Eureka Man Arrested in Paradise for Possession of Large Quantities of Meth and Heroin

This is a press release from the Paradise Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:


2015 mugshot of Kevin Maguire from this incident.

On [March 27], the Paradise Police Department received an anonymous tip Kevin Maguire was a wanted subject staying at the Paradise Lodge (5475 Clark Road). Officers confirmed Maguire had two felony warrants for his arrest from Humboldt County. Maguire was also on probation out of Humboldt County.

Officers contacted Maguire and Sara Bell at their motel room where he peacefully surrendered. Officers conducted a probation search of the motel room and located approximately 3/4 of a pound of methamphetamine, large quantity of heroin, approximately 1 pound of marijuana, drug packaging and several hundred dollars in cash.

At the conclusion of the investigation, Officers arrested Maguire for the two warrants, violation of probation, drug sales and possession of a scanner while committing a felony. Officers arrested Bell for possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia.

Crime/Offense :

11378 H&S Possession of controlled substance for sale
11351 H&S Possession of narcotics for sale
1203.2(a) PC Violation of probation
Out of County Felony Warrant
11377(a) H&S Possession of controlled substance
11364 H&S Possession of drug paraphernalia
632(a) PC Eavesdropping



  • Why bother…he’ll just walk or find a safe secure place to shoot up. We all know this.

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    His neo mohawk is kinda cool…

    Did he stash all that in those earing things?

    • Kevin Michael Maguire has been arrested before, less than a year and half ago for the same combination of drug charges. I’m sure we have plenty of new bad felons to catch, without having to keep hooking the same ones over and over. Especially since they have already been caught and tagged! This is out of hand!

      This has to change soon or we are all going to be caught in a county that we can no longer safely live in. It may already be time to leave. These problems are not being effectively dealt with at all! What do we do next ? The criminals are in charge here in Humboldt from what I’ve seen and had to deal with!

      • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

        One can only blame the police for allowing marijuana growing to exist.

        Who cares if it’s legal?

        Just start burning fields, fly in low blasting music, raze their plants, drop their pit bulls on them from helicopters.

        It’s only going to get worse.

        • sharpen your pencil

          You are so dillusional it is almost funny now….

        • Marijuana is the less of all those evils! Herion is killing kids that are to dumb to know the dangers. Maybe if every smoked some pot and let go of the other narcotics life would be a little more peaceful.

      • Justwanttoheartheendofthestory

        Law enforcement can only arrest and hold as specified by the law. Prop 47 brought this upon us, so if you voted yes on 47 a couple of years ago, you are to blame (as well as the apologists for the career criminals -“he never had a chance”, “there are no jobs”, and “legalizing marijuana will make crime go away”)

  • He’ll be glad to get back to Humboldt, ‘The criminal sanctuary county’. Book and release ’em Dano !!!

  • Good that they got him and his drugs off the street .all those drugs off the street that amount is not for personal use .that amount could ruin alot of lives.good job paradise police. At least the the kid and his girl wss I’ll get some clean time.

    • Trust me, there is plenty more out there! The is a tiny fraction compared to what’s out on the streets! But yes good job PPD!

  • Here’s hoping that Butte County is better than Humboldt at holding onto felons.

    • It’s consider a none violent crime, he will be out 30-60 days and tax payers will pay for a rehab that most likely will only work temporarily while he is being tested for drugs inside the facility.

      • No, he won’t be out of jail in 30-60 days,or no court appointed rehabilitation or testing in the facility. You do know that they get charged to be in jail, rt? They pay for their 3 meals a day, medical. What there is of it.

  • By his picture and his history, I’ll presume he’s innocent. When are they selecting Jurors?

  • Paradise is getting to be a very popular town for criminal types. Used to be known as the place Radar O’Reilly lived.

    • sharpen your pencil

      Paradise has been a junky “paradise” for a long time, I had family move to Paradise to get out of Chico only to discover that the amount of tweakers was similar to our own here at home….

  • If he were a woman, he could claim “my body, my choice!”
    But, then the king would say “no, no, no, I own all peasants. How dare you tamper with my possession!”
    The urban peasants would bow to the King and chant “Feed him to the lions!”
    Then they would all go home and write into their journals how wonderful it is to live in such a free kingdom.
    The end.

  • When does a mother….Er look in the mirror and say ok. Time to quit.

  • Beautiful
    Thank you law enforcement

  • Really? In Paradise? Life’s ironies.

  • Picky about Paradise

    Paradise PD needs to double-check that “eavesdropping” section. The law against using scanners or any other means to listen to the cops in connection with committing a crime is 636.5 PC,

    Their 632(a) is for different situations entirely, and specifically excludes use of a radio as an element of the offense,

  • Butte County is not Humboldt they actually send this kind of shit up river.

  • We need to add like 6 extra floors on our jail there is plenty of room up in the sky. Make it a monolith down town pukereaka

  • how do we find out what the sentence is given for this? to be released on the streets again with all that was in his possession ? on probation even? what exactly does probation mean?



    oh kev:(

  • Jesus Christ Kev. 🙁

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