[Update 5:48 pm] Occupants of Four Vehicles Trapped Under Live Power Lines

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At about 5 p.m. today at the corner of Myrtle Ave and Freshwater Road in Eureka, a large dump truck hit a power pole. Live lines fell on four vehicles. According to CHP

According to the CHP website, one CHP Patrol vehicle is also trapped. The occupants of all four vehicles have been told to stay in their vehicles till PG&E arrives. Both Myrtle Ave. and Freshwater Road are closed both directions at this time. Please be careful in the area if you are out and about!

Update 5:48 pm:  There is a hard closure between Myrtle Avenue, Redmond Road and also Freshwater Road for about 4-5 hours. Estimated time of reopening is between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m.)



  • That’s a shocking situation. Great Scott!!!

  • Are they letting people who live on Redmond through?

  • Wow. That’s a traffic jam for no’hummers!!

  • The guy driving that truck is arrogant and reckless. He pulled into my lane this morning to back his truck into that place. I was driving my kids to school and had to slam on my brakes when I was doing 30 miles an hour. I came back by later in the day and the same crew was trenching using a excavator chained in the back of a dump trailer?! Amateur hour. The minute my power went out I knew it was those bozos.

    • Wow Nimby! I wonder who hired this contractor? They are just as liable as the contractor.

      • No doubt!! Sounds like shotty work. Thanks to nimby for writing, maybe you ought to give the chp and the county that info. With a chp vehicle involved and officer trapped with the other vehicles, i bet they will be investigating.
        Lucky there were no medical emergencies up freshwater/kneeland, the only other way out is on the back road thats taken a beating this winter.

      • By what stretch of logic did you conclude that someone hiring a contractor is liable for the contractor’s employees’ driving to and from the jobsite?

    • Close call , lucky to have not been killed, how frightening, that’s why I ride the bus and so should you, can’t believe you put your kids in harms way by driving out on the wild streets of eureka, cars roll over every day out here .

      • Only if you drive like an idiot, do you really think your safer on a bus? Do they even have seat belts? Get a big truck with bumpers and drive like a normal human being and you will be the safer than most (just don’t put a big lift on it) the only down side is everyone will think your a dope grower lol then again you might just blend in

      • Tonto thinks you’re not the Lone Ranger, who wasn’t scared of those who take unnecessary risks. Just get the biggest vehicle you can handle so that if you do get in an accident you are protected by physics.

        • Its all good , I’ll go back to driving my little escort and make sure I leave 15 minutes earlier than needed and when I see construction going in I slow down and give construction vehicles with hazards on plenty of room since I’m not racing anywhere, which would probably make driver of dump truck take a little extra time backing up so he doesn’t clip a power pole, Tonto logic

  • Does anyone know who the contractor and/or trucking company is?

  • When I left for work this morning at 5:45am, the road was still closed off right after Freshwater Rd. Lots of equipment still there working, so plan ahead this morning when leaving for work.

  • I think that is one of Zippers trucks

  • Veterans friend

    Electrifying journalism

  • Amimissingsomething

    Kym, Do you have an update on this article” When did PG&E arrive and when did the people involved get out of their cars”

  • Wishing you well Kym😷

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