22-Year-Old Convicted of Sexually Abusing 5-Year-Old

Press release from the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office:

District Attorney DA Humboldt

Humboldt County District Attorney Maggie Fleming announced that today a jury convicted 22-year-old Brandon Bemis of felony sexual abuse of a child in violation of California Penal Code section 288(a).
The trial provided evidence that the defendant engaged in sexually motivated touching of a 5-year-old girl in his Fortuna home.

The jury heard testimony from Jane Doe, now 6 years old, who was accompanied by her father to the witness stand. The prosecution also presented evidence concerning the defendant’s prior sexual misconduct, along with testimony from Jane Doe’s mother, criminalists from the Department of Justice, Child Abuse Services Team Forensic Interviewer Dori Larson, Fortuna Police Department Officer James Jengeleski and District Attorney Investigators Kyla Baxley and Martin Perrone. Portions of the defendant’s collection of child pornography were also introduced into evidence.

Deputy District Attorneys Stacey Eads and Carolyn Schaffer prosecuted the case. Victim Witness Advocate Amber Pegg provided support for Jane Doe and her family.
The defendant will return to court on May 24, 2017 for sentencing. The defendant faces a maximum of 8 years in prison.



  • Only 8 years?

    • Thinking allowed

      My first thought too

    • I don’t know the lows or understand them. But it seems like you get the same sentence for car theft. It hard to believe that when a crime is treated. So little concerned about a sex criminal gets the same as a car theaf. Wow

  • Well. This in no way is any denial of the crime. I know it is very wrong. I know the defendent needs to be held responsible and punished for his behavior. Just, gosh the guy is twenty two.
    I feel for everyone, the victim, her family, the young man, his family, the community at large. Is there another way to consider this case other than damnation? Just a sad situation. For the record, I was molested as a very young girl also, by older men who were “friends of the family.”

    • Not wanting to bring up juvenile records, but he has one for the same thing. He was, and I emphasize was, someone that running in the same groups as my kids.

  • What a courageous girl!!! Many many thanks to her and her family for being a voice for many, i cannot fathom how challenging the process must have been. You most likely saved other girls from this jerk.

    Its too bad judges arent sending a harsher message to these perps, tho we all know what happens to child molesters in prison. Mainly because a lot of inmates were molested. Kinda makes you wonder about the true long term effects on girls and boys alike.

  • 8 years is definitely NOT enough!

  • What happens when he is released? This is an extremely difficult obsession to treat successfully. What happens next? Whether it’s 8, or 80 years, when he is released, then what?

    • Starting question is, does he admit his wrong?
      I understand that Humboldt county has a very effective sexual treatment program.
      The idea would be for him to be treated while he is incarcerated.
      I am guessing that IF he gets out of prison alive, he will NOT want to go back.
      This type crime challenges the theory of redemption and forgiveness, yes?

    • Mostly males female hormones. Yep turn them into females, breasts and all.

      The only thing that would be successful in rehabilitating sexual predators, is giving them( mostly males

  • Should be life or at least lifelong supervised probation.

  • Come off it man, this guy needs more than 8 years! Hell, even constitutionists are being locked up longer than that for daring to preach the good word.

    • Proof? Didn’t think so.

      • Proof is everywhere, man.
        Unfortunately, the media outlets never question their “trusted” sources.
        The readers never question their authoritative dictates.

        Meanwhile, liberty spirals into the abyss.

        The locals who agreed to allow the govt manage their own lands, water, air, food, health, will one day awaken to the horrors of what they’ve allowed.
        Do they have a permit for putting out runaway control burns?
        Do they have a permit for using the water they own deeds to?
        Do they have a permit for using the roads to their homes?
        Do they have a permit for growing food?
        Do they have a permit for catching rain water?
        Have they signed up for the new increased rates permits?

        This short article, covers the main principle quite well.

  • Gross . Castration !

  • Justice has failed...again

    8 years?! So she will still be a minor when he gets out? That’s is so unfair for that poor girl. She is scarred for life and he doesn’t even have to lose a decade of his. I support whatever actions her parents decide is fair (make him wear his balls around his neck!)!

  • Veterans friend

    He will find no child to touch where he is headed. Prison is not kind to child molestors

  • Prison isn’t kind to them. The last I heard they do not let them out into the general population because they wouldn’t last a week. They use to release them with the other prisoner’s but for some reason that changed. I don’t know why. I do hope they let them out into the general population now. That would do my old heart good.

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