’re an art dealer, if you sell cars you’re a car dealer. It’s simple.

              • Generally, we as a society don’t call pharmacists drug dealers.

                • suzy blah blah

                  – yeeesss, Kym, i know, that was my point. It’s an ignorant and misleading use of language, and you go right along with it. It’s sad when people never learn to think, or consider, for themselves.

        • Definitely written by a women.

          • Lefthanded Lunatics

            What is your point? I’m a man, with daughters, a wife, a mother and two sisters.

            Treat all women with respect. A man’s job is to care for the women he loves, and never hurt or abuse them.

            A real man would not harm a woman under any circumstances. Forcing sex on a woman is not sex, it’s violence.

          • Old Growers Club

            Bad Dog!

      • 500 to a THOUSAND BUCKS A DAY?? SHit, I missed the boat!

  • Thats why you shouldnt work for peope you dont know. All these girls holding up signs on the corners, and even young women who don’t but approached. It’s simple stranger danger. Even If you are working for someone you know, it could happen to I suppose…its like any other job….everyone is subject to sexual harassment.

  • Really, who hires 14years olds…..

  • what do you expect when you post an ad on Craigslist saying “young college girl looking for trim work”. [edit]

    • sharpen your pencil

      [edit: not that I don’t sympathize but…]

    • You are so out of line. You are a verbal abusive person to say the least. No one deserves that word ! This reminds me when I wore a skirt and a cute top that I was asking for it. No body parts were showing. My ex then called me that word at a playground meeting. That was the end of our marriage. KK get a life and start some self help books to learn how to stop being a verbal abuser. Good Luck and you should also apologize to Kym!

    • KK you are one of the most well respected, beautiful ladies around!

    • Hate speech, [edit] You should be banned.

    • Veterans friend

      I found a note under my windshield wiper last year.”two young women looking for trimmer work” with a phone #. Just stupid or scouting for home invaders?

  • Anyone who uses the C word doesn’t feel shame, but you, KK, are a disgusting disgrace. SHAME on you. I can’t believe that post hasn’t been thrown in the sewer along with KK where it belongs.

  • I like the way some scumbag rapes a 14 year old child, and she’s the one everyone is heaping their scorn on like men are some kind of guiltless rape robots delivering justice to women who were uppity enough to exist. You people are just as nasty and horrible as he is. We still have a long way to go as a society when we have so many that openly take the side of such a disgusting predator.
    Women and girls aren’t the problem, and neither is their desire to get work, legal or otherwise, go to school, walk down a street, or even be safe in their own homes, all of which apparently ‘ask for rape’. Y’all are sick, and really need to rethink some things

    • Actually, of all the assholery present here, complete with calling kym names, I don’t see a single person espousing any of the things you’ve said.

    • There’s a difference between taking the side of a rapist and warning young women of the dangers of rape. Should a woman be able to wear whatever she wants, and go wherever she wants without worrying about being assaulted? Of course. Can she? No.

      When you tell your kids to not get into a van with a stranger, are you siding with pedophiles? Of course not.

      It’s very stupid to take a job with someone in an illegal industry who operates 20 miles from the nearest highway. Should you get raped if you take the job anyway? Of course not. Should you have recognized the added risk of it happening? Yes.

      • Straight talk, common sense. Now let’s help create a world where it is okay in actuality for a woman to be as free as a man.

        • Work needs to be done when it comes to sexual harassment where financial factors are in play. However, when it comes to rape, there’s a great way for women to protect themselves… purchase and become proficient with a firearm. A gun places a 90 lb woman on the same physical level as a 250 lb man. It’s one of the reasons they’re one of the greatest inventions.

        • Joseph Pendleton

          You know over the years I have seen so many women get offered trim jobs from weirdos who only hire young women. I have seen young ladies take jobs that require them to leave the group there traveling with to take that job. I have wondered how they miss all the red flags. If weirdos wereally not weird or young ladies didn’t wonder 8th the hills with weird dudes this wouldn’t happen. I promise if it gets late in the season even the weirdest of them will allow couples to come so it gets trimmes.

