Car Strikes Rocks on Hwy 101 Near Miranda Scales

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By Fry1989 eh? via Wikimedia Commons

A white Kia Sportage struck rocks on southbound Hwy 101 near the Miranda Scales. The report came in at 11:21 p.m.



  • I hope their ok.dang

  • Hey G-MAS.
    A friendly, FYI – It’s ‘they’re’ (they are) not “their” (possessive). (Common mistake. Just sayin’……).

    • Why do you feel the need to “correct” someone’s spelling….as if you’re doing them an awesome favor. FYI – it all sounds the same when you say it out loud, or in your head…most people know the difference anyway. Why do you think it really makes such a huge impact to correct that little bit of spelling within a news blog typed in by average people?

  • I hope they’re not hurt, their insurance is paid up, and they got the road cleared up there.

  • bigblok442 It is called the Oxford comma. Is used in a list and perfectly acceptable. Also the coordinating conjunction “and” usually calls for a preceding comma. These days, both usages of this comma are acceptable. Hate the they’re, there, and their misspellings, but I think many are from autocorrect programs.

  • Lol way too many unemployed nit picky editors around here

  • I agree, Wasted Time!!

  • You understood what I wrote,so what the hell? If it bothers you don’t read it. “No soup for you ben”

  • ……supposed to say: “writes the same”

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