A Sign They Need to Make Room at the Inn? (Vehicle Accident at Garberville Motel)

cop vehicles

Law enforcement near where a vehicle smashed the Garberville Motel sign. [All photos by Bobby Kroeker]

At 7:02 p.m., a vehicle “smashed” the Garberville Motel sign, according to the California Highway Patrol Incident Information Page.

The woman driver was not injured, according to our reporter.



  • Ernie Branscomb

    Didn’t they just finish refurbishing that sign???

  • Looks like it’s gonna have to be furbished again!

  • The whole town needs to be refurbished

    • Blacktail Addict

      Forty plus years of the famed liberal tolerance will do that to a town.

      • Not to mention all the outlaws that come here to trim pot and also bring their substance abuse problems with them. Makes for a negative environment, filled with marginal people.
        Check out the history of the Gold Rush. Deju vu for sure.

    • Thankfully, there are folks investing in refurbishing our little village, creating jobs and uplifting the energy for all of us. That’s much better than sliding downward into total decline. Maybe with good food, fun music, art and upgraded architecture, everyone, even the homeless, will be more willing to contribute their energy to support our makeover. Help make our town a delightful Haven instead of a homeless tweeker dump. The crossroad for our direction is happening now…which direction will you be supporting?

      • 20+ years ago, used to go down there every summer for a week or so with another family and our kids. Stayed in a motel with a pool, walked around town, went to the pizza place and enjoyed Garberville. Would be nice to see it that way again.

      • You must be really high.

        • Assume Goodwill

          I still love plain living and high thinking. Call me old fashioned, but we can only add to the sum of positive vision or the sum of negative thinking…

    • Charlene – I love it, my favourite yet! The films shows off evteryhing about them being a wonderful couple and how they bring out the best in each other. Perfect x

  • Garberville always appears to me as a remarkably prosperous little burg. Those of you in doubt don’t travel much.

    • Actually, when one has been traveling, things look pretty un-charming upon return here. LOTS of giant expensive trucks to look at& lots of homeless who seem like they don’t care how “their town” looks. The new changes in town are such a relief& bring renewed hope&enthusiasm for the way forward. Also, Springtime flowers& foliage always make things beautiful. So even the homeless may decide to pick up trash, dog poop,etc & pitch in to help upgrade the energy of our piece of the planet. Imagine?

  • I miss the old g-ville. As kids when we went swimming and our next stop was always g-ville. When we traveled we always stopped,and on our way back!! I’d love for the folks who live there to get their town back!!

    • Yeah I remember when you could go swimming those were the good old days….

      • The tasteful upgrades in town are for the good of all. And, except for the Town Square, they don’t ask for donations or have fundraisers . They put out their own money and believe in our future. Please give ’em a handshake or a High 5 when you see them.

    • I love David Nash too! couldn’t tear myself away from his silly notices, his stuff is really great , things I bought years ago are still going st&17g.Ir#82on;ve moved south now, Wish I knew how to contact him, you didn’t take his (hanwritten ) card did you?

  • Absolutely 👏

  • Latenightknifefights

    Refurbished or not, that sign is ghetto as fuck.
    Its 2017 yo.
    Besides these motels are pretty dumpy and attract the tweekers who post up thhere to mule meth around.

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