      • Thank you John!

  • Only 34.8 % of rapes are reported in USA and that is a huge problem .Is this “crisis ” in the triangle being sensationalized by media?seems broader than just the triangle..

  • Kym thank you for publishing this article, I do definetly beilive there is a lot of sexual exploitation going on, for sure, undeniably. However, sometimes the pharmer is exploited by the trimmers. There are numerous ‘gold digging’ girlies out there who have no respect for families, or themselves. You welcome these ladies into your home, and in a second, they are all over your man. Beilive me.
    I am not trying to blame victims, women should be very cautious in these hills. But I do beilive there are a couple different angles to this story.

  • Kim, KK might as well add another K to his Handel. He is nothing but a narrow minded jerk. This is so insulting, aimed at someone we all respect. Kk, you really don’t need to comment any more, WE DON’T CARE OR WANT YOUR THOUGHTS. Go back to bed and get up on the other side..I’ll pray for you to find peace.

    • You’re missing that he did have a good point. Failed on the language, but kk brings up that there is a complete other side to what has been dramatized lately. Yes it is an issue. Yes it is being used as propoganda by certain entities. Highlighted as a problem that is only happening in the triangle or in this industry is far from accurate. This issue needs to be explored on both sides to be any kind of credible or reasonable debate.

    • Joseph Pendleton

      So you care nothing about the no personal attacks in this forum. Right or wrong you have no respect for the rules of the forum.

  • Maybe she’s telling the truth, maybe not. The notion that a person would not go to the cops because they were doing illegal work is ridiculous and not believable. The fact that the enterprise is illegal is added incentive to report rape to police.

    • hmm, I think you haven’t been paying attention to illegal workers’ situations. It is a common problem with illegal immigrants that don’t report bad boss behavior or sex workers who don’t report their bosses, or with growers who get robbed.

      • You nailed it Kym.

      • Yep. Hmm is just ignorant.

        • You’re just not thinking. I believe we are not supposed to engage in direct personal insults on this forum. Btw Im a second gen grower.

      • I understand if an illegal immigrant doesnt report mistreatment, they may suffer some kind of legal consequence. A grower has a lot to lose. A “sex worker” if Im understanding what that term means, often has other factors that prevent them from reporting crimes against themselves.

        None of this is true for trimmers. The idea that a trimmer would be charged with some sort of misdemeanor for doing trim work, after reporting that they were raped, is ludacris. I dont believe that has ever happened.

        • I know of a case where a woman was the victim of domestic violence in the Willits area and was arrested for growing marijuana when law enforcement arrived to deal with the situation. This happened in 2009 so not exactly the same climate as today but still indicative of fear people have.

          But in any case, this isn’t the only article that talks about trimmigrants being afraid to report rape

          In this article, I interviewed a woman who said she didn’t report sexual harrassment that included a naked man pointing a gun at her and “inviting” her to join him in his cabin. She didn’t go to law enforcement or even tell most of the people she knew. “As an underling in the industry you got to keep your mouth shut about a lot of stuff.”

          • You’re talking about a grower, not a trimmer. Also domestic violence, not rape. Lets just say you do happen to know of a single example of a trimmer being raped. How strong is that single data point for building the argument that this is an issue?

            I’ve read the other articles in the past. Its a juicy topic but Im not sure how much substance is there.
            I dont see any evidence that the rate of sexual assault or rape is higher around trim scenes than it is in general.

            It’s good that people are investigating the issue though! I do agree that going out into the woods, to work for someone you dont know, without friends (preferably males or large strong women) is a potentially dangerous situation that women particularly need to be aware of.

            • Are trimmers more likely to be sexually exploited than other jobs? There isn’t any proof of that. However, my gut feeling is that if young girls head into remote areas with guys who don’t have any guidelines on behavior because they are basically bosses for the first time…you’re probably going to have a little more problem than you would at a normal job with other managers and employees nearby.

  • When did all the rejects from lost coast outpost thunderdome move over?

  • Criminals working for criminals. What do you expect when working in a scummy field of growing dope?

