Accident on Fortuna Boulevard

Smashed silver car at accident

According to the Fortuna Police’s Facebook page at 8:13 a.m., “Units are on scene of an injury traffic collision Fortuna Boulevard at Strongs Creek Plaza…[A]void the area if possible.”



  • Humboldt Granny

    We were in Fortuna yesterday and people were driving like maniacs. I guess they decided to continue today.

  • Fortuna 500! To qualify you must have a hangover and be able to accelerate aggressively toward a red light! Hope no one was hurt.

  • Wow! I’ve never been to Fortuna, but this pic looks like it’s in the middle of town. What is the speed limit through that area. From the look of the damage to that car, someone HAD to be going at a pretty good clip! Again, WOW! I’m hoping the injuries are not critical injuries.

    • Speed limit 35 and 25 on that Street.

    • the misadventures of bunjee

      Strongs Creek plaza is is a newer commercial spot on the south end of town. Mid city is back the other way behind the wrecked vehicle. The boulevard has been a race track for decades to some people, and as more people move to Fortuna, there’s more people around to keep it that way. Hard to catch people because there you can blow out of town to 101 or out towards Rohnerville and just disappear somewhere.

    • Never been to fortuna you must live far

      • Weaverville, we always go to Eureka and camp in Trinidad. The furthest South I’ve been along the coast is Ft. Bragg. But we drove straight through only stopping in Ferndale and then Ft.Bragg. We never went into any other towns.

  • Hope everyone is ok!
    Fortuna has become dangerous place to drive in lately, to many drivers distracted and hotheads looking for an accident or road rage…
    Gotta get that Starbucks!!

  • Where’s the picture of the red truck that is also facing the wrong way on the side road.

  • I was hit friday by a old lady that ran the red light at Kenmar and fortuna blvd. I constantly see people run these to lights as well as redwood way and fortuna blvd.

  • The Apache Warrior

    This is a 3way signal on the South end of Fortuna Blvd and is the newest part of the commercial part of Fortuna. The road to the left is a dead end street that ends at a pasture area. The area on the right side of the road houses the new Grocery Outlet store, Redwood Capital Bank, Walgreens and a bunch of other smaller business’s. The property on the left side of the side road has not been developed yet and is bordered on the side by Strong’s Creek, which does house a small population of homeless people. I have posted numerous pictures of the trail leading from the side road over to their camps and also of all of the garbage that they left behind. These pictures are on my “Fortuna, CA, Current, Historical and Memory facebook site.. The Strongs Creek runs right underneath and below Burger King and Anna has a lot of trouble with these people.. Google the area and see for yourself on how this area looks.

    • Phillipsville has houses right on the river, back yards are full of grow trash. Half of which has been swept into the river during recent storms. But, nobody gives a fuc….Have called the water board, and asked Kim to run a story, But nobody seems to care….

  • Looks like Eureka’s bad driving is spreading to Fortuna!!!! SAD!!!!

  • The Delivery Guy

    I was a delivery driver until recently. I generally see more of the road and what goes on in it than the average Joe. I have noticed a trend in Fortuna, where drivers are now waiting till the last minute and then pulling out and cutting someone off and then deliberately driving slow. Also, people are more and more turning right on a red, even to the point where they are cutting off right of way traffic off. If Fortuna needs to generate revenue, then they should plant a cop at all the major intersections. Red light cameras and posted police would generate a crapton of revenue for Fortuna.

    • Redding tried those red light cameras and found out they were not holding up in court for a lot of reasons.. Was costing too much court time with many ‘no conviction’ cases.

  • I have encountered some bad drivers in Fortuna, but I have also experienced some very nice and considerate ones. I once pulled out into traffic, and accidentally cut someone off. They just yielded, and then waived to me. I try to remember that experience when someone else makes a mistake, and I need to yield. I try to be careful, and practice defensive driving whenever possible.

    Fortuna is a very difficult place to drive around during the Rodeo. People are drinking and driving dangerously. And I think everyone knows of the terrible tragedy last year.

    I can say for sure that no matter how bad my driving experience is anywhere in Humboldt County, it pales in comparison to what I encounter (almost every minute) while driving in the Sacramento area. It is truly crazy there with people frequently cutting in and out of traffic at 85-90 MPH, almost no yielding, and constantly honking their horns. And red-light cameras have not helped.

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