[UPDATE 1:26 p.m.] 19-Year-Old HSU Student Dies After Stabbing in Arcata Early This Morning

Homicide InvestigationA 19-year-old Humboldt State University student is deceased after an early morning stabbing. According to Sgt Brian Hoffman of the Arcata Police, he is only able to release a limited amount of information as the case is under investigation. At this point he is able to say, “Officers were dispatched to the 1100 block of Spear Avenue to a report of stabbing about 3 a.m.” He stated that a 19-year-old HSU student was taken to Mad River Hospital and pronounced deceased.

Hoffman said, “A suspect was arrested.” The names of the suspect and the victim are not being released at this time.

UPDATE 10:18 a.m.: HSU issued the following statement:

A 19-year-old Humboldt State University student was stabbed and killed last night, and Arcata Police have detained a suspect.
The name of the student is being withheld while family is being notified.
The incident occurred at an off-campus location. The investigation is being led by Arcata Police Department, with support from the University Police Department.
HSU officials are reaching out to the family of the student, and will be offering counseling and other support for friends, faculty, and others on campus who knew him.
Students who are in need of support during this time are encouraged to contact the Dean of Students office at 707.826.3504 or visit that office in Siemens Hall 211. For assistance any time, students can contact Counseling & Psychological services at 707.826.3236. Staff or faculty seeking additional support may utilize the Employee Assistance Program at 707.443.7358.

UPDATE 1:26 p.m.: President Lisa Rossbacher of Humboldt State University issued the following statement:

Dear University Community:

I am deeply saddened to share news with you that one of our students has died after a stabbing last night. I have no words to adequately describe the sorrow of this loss. This tragedy is heartbreaking for all of us, and most especially the family and friends of the victim. Our thoughts are with them and we extend our condolences.

We are reaching out to provide support and counseling to members of our University community. We will also be in contact and offering support to family members.

The student’s name is currently confidential while his family is being notified. Because the incident occurred off campus, the investigation is being led by the Arcata Police Department with significant assistance from University Police.

For assistance any time, students can contact Counseling & Psychological Services at 707.826.3236. Staff or faculty seeking additional support may utilize the Employee Assistance Program at 707.443.7358.

Lisa A. Rossbacher, Ph.D.



  • So tragic! My condolences to this person’s loved ones.

  • Both of my son get stabbed barely survived my condolences going to a family sending my love light healing vibration to them

  • It seems that all the people on kyms blog are saying the same thing a lot lately. Sorry for your loss RIP

  • 19 so sad their life really hadn’t started yet. My condolences to the family

  • Sounds like this was the result of a pretty serious fight, perhaps it was done in self defense. Sorry the person passed away.
    And sorry to say but when you have an incoming class at hsu with 70% from LA, theres bound to be at least a few who are used to resolving their issues with this type of violence.

    Lets try to watch each other when drinking lots at partys, and stop these fights before they escalate. The amount of underage drinking and designer drugs at hsu is becoming a very serious issue.

    • They are not all from LA. Where do you get your numbers from?

      • Poster said, “at least a few who are used to resolving their issues with this type of violence.” Apparently you need help reading for comprehension.

    • 70% from LA? You need to check your numbers, please. I find that statement to be inaccurate to say the least. And suggesting that LA kids resolve issues with violence is irresponsible. What, youth from the Emerald Valley are non-violent? I beg to differ. I am not a fan of grouping and judging. May the victims family have peace.

      • Timothy Deshaun Dumas

        This was my cousin who was murderer and u say la they do this with violence so if u pepper spray a person and bring out a weapon. That shit is kew my cousin grew up and raised n lake perris ca not la and ur fucking suspect has multiple altercations towrds ppl being of the black skin. Color his ass aint from la so miss me with the aligations.If its a fight you dont need a weapon u dont need pepper spray it doesnt have to be a hate crime

    • Timothy Deshaun Dumas

      Their not from la he was raised in the valley how the fuck is that la

    • [edit] Where a student comes from does not determine what their reaction will be or how they behave. I grew up in Oakland, and have a masters degree, own three home. I probably employed some of your people. Think what you say before you hit send [edit]. We’re talking about college students.

  • Actually, the trees that line Redwood drive in Garberville were planted by the local soroptimists almost thirty years ago. They have greatly improved downtown G-ville. Thanks soroptimists.

  • As long as lawlessness reigns in this county this kind of thing will happen. Any parent who allows their son or daughter to attend Mao U anyway should be ashamed. I worked at HSU and graduated from there. The “university” coddles illegal aliens, violent radicals and encourages communist thinking. People with their heads in the sand look past it. You get the society – and neighborhoods – you deserve.

  • A Bad Death, Watch where you go, and watch who’s around you.Its a lesson to us all.