    • I’d suggest having nothing to do with the industry whatsoever, or at least wait until proper, legal businesses are set up. You know, the kind where workers have a safe environment, worker’s comp, etc, and payroll gets direct deposited by a payroll service so no one is going to murder anyone for their cash. I have no sympathy for either the trimmers or the growers. They both are entirely responsible for their own problems. They knowingly go into a business well-populated with crooks, assholes, murderers, tweekers, and the like, but then complain that they’re dealing with crooks, assholes, murderers, and tweekers, and the like?

      • red tail hawk

        “Direct deposit” is never going to happen as long as pot is federally illegal. Look at Colorado. Banks are not allowed by federal law to deal with pot sellers, so they have to pay their taxes and payroll with cash.

        • How does that change what I said? Don’t have anything to do with the industry until then.

      • Veterans friend

        Women are NOT responsible for rape. Period

        • VETERANS FRIEND,(good name,btw)PEOPLE are responsble for having an awareness of reality. Dont go off into the woods with sketchy felons.PERIOD.

  • This is no surprise, and that’s very unfortunate. As a female myself, I am well aware of rape culture and encourage any victims to come forward and prosecute.

    But I think that there has been a lot of negative coverage of this particular side of the industry, and nearly nothing on the safety of the growers. We pretend that hiring a group of travelers and inviting them out to our property in the woods (where it’s likely that that the grower is outnumbered) poses only a one sided risk. The majority of growers are kind and welcoming to their staff, usually feeding them well and making sure everyone is comfortable. But bringing anyone, even a “trusted” friend out to a scene can be dangerous for the grower and the operation.

    I’m sure that the man who was murdered and robbed by his trimmers in Laytonville last year wouldn’t mind a bit more attention being given to his side of the coin as well. Good people have been taken advantage of in this industry, on both sides.

  • You lie down with dogs (wolves?) and get up with fleas (or worse). We’re talking criminals here. I do not weep. Just like the poor rich people who got ripped off at the fake Caribbean concert/festival/thingy/scam.

    You reap what you sow.

    BTW, I had a personal ad on CL some while back. I wanted to meet a young woman. A trimmer girl sent me nude photos and said she wanted to meet as soon as she came in from the wild. I didn’t solicit any such photos, but she knew they would entice a guy. She was flaky so we never met but this lets you know that at least some of these women are that way. I also knew a young woman from work who also trimmed in season, she was known to be really fast and made a lot of money. She too slept around. A LOT. But not with me. lol

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Growers resemble ISIS, destroying things, selling women, driving Toyota trucks, carrying and selling weapons…

    The list goes on regarding their terrorism.

    It’s high time these terrorists were held accountable for their crimes.

    Be sweet if come August, Trump simply says enough, signs an order to eradicate marijuana, and banish growers to the other side of the wall they will build.

    The crimes and destruction from The Devil’s Lettuce are uncountable.

    May God’s Judgment be on the growers…..

    • Bla bla bla Toyota bla bla bla Isis bla bla bla devils lettuce bla bla bla grower, I have had a rock in my shoe less annoying.

  • You’d only hire a 14 yr.old if she were family,or babysitting. If this story is true,the grower shame shame shame!! I know family’s that have grown up in this for decades and they all grow and trim. Awful story. Kym I hope you feel better.

    • The responsibility lies with the parents of the girl. There’s no way in hell that a fourteen-year-old daughter of mine would be anywhere near a scene.

  • Tonight at Six:: More to Fear with No Proposed Solutions

    There’s an empty gov’t building in G’ville, it would make a dynamite drop in center like the Raven in Eureka; keep transient folks from Main St, provide a safe space with food counselors and a couple beds for these kids, esp the ones with no family behind them.. and the local year round less fortunate running around in winter.

    Good point Willow.

