Pudge: ‘He was such a good dog’

This section includes both obituaries and memories. Honoring our loved ones who have died does not end immediately after their passing. We recognize that… so we’re extending our obituary section to include individuals who may have left a long time ago. If you want to remember someone who is gone, either recently or longer ago, please send a photo and a few sentences to mskymkemp@gmail.com. Tell us why you would like to honor the person–is it their birthday, the date of their passing or some other date of significance to you. 

A reader sweetly asked if we would consider animals for our Remembrance Section. We’ve never done it before nor seen it done. But, we’ve loved a few furry friends through the years and we know the pain we feel when they leave us, so we’ve decided to accept remembrances for the pet loves in our lives also.

Here’s our first animal remembrance.

small tan dog

Pudge 2004-1017

I lost my sweet boy early this morning.

He was such a good dog and I wish he could hear me tell him that one last time.
My daughter and I are preparing/doing a little celebration of life for him today. He was 13 and his name is Pudge.


  • RIP lil pudge you were such a good boy so sorry for your loss .I’m so happy to have my Mopar

  • We’ve had more than one cross the Rainbow Bridge and know the hurt you feel. Please accept our deepest sympathies. RIP Pudge.

  • I am so sorry for your pain, I too lost my baby girl of 13 years, and it seems unbearable at the time. Get another one! They heal your heart 《♡》I promise you 🙂 No its not the same, it’s not meant to be. It’s new and exciting and you get to make a difference in hopefully adopting a little friend from the shelter. I love my new baby, we saved each other! May peace and love be with you ♡

  • I’m so very sorry. Pudge will always be in your heart. He lived a good life with you,after all 13 that’s alot of LOVE you gave,both of you god bless

  • Never not had a dog in my life so at age 50 I have put quite a few in the ground. 13 seems to be the age for me, which is a good chunk of your own life, but for them it is the whole thing. That dog knew nothing else, good for you for being there.

  • They become family, condolences to all.

  • We have an old dog that is not doing so well, I understand your pain. If there is a heaven, I sure hope our dogs are waiting for us there.

  • Veterans friend

    I think our dogs are here to remind us not only that life is short & we need to remember to value every minute, but also that we can find love again. I am certain your next dog will help you remember this sweet friend.

  • Loved this guy since he was a
    Pup. Good company and a understanding fur friend. He is with Miss Sweetpea his longtime mate.
    Prayers for his human family and his boys.

  • Pudge mattered in this world. So much that he made the newspaper. That’s one special little guy who was loved and will be missed.

  • Well, if I ever need a good cry, I’ll visit the pet remembrance posts. Why do they have to go so soon?

  • Dogs are Great, life’s real angels. I have 3, they are my kids, one is 15 and going strong. I love them more than people. My real kids and family are all jealous of them, but they don’t complain and love is unconditional………RIP Pudge

    • Lovely to read the compassionate comments! LOVE dogs, have 2 old invalid dogs. Help them up dog stairs to the bed and outside, sooooo worth doing after 13 and 16 yrs with us. Can’t live without dogs! RIP little Pudge.

  • Could be anything

    I am sorry for your loss. What a cute lil pup. Nothing more painful than losing our four legged friends. Sending healing light to you.

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