Fortuna Loses Local Icon

Robert "Bobby" DanielsEarlier this week, Fortuna lost a local icon; Robert “Bobby” Daniels passed away. Bobby was at every major event I can remember – wearing his signature safety vest and hat, collecting recyclables.

Bobby attended both the Seventh Day Adventist Church and LifeHouse church. The churches will be hosting a joint service to remember him on Saturday, April 29th at 3:00 PM, at the Fortuna Seventh Day Adventist Church (2301 Rohnerville Rd).

All are invited.



  • Awe man what a bummer it just won’t be the same around here RIP on your bike in the sky werever you are im sure it’s doing something to better all thats around you god is holding you ,and recyclables in the palm of his hand you will be sorely missed bobby.

  • Damn that sucks, he just walked past my house the other day, Rest In Peace bobby, goin home to be with your wife now.
    Now that I think of it, I’m pretty sure he was walking up to the cematary to see his wife

  • RIP, “Hardball Bobby.” Major Fortuna events will not be the same without you! You will be missed by so many… so many more than you could possibly ever know.

  • Bobby is with Carol. He missed her so much. Now he leaves us to miss him. Bobby always called the fairgrounds to let us know he’d bicycled safely across Fernbridge after he’d left the fair. I know God will set him up to find lots of stuff to recycle and see him safely across the bridge.

    • Susan i am the one who has been taken care of him for the last 10 years and he talked about you often and love you all at the fair grounds…

  • RIP Bobby🕊

  • An icon in Fortuna is an understatement. Will be missed on the streets riding his bike and he was always on a mission. The town may look a little less cleaner in the near future.

  • I remember Bobby from way back in the 80’s when I was a kid in Fortuna. He was a very nice man. RIP

  • God Speed Bobby, RIP!

  • A man with a wonderful heart. Gone to be with his wife, mother & brother. Bobby, his brother & mother were there for my brother, when he had cancer and just needed someone to show him some love. They will always be in my heart. RIP Bobby, Carol, Mom & Kenny.

  • I have lived here for almost forty years and I can’t remember a time when Bobby wasn’t around. Fortuna will never be the same. 🙁

  • Rest In Peace Bobby I remember you back in the 80’s and briefly spoke with you at the fairgrounds several years ago when you were telling me that people are mean. I will never forget you as you were an icon in Fortuna.

  • I had the pleasure of being Bob & Carol Caregiver. They were two of the nicest people. I am very sad. Bob is with his family. I know his broken heart is mended now that he is with Carol. He missed her soooo much. I will cherish all the memories of them. RIP Bob Bob.

  • He always spoke to me when my 6 year old son and I walked past his house to go to Dollar General. I will miss seeing him and saying hi when I go past there now. R.I.P. Bobby

  • Apryl Äeschbacher

    Bobby was a true Soldier, being at every event within the Fortuna, Ferndale area. Regardless of what Good Ole Mother Nature, had instore…. Rain or Shine, Snow or Sleet, etc… Bobby was always there.

    I remember the 1st time I met Bobby. I was having dinner with my family at Pam’s Burger Bar. I had a medical emergency. Once everything had cleared up and I was ok. Bobby came up to me as we were leaving and asked if I was ok. As always, Bobby had his head down (as if he was shy). Bobby had a 💜 of Gold, he will be missed, greatly!!!

    R.I.P. Bobby and enjoy the rest of your life in heaven with your wife Carol.

    Until we meet again.

  • Bummer. I loved seeing that guy out and about with his work vest and bicycle, picking up cans and bottles.

  • God bless you Bobby up in heaven!

  • Rest in piece Bobby ! Your one of a kind . You are in my memories of Fortuna forever! Thank you

  • Glenn Franco Simmons

    Bobby was at a lot of events I covered over the years. He was an icon and will be missed, I’m sure.

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