    • Joseph Pendleton

      If you feed them it gets worse. Ask Arcata about the food endeavor and the crime rate spikes during the time they were open to all as a drop in

  • Maybe this is an opportunity for CLMP (or some other local citizens’ group, and/or meditators) to get involved/ be formed, to be a ‘go-to’ for workers who have concerns. They could hear the complaints, take them to the ‘Boss’ and try to create an understanding for a ‘safe work environment’. Would be good to have a phone number that could be easily texted, and if needed, technology that could locate someone by using their phone GPS. It wouldn’t work in all conditions, yet (if there are no mandated reposting requirements) a group like that could be trusted and serve many. And, farms could sign-up with the group to be ‘certified’ as ‘enrolled’ in a ‘worker protection plan’ ……Something like that! 😉

  • Kym, I just wanted to let u know, that you are awesome and amazing. Thank you for reporting on everything you do. It is not easy. You didn’t even wright the article, someone else did, and I thank you for reporting it even though it might not be well received by some.

  • Michelle Steele

    Kym Kemp is an awsome reporter and people need to quit bashing her and get a clue of what’s going on in the real world and quit living there Fantasy life and pretending this stuff doesn’t exist. Things happen in everyday life rather we like and approve of it or not. Women are not sex slaves to anyone therefore people who take advantage of there innocence should be punished or Castoriated in my opinion especially when it comes to children and women…

  • Kyms kemp is saint as far as I’m concerned .with all the Constance violence, stealing,murders she is a true Humboldt rhetorical pioneer that says it like it is ,and all you rude got nothing good say about kym commenters go back to thunder doom.

  • Keep the work local

    The simple truth is that people from all
    Over show up with intentions of making a shit ton of cash then on their way to spend it out side of our community. If you are really dumb enough to get in someone’s rig let them drive you out in the hills with out your own vehicle or knowing anything about these people well not sure what you expect . I’m not
    saying anyone has the right to violate another persons body what I am saying be smart if it sounds to good to be true then it is . As a local it’s common knowledge that there are dangers that exist in the hills shit If you spent 20 minutes online before showing up to hang out on the streets like bums begging to be brought up the hill you would see how high the missing person rate is and maybe think twice before trying to live the nonexistent dream. I am tired of people asking me if I have work or who can I ask go the fuck home do some research and weight your options. And stay off the sidewalks and stop using your food stamps from other states here not what they are meant for . Rant over

  • I wonder how the sex abuse in grow scenes compares to sex abuse in general. Something like 1 out of 6 females have been raped or molested and less spoken about– guys as well. It’s a problem with our society, not just in trim scenes. And sexual favors for increased pay/promotions happens in many work situations. Its unfortunate and is NOT okay. It seems what goes on here is no different than what goes on anywhere else. It is a small percentage of grows this occurs on.

    Be safe, never ever go out into the hills with people you don’t know. Its kinda the golden rule. And have a work buddy. Just as its unwise to walk home alone after last call in some shady neighborhood, its unwise to head down dirt roads your not familiar with, alone, with someone you just met. Life ain’t all sunshine & rainbows, pot farms are no exception.

    • Agree 100%.

      Articles like this may seem simplistic to locals, who know all the problems that can crop up at a grow, whether it’s untrustworthy trimmers or a paranoid grower who’s not thinking straight.

      But for people who aren’t local, and are a little naive, an article that highlights the dangers could be a lifesaver. Hopefully, people will take advice like yours and stay safe.

  • time to move the trimming to secure facilities in town and make it a 9 to 5 job thats safe .the trimmers wont be able to smoke pot all day and party.
    there are plenty of folks in town that need good jobs .
    i say take it off the hill.
    the trimmers will be safe and the farmers wont have to deal with the extra headaches that take 20%

  • Matthew Meyer

    You don’t have to deny the realities of the weed scene to see that articles like this contribute to the push to grow weed in warehouses because it seems more controllable that way.

    I’m concerned that outdoor cultivation is being marginalized, perhaps intentionally, on the basis of anecdotes that stem much more from illegality than from anything inherent to producing cannabis.

    • I’m worried that these kind of articles portray only the negative aspects but, on the other hand, not covering issues within the grow community is also problematic. So I cover the issues and I try to cover the positive stories, too.

