Good Samaritans Pitch in to Help When a Pickup Drops Its Load

Good Samaritans help gather a pickup load of plywood

Good Samaritans help gather a pickup load of plywood that fell into the road. [Photo provided by Raven Knickerbocker]

Today, a little before 3:30 p.m., a reader, Raven Knickerbocker, witnessed the kindness of strangers. Knickerbocker was near the intersection of F and 6th Street in Eureka when an older gentleman in a pickup truck lost a load of what she thought was “drywall or plywood.” The sheets, she said, “slid out of the bed of his pickup truck into the middle of the intersection.”

Good Samaritans began arriving on the scene. She described them as “just a bunch of average joe’s [who] got together and help[ed] someone who they saw needed help.”

Knickerbocker explained there were seven different young men who happened to be passing by on foot or got out of vehicles. “[There was] even a young man from within the pizza restaurant [who] came out and got together to assist this gentleman,” she said. One of those helping was her husband.

All the passing drivers were polite, she noted. “No one shouted or blew their horn,” she wrote us.

The extra hands were very much appreciated by the older gentleman, Knickerbocker explained. “The gentleman who dropped the load had stated that he had just recently had back surgery and was not doing too well physically so he was very grateful to everyone who helped pick up his supplies and put [the load] back in his truck so quickly,” she explained.

“It makes me proud to live here when I see something like this,” she said.<



  • So good to read about good people.

  • why should this be seen as unusual?

  • Iys called an unsafe load and should be met with a citation, morons that dont secure their load endanger the rest of us.

    • humboldtmama67

      GOD, I truly hope you don’t get old and disabled

      • I’m getting to the age that I sometimes get “ageist” comments. I meet them with the comment that “someday you will be old also… or not, either way tickles the hell out of me.

    • I was out watering the flowers and this fellow made several comments including racist slurs and the comment that women that wore short shorts deserved to get raped. He’s banned. I figure this comment plus the other two were three too many.

      • I’d say just the rape comment alone is enough justification.

      • There’s A picture in my moms house five generations of women from my nieces to my great grandma didn’t see the rape talk but [edit]. Anyhow thanks to all the good people for helping out the old man

      • He does have a valid point, though. If the driver made no effort to secure the load, he was putting others in danger. If he did try to secure the load in a reasonable manner, but it still failed, that’s different. I see a lot of pickups (especially lifted dodges, somehow) with building materials just tossed in the back, without even a $3 ratchet strap to pretend like they’re trying.

        • Well, considering he had just had back surgery…I’m for cutting the man some slack. But I did leave this post up even though I thought the other ones went too far.

          • I’ve got your back any day Kym. No one deserves that kind of crap. Thanks for what you do. I thought it was a great story.

      • Cool. But how do you ban an unregistered commentator who simply comments under a new user ID?

        • They can use a new alias and a new ip and I won’t notice them until they start making the same types of comments again. Then I ban them again.

    • Seems to e the lumber store who loaded the plywood should have made sure the load was secure.

      • Its not the stores responsibility, just as it’s not a lumber mills responsibility to tie down the loads for a trucker. But you can bet if that was a big truck that had lost even a small part of his load, theses clowns on here would have blown a gasket!!

      • That’s what I was thinking. Consumers trust the store to have properly trained their employees, because, most automatically do just that, in order to assure the consumer happily returns for more purchases.
        Maybe he bought the load off craigslist, or some other scenario?

  • Don’t pay any attention to Ouch. He or she probably never received any help in their life. Just so happy to see a good story like this. I know how that poor old man felt when he lost his load, but the people who helped him really made his day. Bless all of you including Ouch.

  • Good samaritans are at work all over the place. I treasure when it gets reported, as news is slanted to “it bleeds, it reads”.
    Very cheering story, happens all the time.

  • People do forget sometimes!! I’m sure they just forgot.Lesson learned!

  • And….. another fine reason we love Humco!!
    Thank you too all that pitched in to help this feller out.

    I saw a shirt one time an old guy had on;
    ” gettin old aint for p****es”

  • Thanks for posting this Kym. With all the other news (of angst), it’s easy to forget the true human sides that still exist in others.
    This used to be the norm in norCal, let’s hope it still is.

  • It’s just nice to know there are decent pe ople left in the world .

    • Their are lots and lots of the greatest people on earth here,sometimes we can’t see them thru all the bad ones. It’s starting to clear,like the

  • More reason not to tailgate be observant never know what will drop out fall ride in front of u or who will be crossing Slow down . I’m really glad to hear this story rather than some tweeker ran of with lumber to make a mansion in the bushes

  • Thank you Kym for posting this good news ! Also thank you Raven for taking the time to take the photo and submit the story. I personally know Raven and her husband Nick. They are always helping others.

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