Small Bear Seen on College of the Redwoods Campus


Image by “Anselmus de Boodt (Attr) – A Bear” via Wikimedia Commons

College of the Redwoods issued the following alert:

Caution, a small bear has been seen on the Eureka campus in the wooded area North of campus. If seen, stay away and notify Public Safety. For information on Bear safety go to:

A small bear could possibly mean that there is a big momma bear around. And she will not care if the porridge was too hot or not. Please DO NOT feed the wildlife or leave trash around.



  • Maybe the Baby Bear just wants to get an education.

  • David N Lindberg

    Bearly news!

  • Looking for his picnic basket.

  • These comments are bearly worth reading… Great bear comments though

    • I guess you just have to grin bear it which is a lot better more times than not, than grin & bare it!!!

  • Don’t take a nap anywhere little buddy. Trump is a sociopath who is out to get ya, your momma and any beautiful wolves too, I just can’t bear to watch what he bill he signs next.

    • WTH? No president has the power of authority to wave a magic wand for or against life. They only have the authority to pass (if it’s in keeping witht the constitution) or veto (when it’s repugnant to the constitution or just plain silly, annoying or too expensive) any law that congress passes.
      By cancelling unconstitutional laws, (Feds have no power or authority) the State’s get their rightful powers back. This means each state is once again responsible for their own state. Got too many bears? Bear hunting season. Have too few bears? Bear protection season.
      To assume that the one size fits all federal govt can do a better job of managing every state is what is destroying our habitats, livlihoods, and most importantly, liberties.
      The articles in the Constitution are interesting reads.

  • They live here. Imagine that.

  • Just one can of worms I’m opening but, what the hell does Trump have to do with a bear on CR campus?

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