    Judge everyone you meet, and do you think that they are good or bad. Most often your instincts are right.

  • It’s about time that Arcata, Eureka and Mckinleyville hippies get their head out of the clouds. HSU brings kids here with good intentions and potential for the area. Let’s get rid of the riff raff, once and for all. Transients with out mental disabilities need to be scrutinized. If you are not an active/registered part of this community, there needs to be questions asked. Meth and crime needs to be dealt with seriously.

    Of course, I’m jumping to a conclusion concerning this case, but it’s time to address the elephant in the room. Even if undocumented nomads aren’t at fault, here, it seems to be the statistical probability.

    Like it, or not, we are headed into legalized Mj. Can we finally please eradicate the counter/crime culture? Sure, it’s a big change for generations of growers, but they are legitimately outnumbered and the risk that they bring is a risk for everyone. As with coal, it’s time for a new era. Frankly, college students are not stabbing people.

    • You are WAY off base here, buddy. Travelers have nothing to do with this. it’s a McKinleyville kid who did it.

      What motivates you to the rush to judgement that it must be the underclass you despise?

  • Why are all of these rediculous comments attacking the victim, who was a student, who wasn’t caring a knife, who was fighting with his fists, ect., ect. What about the 23 year old perp from McKinleyville who has been incarcerated since the incident and the media who are not being permitted to release his name! What is so damn special about the perp? Grow up and quit bashing the victim!

  • You guys need to stop assuming that drugs were involved. David was my cousin, my fa vorite one, actually. Drugs WERE NEVER involved. David (we called him Dj) was a smart kid, and knew what to do, and he knew not to do drugs. He only went to Humboldt because he got a scholarship there. The twenty three year old was NOT intoxicated, so stop making rumors. Dj was a good kid, and he isn’t from Los Angeles. and think about this, don’t say things you know aren’t true.

  • Its sad how quickly people jump to conclusions and post their rude and insensitive opinions.. A young man lost his life- NO ONE deserves to have their lives taken away for ANY REASON… And the loved ones left behind are the ones left hurting.. Prayers to the family and friends of the victim.

  • A concerned citation

    Truth and good must shine and rein. If you have any information please live your faith and come forward. We the faithful are directed, are called, not to bear false witness. Let us use the widow of of Solomon and the patience of Jobe through this process. Please pray for all those involved. I am so sorry for the loss. PLEASE save your anger/hate and judgment, it is a waisted emotion. The truth about this will come out!!!!!! All we can do is pray for everyone involved. There is much hurt and pain.

  • Get your facts straight

    My child knows the boy who died. Sorry folks, drugs or being from LA did not play a part. This was good old fashion “RACISM”. White kid kills black kid.

  • His cousin Timothy Dumas

    My cousi. Wasnt volient was peacefull and all i see is all the dam comments talking bought him like hes a bad kid seriously but u dont talk about this 23-year-old who.killed my 19yr old cousin my family member has no record no history of drugs but. the suspect Kyle Christopher Zoellner. Has drug priors has cases wjere he has done racial things nothin happens has assaulted women still walking around kew so stop assuming because he was a black victim that he deserved or was a gang member my cousin was a student and athlete. He wasnt a gangbanger a drug fiend anything. And the racist part ambulance took n let the supsect into the hospital to check on him while my cousin bleed to death toom 30minutes for help to come so the entire situation is shady and justice will come one way or the other but stop putting David Josaih Lawsons name thru the dirt n mud because yall maynt wanna accept that one of ur neighbors one of ur friends siblings killed mines for being my cousin while this suspect is just being racist…so how are we suppose to feel that my cousin was stabbed and not shown far justice khy the kids white fuck out of here if my cousin was white and a black kid killed him yall wouldve been handled and solved the shit yall wouldve went nuts but do i see the same respect for my cousin since he.was an unarmed black male killed by a white man with weapon …. Like i.said if my cousin did the murder police wouldve shot.him and hed have the dealth penalty. ..i want a life sentence with no.chanve of parol khz i will deny it get what u deserve n go.to.jail for life

    • I am so sorry for your loss Timothy. No one deserves this senseless hate, I wish Dj didn’t have to be another example of the racial imbalance of America. We are thinking of your family and remembering DJ and praying for justice.

  • Concerned mother

    Racism obviously played a huge role in this senseless crime. It’s known McKinleyville is filled with white supremacist, why beat around the bush. What matters is what is done to bring justice for this poor young man who didn’t deserve to die. If this guy is guy is guilty, lock him up! Make him pay for his crime and require him to perform community volunteer hours at a local community center with intra district kids who are struggling to get out of the ghetto. Maybe he’ll learn more from them than his supremacist brotheren in prison. It’s time to put a stop to this now.

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