  • Propaganda machine now spinning stories to demonize the last of the rebel growers. This is what “leagalization” looks like. Get ready for a steady stream of “revealing news stories” all pointing to why regulation and controll by corporate entities will make us all “safe”. I am not discrediting these victims. But without any perspective relating these stories to other industries where similar heinous acts occur or any discussion as to if even it happens more in the weed business this news report simply becomes a fear-mongering sensationalist hit piece. For the record I’ve been involved heavily since ’78 , I’m a white male and neither I nor anybody I know well would stand for such disrespectful behavior towards our “sisters”. We would not turn a blind eye to predators in our midst like they did in Petrolia – WTF Petrolia?! This is still a family scene for many of us and we still protect it from predators, thieves and scumbags… Greenrushing eco-destroyers? Corporate greed mentality? Well, we lost those battles. But we are still here!!

  • Not more recycled “news” again Kym, haven’t you made enough off this BS from High Times, et al

    Nobodies saying it doesn’t happen but there’s not much about trimmers murdering the grower, again

    How many dead growers are there out there?

    • Growers tend to get missed when they die. They own land and miss their payments at the very least. As far as I know the only recent case of trimmers killing growers occurred in Laytonville. I’ve posted 12 stories about that alone in the last 6 months. I sure as heck haven’t written close to that many about trimmers getting sexually assaulted in the same amount of time. I think it’s about 3 in the last seven months. I’m worried. I think I need to write some more on the problems trimmers have. What do you think? Shouldn’t it be more balanced?

      • Yes, please keep shining a light on the potential exploitation of workers in the industry, and any other compelling stories that are related! Self-reflection is a good thing, both in people and communities. How can we deal with problems if we are ignorant of the facts?

        Thank you Kym for all you do.

        • If only folks could view discussing issues that are occurring as an opportunity to reflect and less as an attack on everyone within the growing community.

          • Susy Barsotti

            Sigh, yes…but not everyone in the industry turns a blind eye. Your work really helps people become aware of their cumulative impact, and as far as self reflection goes, practice makes perfect!

  • What about lesbian trimmers hitting on wives?
    Actually my girlfriend long ago rounded up an all lesbian crew.
    That’s one way to not worry about a wandering eye.

  • Good work KYM, God bless the trimmers for their work is the pivotal point to bring the product to market. Yet this second generation of growers brings a view not necessarily reflective of their parents. In our escape from the degenerating society reflected in our recent presidential selection we hoped to inform the next generation on the possibility of change. It hasn’t ,in my 70 plus years yet my faith in the weed allows me to suggest with all the accompanying dirt, marijuana is an attempt by the plant world to chill us out. The race between acquiring money and the possibility that pot can change the human consciousness is looking like a losing proposition. Yes, money is the root of all evil.

  • but i do like to have enough money to buy groceries

  • I don’t have cable so I’m not aware of what was said on That program. However,
    Rape is a violent act. It’s against the law. Anyone getting picked up for trimming in town whether local or national should know how to protect themselves. I don’t know anyone personal that has encountered this in their trim scene. There is a book out written by a local trimmer about trim scenes and trimming you can get it at King Range or Garden of Beading in Garberville. Alot of information For new and seasonal trimmers and myths of this interesting cannabis scene here.

  • Why is it ok for youth under 18 to work trimming weed, “medical” or not, when their brains are still developing? This is exploitation of young people. No young person needs 500-1000 per day, that’s taking away all incentive for education and learning vocational skills. Trimming causes saturation of thc for days or weeks on end, and I’m sure very few if any growers offer the youth gloves and masks. Also the youth are around 2nd hand smoke daily. Would everyone be ok with youth drinking beer everyday for weeks on end as part of a job? The whole industry needs to look at what’s going on, and instead of fighting regulations become responsible on all levels, environmental, social, and economic. All other farming communities have to follow OSHA guidelines per breaks, safe working, safety equipment, etc., EPA regulations per runoffs, Department of Agriculture regulations, and still manage to make a living, maybe not the trip to mexico every winter lifestyle but a good happy healthy living. There is an opportunity for the pot industry to step up and set the standards for what is acceptable in a grow, or not.

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